TERRORYZM PAŃSTWOWY Kundelki sruli nawołują do zaciśnięcia śruby. Paryż preludium zamordyzmu globalnie?

UN’s Ban Ki-moon Calls for More Coordinated Fight Against Terrorism

Donald Trump: Paris Attacks Could Be ‘Much Different’ If French Could Carry Guns

Clinton in Debate: Fight Against ISIL ‘Cannot Be an American Fight’

UK to at Least Double Aviation Security Funding – Downing Street

French Interior Minister Vows to Close Hate-Preaching Mosques After Paris Attacks

Interpol Refuses to Comment on Paris Attacks Investigation

Japan to Take Measures to Combat Terrorism Amid Paris Deadly Attacks

#NotInMyName – Muslims Use Social Networks to Condemn Terror

Anti-Social Networking: How Jihadists Use the Internet To Spread Terror

Turkish Leader Calls For More Resolve in Fight Against Terrorism

Hollande Discusses State of Emergency with French Lawmakers

Will France Turn to NATO for Help in Responding to Terror Attacks?

China to Strengthen Anti-Terrorist Security After Paris Attacks – Minister

London Ready to Give Police Military Support in Providing Security

Obama Calls Paris Terrorism an ‘Attack on Civilized World’…Forgets Lebanon

French Interior Minister Calls for Extraordinary EU Home Affairs Council on Friday

UK, France Step Up Intelligence Sharing After Paris Attacks – French Envoy

Oliparchy gotują terror w miastach Ukrainy + 🙂 WSJ po Paryżu: Zachód źle przygotowywał się do walki z PI + Siarkozy: potrzeba koalicji z Rosją, by zniszczyć PI + Irak przekazał Francji, USA i Iranowi info o nadchodzących atakach + Bruksela „stolicą europejskiego dżihadu”

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