Parę godz. po stracie Su, kebaby roztrzaskały wiertaliot jankeskim sprzętem

The helicopter was in a rescue team to search for the pilots. The helicopter was damaged and abandoned , the pilots were transferred to another board.
An amazing helicopter destroyed by those goat fuckers…:(
+MGA99MASTER It was old, no big deal. Russia is already giving Syria the most modern-weapons available, thousands of Shia Iraqis and Iranians are arriving to increase Syria’s power just in case NATO and Israel try to invade, and all the archeological sites can be reconstructed with sophisticated techniques. The War in Ukraine is also starting again, the PKK civil war in Turkey, the Shia uprisings in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Yemen, etc. Everything is getting out of control.  World War 3, Global Conflict 3, is commencing.
I’m no helicopter pilot but you don’t stop your rotors in a combat zone? Was this chopper even in use?
+Bata Nope, it was damaged before during flight and the crew left it behind…


By piotrbein