Jewish Voice for Peace disgusted with speeches at the AIPAC — chip in

We’re fighting back, and proving that Jews and allies stand for justice in all 50 states. Are you with us?

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Dear Piotr,

No surprise here: Monday’s marathon of speeches at AIPAC was as appalling as it was depressing as it was scary. No matter who was on stage.

But that’s AIPAC. And their relationship to war-mongers and Islamophobic demagogues — whether Pamela Geller or Donald Trump or Benjamin Netanyahu — has always been one of mutual reinforcement. Together they drive public conversation and public policy to ever lower lows, promoting racist policies from drone strikes to the endless funnelling of billions of dollars in military aid to Israel.

But we’re fighting back. We’re proving that Jews and allies stand for justice in all 50 states.

And we’re just $4,600 from our critical fundraising goal. Can you chip to help us keep fighting for Palestinian human rights?

Over the last two weeks you helped us launch a new phase of stepped-up organizing to defeat this wave of anti-free speech, Islamophobic attacks on our movement.

We sent 10,000 emails to Congress opposing the “Combatting BDS Act” with our partners at the Arab American Institute – and another 3,000 pressuring the University of California not to officially define anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism.
We earned 20 unique media hits in the last week that exposed these craven attacks on free speech for what they are: a desperate strike against a growing justice movement.
We helped JVP leaders in 15 states advocate against McCarthyism and for the right to boycott in their state capitols
And we took our message to the streets with actions in DC, Albany, Sacramento, and Columbus, aided by giant truck billboards so many of you helped fund. While AIPAC was rallying inside the DC Convention Center, we projected a message of hope and solidarity nationwide.
This week also reminded us that we can’t take our eye off college campuses, even for a second. On top of the 21 states (plus Congress) considering anti-BDS, anti-free speech legislation, the University of California Regents will be voting today on whether to silence political speech by defining anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism.

And the CUNY (City University of New York) system is in the center of a maelstrom, with Senate Republicans threatening to cut $900 million in university funding because of the supposed dangers of the BDS movement. Acclaimed writer and academic (and JVP Advisory Board member) Sarah Schulman was hauled in front of a CUNY task force after the far-right Zionist Organization of America drummed up completely spurious, utterly unverified charges of anti-Semitism against her and the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter she advises.

We’re under attack, but we’re not backing down. We’re stepping up.

But we could be doing so much more — and with your help, we will. Click here to donate to our BDS fighting fund — we’re just $4,600 away from our goal.

This last chunk of our $25,000 fighting fund will make sure we can send rapid response grants to chapters and local coalitions around the country — places and moments where a well-timed newspaper ad, funds to print education materials, or even just snacks for a lobby day can make all the difference.

When bills like these ones came up last year in Illinois and South Carolina, they were passed unanimously. Not one single legislator spoke up for free speech or the right to boycott.

But this time we’ve been able to kill these bills entirely in some states, and can count dozens of elected officials who have voted with us.

Make no mistake, there’s still a long way to go. But I believe we will get there — until hundreds, and eventually thousands of elected officials stand up to defend free speech and for fundamental changes to US foreign policy. And AIPAC and their friends believe it too. That’s why they’re spending millions of dollars to stop us now.

We’re working on a shoestring budget, and our organizing team, together with our incredible grassroots leaders and coalition partners, have been going all-out. We need your help to email legislators. To advocate in person. To place op-eds and letters to the editor. To stage rallies and protests. To reach out across communities and build new alliances.

Because we need to do so much more. Help us take these attacks head-on: even more grassroots organizing. Even more coalition building. Even more victories. Click here to make a donation right now.

Just a small donation goes a long way. $18 prints 250 leaflets. $60 pays for 1000 phone calls in to congressional offices, using our special advocacy software. And $100 gets 2 activists to their state capitol in person, to lobby legislators directly.

Chip in $18, $60, or even $100 now — and help us suit up against AIPAC, far-right Christian Zionists, and everyone else trying to hold us back.

These are critical times for our movement. We’ve already come so far, and built power across the country. But if you stand with us, we can do even more.



Ari Wohlfeiler
Deputy Director

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