Referendum as Tyranny: the Dutch vote on Ukraine

Newsletter 2016/04/06 – Referendums as Tyranny

THE HAGUE/BERLIN (Own report) – The possibility of invalidating the
will of the majority is being considered, in view of today’s EU
referendum in the Netherlands, where the population will vote on the
EU’s Association Agreement with Ukraine. According to polls, the
opponents of the agreement were still in the lead. This is even more
significant, because the referendum’s initiators see the referendum
also as a vote against the EU and the EU oriented elites, who seem to
be losing influence over public opinion also in the Netherlands. A
subsequent referendum on the Euro, for example, cannot be ruled out.
The EU Commission President’s patronizing interventions in the Dutch
debate, no longer have an effect. Proponents of the EU’s association
agreement are, therefore, using anti-Russia sentiments and threat
scenarios to try to reach their goals, warning that a “No” would
strengthen “Putin.” The CDU-affiliated Konrad Adenauer Foundation
points out that the referendum is non-binding and could be ignored by
the government in The Hague. A negative outcome of the referendum
could also possibly be nullified with a “technical solution.” German
media are debating the very principle of national referendums on EU
issues, calling them a “minority tyranny.”


By piotrbein