Germany in Syria: in Alliance with Al Qaeda

In Alliance with Al Qaeda (Germany’s Actions in Syria)
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Newsletter 2016/04/12 – In Alliance with Al Qaeda

BERLIN/DAMASCUS (Own report) – The ceasefire in Syria is threatened to
be torpedoed by a militia, armed by Germany’s allies and included,
under German government pressure, in the Syria peace talks in Geneva.
According to reports, the militia, Ahrar al Sham, covered by the
ceasefire, is participating in the current military offensive waged by
the al Qaeda-affiliated al Nusra Front, which has been excluded from
the ceasefire. Ahrar al Sham has been financed and armed by Berlin’s
NATO partner, Turkey and by Qatar, one of Germany’s main Middle East
allies. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier had been
vigorously pushing for al Sham’s membership in the delegation of the
government opposition at the Geneva peace talks, even though it has
been closely cooperating with al Nusra (al Qaeda) for years. A recent
analysis published by the German Institute for International and
Security Affairs (SWP) confirms that this military cooperation is
based on a broad ideological kinship. Ahrar al Sham is said to have
also been implicated in a massacre of members of the Alawite minority.
The militia is often referred to as the “Syrian Taliban,” according to
a leading German expert on Salafism and jihadism, who maintains that
whoever “enhances its prestige,” is “indirectly also reinforcing al
Qaeda.” This applies to Berlin’s close allies as well as its foreign


By piotrbein