German troops in Mali

Newsletter 2016/04/14 – Like in Afghanistan

BERLIN/BAMAKO (Own report) – The German government has taken the
decision to expand the German military mission in Mali to the north of
the country, plagued with terrorist attacks. Following the deployment
of German UN Blue Helmet troops (MINUSMA) in Gao in northern Mali,
German soldiers will also be training units of the Malian army. In the
north of that country, there are often terrorist attacks on convoys of
foreign troops. Most recently, three French soldiers were killed in a
bombing last Tuesday. Observers are warning that, due to
particularities of the peace agreement signed in the summer of 2015,
the training program in the north could benefit future Touareg
insurgencies. Three years after the beginning of the intervention in
Mali, the situation is showing clear similarities to Afghanistan. One
can hardly speak in terms of a “stabilization” of the theatre of
operations, but rather, as reported by a Malian intelligence agency,
of the “terrorist threat” spreading to the center and the south of the
country. Attacks are being carried out not only against the forces of
MINUSMA but also those of the EU’s EUTM Mali.


By piotrbein