Europe: Labs of Forced Emigration

Newsletter 2016/04/21 – Laboratories of Forced Emigration

BERLIN (Own report) – While the EU is sealing itself off by fortifying
borders, including in North Africa, it is establishing a system of
“concentric circles” of refugee camps, write Berlin’s government
advisors in a recent analysis on the German-European policy of warding
off refugees. In the future, “EU refugee policy” will most likely be
characterized by the “synergy of border fortifications, camps and
quotas,” according to the analysis published by the German Institute
for International and Security Affairs (SWP). Since some time, the
European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the
External Borders (Frontex) has been considerably enhanced. The EU
Commission has called for increased deployment of drones and satellite
surveillance systems to seal the borders. Admission quotas would de
facto eliminate the right of asylum for individuals. Above all, the EU
is establishing a system of camps in “concentric circles” extending
from the EU’s center of prosperity all the way to North Africa and
Syria. These camps can “easily” be transformed into “detention
centers,” warns the SWP, making reference to the detention “hot spots”
in Greece. These “hotspots” had recently placed the EU in direct
conflict with aid organizations, the United Nations and the Pope.
Detention centers for refugees, built with EU financing, also exist in
Libya and Turkey.


By piotrbein