Germany supports Mexico’s police

Newsletter 2016/04/27 – Assault Rifles and Human Rights

MEXICO CITY/BERLIN (Own report) – Grave accusations against Mexico’s
government and its repressive forces began surfacing soon after
Germany made a commitment to provide aid to the police and military of
that country. According to a newly published investigation report of
the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), the official
version shows serious inconsistencies on how 43 students protesting
government policies were murdered in September 2014, subsequent to a
police intervention. Along with other serious criticisms, the IACHR
has noted that Mexico’s government appears to have little interest in
solving the case. Their investigators even had been subjected to a
defamation campaign, intended to comprehensively impede them in their
investigation. For years, human rights organizations have been raising
accusations against government agencies because of their close
cooperation with the drug mafia and their implication in serious
felonies. Nevertheless, the German government has not only approved
the delivery of approx. 10,000 G-36 assault rifles to the Mexican
police and ordered the training by the Federal Office of Criminal
Investigation (BKA) of Mexico’s specialized units for fighting
organized crime. Just a few days ago, Chancellor Angela Merkel
suggested the possibility of providing advanced training for Mexico’s
police and armed forces. This is in the context of strengthening the
western positions at the Pacific – for their power struggle with


By piotrbein