Ukraine denies participation of its collaborators in the Holocaust

Newsletter 2016/05/10 – The Era of Revisionism (I)

KIEV/BERLIN (Own report) – On the 71st Anniversary of Europe’s
liberation from the Nazi’s reign of terror, currently pro-western
Ukraine’s leading historian – responsible for the official narrative
on history – denies that principal Ukrainian nationalist organizations
were collaborating with the Nazis and participated in the Holocaust.
In a recent commentary, Volodymyr Viatrovych, Director of the
“Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance” calls accusations of the
Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian
Insurgent Army (UPA) having collaborated with the Nazi-aggressors,
“xenophobia,” and the allegation that they had participated in the
Holocaust and committed mass murder among the Polish population,
“characteristic of Soviet propaganda.” The Ukrainian historian wrote
his commentary in response to an article published in the US magazine
“Foreign Policy.” The article sharply criticized Ukraine’s growing
revisionism – a revisionism that had already been promoted during
pro-western President Viktor Yushchenko’s term of office and further
accentuated in the aftermath of the pro-western coup in 2014. “Foreign
Policy,” which has always been loyal to Kiev’s putschist regime, now
warns that Ukraine “could be headed for a new, and frightening, era of


By piotrbein