Croat gov’t members honor Nazi collaborators

Newsletter 2016/05/13 – The Era of Revisionism (II)

ZAGREB/BERLIN (Own report) – The participation of government members
at commemorations honoring Nazi collaborators has provoked controversy
in Croatia. Several Croat ministers, including the minister of
culture, are expected to attend tomorrow’s commemoration ceremonies
for Ustasha combatants killed by Yugoslav partisans in May 1945.
Croatia’s Minister of Culture promotes Ustasha commemorations –
heavily frequented, since years, by Croatia’s rightwing extremist
organizations – while spreading doubts about the Nazi collaborators’
crimes. There is growing approbation among Croats for a film
downplaying the slaughter committed in Croatia’s Jasenovac
extermination camp. The foundations for the growing prominence of
Croat revisionism, accompanied by a manifestly rightwing development,
were laid – with German support – at the beginning of the 1990s.
Franjo Tudjman, leading politician of secessionist Croatia, at the
time, had not only played down the crimes at Jasenovac, but even
glorified the Ustasha. Bonn helped to impose international acceptance
of Croatia’s secession under Tudjman’s leadership, thereby paving the
way for the rise to power of Croatia’s extreme right.


By piotrbein