The Crimean Tatars: Auxiliary Troops Against Moscow

Newsletter 2016/05/17 – Auxiliary Troops Against Moscow (I)

BERLIN/KIEV (Own report) – One of Berlin’s government advisors is
calling for Russia’s expulsion from the Council of Europe. The Russian
government’s actions against the Crimean Tatars and its banning their
Mejlis – a political organization – along with other measures, make it
“no longer possible to justify continuing Russian membership in the
Council of Europe,” according to a current position statement
published by the German Institute for International and Security
Affairs (SWP). This demand is made at a time when the Crimean Tatars
have been drawn into the spotlight throughout Europe, by the openly
politicized Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). Whereas public perception
of Crimean Tatars has been predominated by their 1944 deportation,
their collaboration with the Nazis, which had preceded their
deportation, has been obscured. As historians have ascertained, in
1942, “every tenth Tatar on the Crimean Peninsula was in the military”
– on the side of Nazi Germany. Crimean Tatars fought on the side of
the German Wehrmacht against the Soviet Union, excelling in the
notorious “efforts to crush the partisan movement” and turned their
Jewish neighbors over to the Nazis’ henchmen. Already in the 1920s,
leading Tatar functionaries had complained of a “Jewification” of
their communities, in their protests against Moscow’s resettlement
measures of Jewish families. Later, exiled Crimean Tatars volunteered
their services for the West’s cold war efforts to destabilize Moscow.
The Mejlis, which today is quite controversial among the Crimean
Tatars, stands in this tradition.


By piotrbein