VIRAL The Danger of Circumcision



Data collected from self-report questionnaires resulted in the following findings. Circumcised boys compared to intact boys scored higher on activity/impulsivity, aggression/defiance, peer aggression, depression/withdrawal, general anxiety, separation distress, inhibition to novelty, negative emotionality, sleep, eating, and sensory sensitivity. Circumcised boys compared to intact boys scored lower on compliance, attention, mastery, motivation, imitation/play, empathy, and prosocial peer relations.

Those born as warriors, but robbed of their foreskins by religions that enslave them at birth without their consent, can become entranced by the brutally of their skills and arts at war, with none of the motivation of compassion and love. Such men are not warriors as i judge the word as they are not capable of individual courage as they do not know how to love.


Circumcision is a form of perinatal (birth) trauma.35 Cansever tested boys before and after circumcision and found that the trauma causes severe disturbance of normal function.6 Taddio and others have documented behavioral changes at six months of age, suggestive of PTSD in circumcised boys.37 Yilmaz et al. have demonstrated PTSD in boys in the phallic period who are undergoing circumcision for phimosis.56 Rhinehart has documented posttraumatic stress disorder resulting from the perinatal trauma of circumcision in middle-aged males.48 substantial evidence that perinatal trauma16,33,45,46,47,49,52,57 and/or deprivation of pleasure8,19 contribute to later aggressive, violent, and/or suicidal behaviour. Anand and Scalzo suggest that early trauma predisposes to altered pain sensitivity, stress disorders, ADD/hyperactivity, and self-destructive disorders.65 Van der Kolk identified a compulsion in traumatized persons to repeat the trauma.18 Goldman reports that the performance of circumcision by a circumcised male doctor may be a reenactment of one’s own circumcision trauma.47

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