Berlin intensifies cooperation with the Crimean Tatars

Newsletter 2016/05/20 – Auxiliary Forces Against Moscow (III)

BERLIN/KIEV (Own report) – Despite its involvement in violent
activities, Berlin is intensifying its cooperation with the Crimean
Tartars’ Mejlis. Just recently, Mejlis Chairman Refat Chubarov visited
Germany’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for political consultations. The
talks were obviously not hampered by the fact that last September,
Chubarov had announced a blockade of Ukrainian trade with Crimea and
that in October, he had explicitly praised the blockade’s grave
consequences on the Crimean population – the shortages and significant
price increases for staple foods. The German foreign ministry does not
feel compelled to distance itself from the Mejlis, even after their
activists blew up electric pylons causing extensive interruptions in
the electrical supply to Crimea. German ethnicist organizations had
established good relations with Chubarov and his predecessor Mustafa
Jemilev, already years ago, intensifying these since 2010 to fortify
anti-Russian circles following Kiev’s change of government. Even
though quite controversial among the Crimean Tatars, this cooperation
with the Mejlis milieu is closely coordinated with the USA, Turkey
under Erdoğan and other NATO member countries. The concurrency of the
cooperation with the Crimean Tatars and their occasional violent
protests is reminiscent of developments in Ukraine in the spring of


By piotrbein