Sealing the migrants off the Mediterranean Sea

Newsletter 2016/06/06 –

BERLIN/VIENNA/TRIPOLI (Own report) – To ward off refugees, the EU
should completely seal off the Mediterranean and immediately force
refugees, intercepted at sea, to return to their home countries,
demands Austria’s Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, stating an even
tougher position than the EU’s current deportation agreement with
Turkey, imposed by Berlin. Kurz also undermines the Geneva Convention
on the Status of Refugees and – taking Australia as a model – proposes
to resettle those refugees, not immediately deportable, to islands.
Refugees reaching the EU without a visa should be placed in detention
camps on Lesbos or Lampedusa. Whoever attempts to enter illegally,
loses their “right to asylum in Europe,” Kurz declared. Protest came
from Libya. Fayez al Serraj, the “Prime Minister” installed from
abroad, declared that his country would not take back refugees the EU
has deported. In the meantime, the number of refugees, who have
drowned attempting to cross the Mediterranean, is at a new high.
According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) –
which is itself participating in the global fight against refugees –
between January and Mai 2016, at least 2,443 people have lost their
lives on their way from North Africa to Europe – more than ever


By piotrbein