The New Silk Road

Newsletter 2016/06/13 – The New Silk Road (I)

BEIJING/BERLIN (Own report) – With tensions rising between China and
western powers, the German chancellor is using her current visit in
Beijing to enhance Sino-German economic cooperation. German
investments in the People’s Republic of China had increased to around
60 billion Euros in 2014 – tendency still rising – surpassed only by
investments in the USA and a few EU countries. Business
representatives are campaigning in favor of stronger German
participation in a Chinese trillion-dollar project. This project named
the “New Silk Road,” is aimed at bolstering ties between Eastern Asia
and Europe. The project, also on the agenda of today’s German-Chinese
government consultations, has two components, overland and maritime
transport routes. Trade by train from Chongqing to Duisburg and by
ship through the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean to the
Mediterranean will be enhanced. While German companies hope for
lucrative business deals, strategists warn that the New Silk Road
could enhance Beijing’s global influence – and ultimately break the
western powers’ global dominance.


By piotrbein