Record number of voters dislike Clinton, Trump + Homeland Security Report Calls for Rejecting Terms ‘Jihad,’ ’Sharia’ + House Rejects Effort to Ban Illegal Immigrants from Military Service + Omar Mateen Once Threatened To Kill His Classmates Because Pork Touched His Hamburger + Facebook Bans Gay Magazine Critical Of Islam + Federal Judge Dismisses Texas’ Bid to Block Syrian Refugee Resettlement + The vast majority of the 317 cases involving undercover operations contained signs of FBI entrapment + Non-Assimilating Refugees Flooding Amarillo, Texas + Hillary Clinton Gets Big Bucks From Terrorist Nations + Sen. Rand Paul Asks FBI Why Investigation into Omar Mateen Was Closed + Chart: Obama Admin. On Pace to Issue One Million Green Cards to Migrants from Majority-Muslim Countries + Illegal Families Surge Across Border; 2016 Already Worse than 2015 + Reddit Will Adjust Algorithm To Censor Trump Supporters Following Orlando Shootings + 20% Of Muslim Turks Living In Germany Say Violence Is Justified + Gun Store Owner: We Called FBI & Warned Them About Orlando Shooter


By piotrbein