The European War Union

From: German-Foreign-Policy <[email protected]>
Date: June 29, 2016 2:21:24 PM PDT (CA)
Subject: Newsletter 2016/06/28 – The European War Union

Newsletter 2016/06/28 – The European War Union

BERLIN/PARIS (Own report) – Together with his French counterpart, the
German foreign minister has announced the EU’s transformation to
become a “political union” and its resolute militarization for global
military operations. In a joint position paper, Frank-Walter
Steinmeier (SPD) and Jean-Marc Ayrault (PS) are calling for the EU’s
comprehensive military buildup, based on a division of labor, to
enable future global military operations. Following the Brexit, the EU
should, step-by-step, become an “independent” and “global” actor. All
forces must be mobilized and all “of the EU’s political instruments”
must be consolidated into an “integrated” EU foreign and military
policy. Steinmeier and Ayrault are therefore pushing for a “European
Security Compact,” which calls for maintaining “employable
high-readiness forces” and establishing “standing maritime forces.”
The European Council should meet once a year as “European Security
Council.” Before this paper was made public, Germany’s foreign
minister and chancellor had made comments also promoting a German
global policy and massive rearmament, possibly also with EU-support.


By piotrbein