Fundamental Readjustment (NATO Summit in Warsaw)

Newsletter 2016/07/01 – Fundamental Readjustment

BERLIN (Own report) – Just a few days before the NATO summit opens in
Poland’s capital Warsaw, German think tanks are not only pushing for
stationing combat troops at Russia’s borders but even for the
expansion of the West’s nuclear arsenal. A “revision” of NATO’s
“nuclear strategy” is “urgently needed,” because, vis à vis Moscow,
for a “credible deterrence” a “nuclear component” is necessary,
explained the CDU-affiliated Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The German
government’s main military policy think tank, the Federal College for
Security Studies (BAKS) is also calling for the transatlantic alliance
to reach a “new strategic nuclear consensus,” to contain Russia, the
“anti-western power.” The implementation of the missile defense system
in NATO’s eastern European member countries is also explained with
Moscow’s alleged “aggressivity” and the derived need for “deterrence.”
The western military alliance demonstrates its “political capability
to take action” against Russia, by its “close involvement” of the
formally neutral countries Sweden and Finland “in NATO processes,”
according to the author. Besides, both think tanks admit their
commitment to militaristic “global crisis management.” According to
the Adenauer Foundation, NATO must be able to address and “neutralize
threats wherever they arise.” The think tank explicitly considers the
“flow of migrants” in this category.


By piotrbein