At the Russian Border (NATO Summit in Warsaw)

BERLIN/WARSAW (Own report) – NATO wound up its summit in Warsaw,
Saturday, with a decision to bolster its arms buildup. The measures
decided by the Western war alliance are particularly aimed at Russia.
Four battalion-sized NATO-“Battle Groups” will be deployed in Poland
and the Baltic countries – one under German command. NATO will also
support Ukraine’s armed forces and reinforce its presence on the Black
Sea. The war alliance pursues its propaganda of Cold-War style alleged
threat scenarios. With allusion to the “Fulda Gap,” NATO identifies
today a “Suwalki Gap” between northeastern Poland and southern
Lithuania as an alleged gateway for Russian troops to Kaliningrad
through Belarus, against which, NATO would be “helpless.” Statistics
show that the “helpless” NATO invests thirteen times more than Russia
in its military. While the EU is enhancing its cooperation with the
western war alliance, the US is heating up the next major conflict –
with China – through its deployment of a missile defense system in


By piotrbein