German dominance in the EU

From: German-Foreign-Policy <[email protected]>
Date: August 29, 2016 3:15:08 PM PDT (CA)
Subject: Newsletter 2016/08/26 – Leading from the Center (German dominance in the EU)
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Newsletter 2016/08/26 – Leading from the Center

BERLIN (Own report) – The Berlin office of an EU-wide think tank, is
warning of how the “frustration over German dominance” is growing
among EU member countries. Over the past ten years, the Federal
Republic of Germany has become the EU’s undisputed strongest power,
according to a recent analysis of the European Council on Foreign
Relations (ECFR). The “EU partners” must now “decide how to handle
Germany’s power.” Some have expressed resentment; others have
“centered their EU strategies around Germany,” and look for “ways to
influence Berlin’s policy machinery.” None of this leaves any doubt
that “Germany’s political class” continues to see the EU as “the best
available framework for the articulation of its national interest.”
Whereas the ECFR’s analysis concentrates its attention primarily on
the political establishment of the other EU countries, the
supplementary question to be raised in how to deal with German
dominance is becoming increasingly urgent. Berlin is impelling the
militarization of foreign policy as well as domestic surveillance and
repression, measures, serving the preparation for war – a concern of


By piotrbein