Bundeswehra przyczynila się do katastrofy: upadłe “państwo” Kosowo

From: German-Foreign-Policy <[email protected]>
Date: September 8, 2016 11:23:30 AM PDT (CA)
Subject: Newsletter 2016/09/07 – Germany’s War Record (I)

Newsletter 2016/09/07 – Germany’s War Record (I)

BERLIN/PRIŠTINA (Own report) – Around 17 years after NATO’s war
against Yugoslavia and the beginning of the occupation of Kosovo with
German participation, observers note that the de-facto protectorate is
in a desolate political, economic and social condition. The first war
in which the Federal Republic of Germany played an important role has
had catastrophic consequences. De facto under EU control, Priština’s
ruling elite is accused of having close ties to organized crime and
having committed the most serious war crimes. Its rampant corruption
is spreading frustrated resignation within the population. Thirty-four
percent of the population is living in absolute – and twelve percent
in extreme – poverty, healthcare is deplorable, life expectancy is
five years less than that of its neighboring countries and ten years
below the EU’s average. A report commissioned by the Federal Office
for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), describes the horrifying human
rights situation, which includes vendettas “constantly carried out”
with firearms. (This is part 1 of a german-foreign-policy.com series,
reporting on consequences of German military interventions over the
past two decades, in light of the German government’s announcement of
plans to increase its “global” – including military – interventions.)


By piotrbein