Open letter to anti-Polonist Prof. Jan Grabowski re. allegations of Polish complicity in the Holocaust

Canadian historian joins uproar in Israel over Polish Holocaust law


Piotr Bein To: [email protected] Cc: MARK JAWORSKIMarek PodleckiRobert BrzozaProf. W. Julian Korab-KarpowiczWiefame Dayanitaand 40 more… Feb 21 at 4:53 AM
Dear Professor Grabowski
I have also been born in Poland, but from Holocaust Survivors in the wider USHMM sense concerning over 20 groups of victims, Slavs being the most numerous..
I have researched the Shoa and the wider Holocaust, for the International Comparative Genocide Research Project directed by Prof. Christian Scherrer.
After reviews by leading genocide researchers’ symposia, Professor Scherrer has distinguished my papers on the subject by placing them in the 1st volume of his monograph that he has reserved fot the best papers. Volume 1 has been destroyed on Scherrer’s computer before submission to the publisher. You can glance the papers on my blog:
In the literature that I have reviewed I found no credible references that would support your claims against Poles. However, this may be due to the fact that I do not know Hebrew.
Please forward an English version of your paper for Yad Vashem alleging that the Polish blue police have murdered Jews and that no Pole was a bystander in the Szoah.
I am calling upon Polish independent history researchers to scrutinize and follow up on your work.
Piotr Bein
Piotr Bein To: [email protected]
Cc: Andrzej Szubert,Józef Bizoń,Robert Brzoza,Miroslaw Wiechowski,Krzysztof Cierpiszand 43 more…Feb 22 at 4:13 PM
Dear Prof. Grabowski
Further to my open letter re recent CBC article featuring your charges against the Polish Nation, and your paper to Holocaust conference at Yad Vashem, I’m drawing your attention to a concise article by Andrzej Szubert.
It is the best Polish publicist contribution, in my opinion, on the current subject of extreme Jewry’s (my term, defined for the purpose in Polish: żydłactfo) anti-Polonist and Holocaust-denying campaign.
Mr. Schubert is looking forward to a professional discussion with you, and so do many of us Poles, deprived of a voice in the Jew-monopolized mainstream, and independent of the Judaised government in Warsaw. From a Jew who was born and grew up among us in the Slavic Polin-harbour, we expect truth-telling and honesty, of the kind this honourable Naturei Karta rabbi represents.
In a process to offset the extreme Jewry’s “academia” you represent, we, the informed and erudite Poles and Slavs, the most numerous and most tragic (as our enslavement lasts to date) victims of your extreme Jewry’s Holocaust, are in a process of establishing the Academy of the Elders of Anti-Zion (AMAS, Akademia Mędrców Anty-Syjonu).
Regardless whether AMAS comes to being or not, our  scientific, publicist and white propaganda (as opposed to extreme Jewry’s black and grey) credo remains:
– scientific and research excellence…, not hasbara, fake news, media “fact” nor happening-type chutzpah
– historical truth… not hagada
– political inter-etnic equality… not extreme Jews’ supremacy.
I’m looking forward to reading your above paper to Yad Vashem, translated from Hebrew into English.
Thank you and shalom!
Piotr Bein
independent genocide researcher, Canada nad Poland

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