MSM spin on Polish patriotism: Vancouver Polish church daycare vandalized on 100th anniversary of nation’s independence

I have assembled a sample of recent articles on the 100th anniversary of regaining Poland’s independence after WW1.
The common thread in MSM spin absurdly paints Polish patriots as fascists, neo-nazi, extreme right, far right, ultra-right etc. “leftist” invectives for keeping peoples divided for globalist ruling over the masses.
In brackets are my comments in olive. Below, I comment the  remaining spin. According to MSM, Poland’s rightist government joined the nationalist march with president Duda at its head. Actually, the government is the same coin as the opposition party, just as is the US  Republicans vs. Democratrs myth: obedient lackeys of the same bankster-Zionist global power cabal. Fascist and nazi inadequately describe what that cabal has been inflicting on Humanity.
Suggestively called nationalists, neo-nazi by propaganda of the “rightist” and  the “leftist” power elites alike, Poles are hated, smeared and persecuted, as the nation  struggles to preserve identity and values in EU that is hell-bent to de-nationalize member states.
Not even the official, all-time record 200 thousand nationalists joined the March of Independence, but between half a million and a million Poles of all shades of patriotism demonstrated peacefully in a number of manifestations across the country, so peacefullly in fact that the lamestream media globally and “Polish” politicians bent over backwards for fake evidence. The March reached the opposite side of Vistula River, shortly after the presidential column had left for their palaces. The attendance was so large, and the departure site so filled-up with the presidential column, that red-and-white crowds filled the neighbourhood. Rather than wait to orderly follow the narrowed route over the bridge, the marchers took public transit to make up time across the river for stationary events.
The government has joined, hosted, marched along with  the Polish nation — say the MSM. Really! Officially having prepared nothing for the celebration day, the  government coerced the grassrot March organizers to yield to a state parade. Literally, the nation’s traitors hi-jacked the head of the March, remaining cordoned-off by military, security and police from start to end. The March walked behind, out of own will and conscious choice separated hundreds metres of independence from corrupt, compromised “elites” all the time. Designed by the globalist lackeys in Warsaw to be a dividing and intercepting event, the March turned into a record demonstation of Poles’ unity and rejection of the regime. So much for presstitution. See for yourself:
Duda has performed bizzare acrobatics. At first he refused the organizers’ invitation, due to a busy schedule. Only when Warsaw’s mayor (descendant of the Judeo-Commies) banned the march and before court over-ruling of her ban, Duda announced the state parade. Magically, he found time.  Poland’s MSM  immediately released TV spots (prepared months in advance) on a “better” procession “for all Poles”, as if the patriots had not invited everyone!
At first, it looked like the enemies of the people intercepted the march. But within days, it turned out that the mayor, the president and the government made asses of themselves. The MSM don’t mention it, neither in Poland nor abroad..
This farce takes place while Europe and America are inundated with globalist-steered hostile hordes of aliens. Hence slogans like “Poland for Poles”, “Europe for Whites”. Why can’t Poles live the way they want, preserving their identity? Why would any nation have to yield to neo-marxist, morally deranged “elites” that represent the global cabal instead of the peoples?
Judeocentrics scream  “Israel for Jews” while maintaining a genocidal, criminal Zionist state. Nobody orders around the Chinese that they are too yellow or love their country and traditions too much. Nobody forces Muslims to take Christian migrants, or Blacks to co-exist with Whites in Africa.
Poles have suffered tremendously in the hands of Nazi Germany and the Soviets in WW2. Next, the nation was occupied by a Judeo-Communist regime under the Soviets. The Nazis and the Soviets were also dominated by extreme Jews espousing genocidal, totalitarian ideologies.
The Polish “neo-nazis” descend from WW2 largest Jew-rescuer nation.  For this, the Zionists hate us, as they have murdered millions anti-Zionist Jews, beginning some 2 years after genocide on Poles, Russians, and other Slavs, who constitute the most numerous victim group out of some 20 groups in Nazi’s Holocaust, with Shoa being neither exceptional, largest nor special in the overall picture.
An ignorant, or a Judeocentric propagandist, writes the first article below that the German Nazis enslaved 1.5 million Polies, but he is silent on 3 million Poles who have perished in WW2. Together with the 3 million “Polish Jews”, multi-national pre-WW2 Poland lost at least 6 million citizens, couple of million more still unaccounted for: missing, forced dislocation of Poles to central USSR, forced USSR citizenship for Polish ethnic Belorussians and Ukrainians, or Poles missing after being sent to the Gulag. Talking about Nazis! Most of the pre-WW2 Poland’s assimilated Jews perished in the Zionist Shoah. They felt Polish and are not a “property” of the Holocaust Industry.
The ancestors of the Polish “neo-nazis” also harboured Jews for centuries while the rest of Europe chased them out. For that reason, Poland is Polin in Hebrew, i.e. a safe heaven. Talking about fascists and nazis!
Countless people from alien cultures have settled in Poland recently, and it’s OK with Poles, as long as the newcomers are real refugees, assimilate and share Polish values, as the Muslim Tatars have done in the past, some Greeks after WW2 and the Vietnamese boat people more recently. Poland is the Poles’ country and state, not any global cabals’ nor EU’s.
The lackey governments aggravate Poles recently, by giving better rights to immigrants and foreign workers  than to the citizens, while forcing millions of Poles to leave their homeland in search of a better life abroad. Up to a few million Ukrainians have come to live in Poland after the globalist-instigated and -run coup in Kiev. It’s OK with Poles, too, as long as the neo-Nazi Ukrainians don’t mix into the migration stream. But they do come, protected by “Polish” state security, as a future disorder force. Slavs have to be kept divided therefore subdued. The same idea stood behind formation of pre-WW2 Ukrainian Nazis by the Zionist 3rd Reich. Who is a Nazi!
The industry that the nation has re-built from the Judeocentric bankster-driven war to rank in the world’s top 20, was either destroyed or given away to “foreign investors”.
The traditional family farming, the mainstay of Poles for food and defence for centuries, is being destroyed in favour of monsantos and smithfields.
The national army has been dismantled to an impotent entity under US-NATO command. Dragged-up US troops replaced the Soviet occupying forces, inviting Russia’s nuclear retaliation. Duda just gave $2 billion for luring yet another US military base to Poland. Enacted by parliament (nationalists call it KneSSejm, conflating Israeli Knesset with Polish Sejm), laws signed by Duda allow foreign personnel to operate and use weapons as if they were Polish forces, incl. public unrest control, while Polish government via the taxpayer provides the weapons etc.!
Like a lab rat in EU, Poles are one of only two nations with compulsory vaccinations for all age groups! The vaccinations may be imposed without any formal, scientific proof of an epidemic; media “facts” suffice!
Poland’s (in)justice system is a repressive, corrupt, mafia run by the progeny of Judeo-Commies of the post-WW2 period.
Patriotic media is marginalized, harassed and censored by the Internet Giants in the hands of Judeocentrics. As in the West, Poland’s MSM is an indigestible pulp — brazenly derogatory, offensive and belied as the articles below.
Earlier this year, with the government and Duda’s collusion, Polish nation was treated to major slanders as being Hitler’s willing executioners of Jews. Utter lie, worthy of followers of the same Zionists who have killed millions of their own tribe for being anti-Zionist and refusal to emigrate to Palestine to build Rothschild’s illegal, genocidal state that Israel has become. Holocaust Industry follows with $300 billion claims based on this role reversal of victim Poles with villain Zionists and their Nazi German lackeys.
Crypto-Zionist Al Jazeera mentions Polish Black Block that in the 2017 March featured a “White supremacist” slogan, expressing Poles’ universal protest against islamisation  and africanisation. Like Antifa, Black Block could be a provocateur in furthering neo-marxist agendas. In 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, and during G20 Summit in Hamburg, Black Block vandalised the cities. According to witnesses, the groups looked like NATO secret army Gladio. MSM cameras as dearly needed a provocation to film as a real event for the Warsaw 2017 March of Independence.
In 2018, Black Block burned Antifa flag (min. 13:30)  to show how ridiculous was MSM accusation for the 2017 slogan. Also in 2018, Black Block reportedly chanted “I don’t apologise for the Jedwabne [WW2 massacre of Jews]” and called for “freedom of speech for nationalists”. Knowledgeable people agree with the slogans. Jedwabne is a blatant lie as the German Nazi occupier has commited the crime, while Poles defending historical truth on the Holocaust are being silenced, prosecuted under draconian “hate speech” laws and persecuted.
Al Jazeera would do better e.g. expoasing the criminal conspiracy of Islamic  “rape-fugees” and “fake-u-gees” being pushed by the global cabal onto Europe with genocide of the White majority in mind.
If anything, the slogans in patriotic Polish demonstrations are not radical enough. The nation is on a brink of an outburst. This has nothing to do with neo-marxist crazies’ labels.
The Poles simply have had enough of yet another oppression converging on totalitarianism. No other European non-Slavic nation has experienced such hell for the third time. So shove it, neo-marxist presstitutes!
Piotr Bein, 12-19.11.2018

Vancouver Polish church daycare vandalized on 100th anniversary of nation’s independence

Members of St. Casimir’s Polish Parish in East Vancouver discovered the church daycare had been vandalized with “Antifa” graffiti on the same day they gathered for a mass marking one century of Polish independence. Kristen Robinson reports.
[For video report by Kirsten Robinson, go to GlobalNews article to click and watch. Also sound version of the article is on the source website.]
Members of a Vancouver Polish Catholic church expressed shock Sunday morning, after arriving to find their property marred by angry graffiti.
Splashed across the daycare at St. Casimir’s Polish Parish at 27th Avenue and Inverness Street was painted with the word “AntiFa” a term meaning “anti-fascist” and used by a loose umbrella of left-wing and anarchist groups.
Also painted on the building was the symbol used by the the far-right National Radical Camp and National Rebirth of Poland party with a circle and strike through it, and the messages “refugees welcome” and “Nazi Raus,” which translates to “Nazis out” in German.

The symbol of Poland’s far-right National Rebirth of Poland party.
The symbol of Poland’s far-right National Rebirth of Poland party. Global News  [The group (no party!) is Obóz Narodowo-Radykalny (ONR) = National Radical Camp. ONR was so “far” nazi that its ideological father, Jan Mosdorf was murdered in German Nazi death camp Auschwitz for helping ingrateful and cowardly Jews who hated the group in which he took roots. Zionist Jews hated ONR and other Polish patriots for defending anti-Zionist Jews during Shoa. In pre-WW2 Poland, Jews dominated some spheres disproportionately. ONR at the time was as radical as was necessary for the nation’s defence and survival. Today, it does not need to apply the same means; it is an association complying with Polish laws, contrary to bad press and trumped up absurd charges from neo-liberals,  neo-marxists and MSM presstitutes. If ONR should be condemned and banned, so should Zionist Jew group Betar in Poland, with roots in pre-Israeli terrorism. — © Piotr Bein]

“It’s something shocking for us,” one of the churchgoers gathered outside told Global News.
“It’s a huge disappointment because it’s also our 100th anniversary of independence.”
On Monday, Vancouver police said in a statement they have met with representatives from the church and are continuing to search for evidence in the area.
They also said a number of specialty units are working together to try and determine who is responsible for the graffiti.
It’s unclear when the graffiti was painted, however it may have come after an estimated 200,000 people marched in Warsaw to mark the independence day centennial.
In that march, nationalist groups and far-right groups marched along with mainstream Polish politicians.

Members of radical right-wing groups wave flags during a march by tens of thousands of people and hosted by President Andrzej Duda that marked 100 years since Poland regained independence in Warsaw, Poland, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018.
Members of radical right-wing groups wave flags during a march by tens of thousands of people and hosted by President Andrzej Duda that marked 100 years since Poland regained independence in Warsaw, Poland, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski) [Neo-marxist radicals like the Western intelligence-steered Antifa would be OK for GlobalNews presstitutes? — © Piotr Bein]
Over the past decade, nationalist organizations have held Independence Day marches in Warsaw on Nov. 11 that have included racist slogans, flares and in some years, acts of aggression.

In Vancouver, however, parishioners told Global News they felt they were being unfairly lumped in with fringe groups.
“For people to call us fascists, there’s just something really, really wrong,” one parishioner said.
“Lots of people all around the world use ‘fascist’ for Polish people. We are not fascists. We are Polish people that fight with the fascists… we are refugees, we came from the communist country over there for freedom. Not Nazis.”

Global News
Global News [Antifa is a neo-marxist terrorist formation protected by Western intelligence services for use in social disorder for divide-and-conquer by the globalist ellites. During a  former March of Independence in Warsaw, German BND’s Antifa was bussed from Germany to provoke and disperse the Polish march. Note the satanic star as dot over letter “i” in the graffiti. — © Piotr Bein]

Another parishioner pointed to the fact that a staggering number of Polish Jews were killed in Nazi concentration camps. Estimates by historians suggest three million polish Jews were murdered, while the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum estimates another 1.5 million Polish citizens were taken and used as forced labour during the Second World War.
“We are the victims of Nazi Germany, and now we are called the Nazis? It’s absolutely crazy,” she said.
“It’s pure hatred against Polish people. How can you justify it?”


Polish churchgoers shocked by graffiti on daycare

CTV Vancouver
Published Monday, November 12, 2018 8:24AM PST
A Polish Catholic church was vandalized on the 100th anniversary of the country’s independence.
Churchgoers were shocked to find the word “antifa,” meaning “anti-facist” scrawled on the side of the daycare at St. Casimir’s in Vancouver on Sunday.
Vandals also wrote “Nazi raus” on the side of the building on East 27th Avenue and Inverness Street, which translates to “Nazis out” in German. A symbol used by far-right groups was also found on the building. “Refugees welcome” was also written on the red brick wall.

A member of the church said she was upset that the community was targeted.
It is not known when the graffiti was painted.
In addition to Remembrance Day, Nov. 11 is National Independence Day in Poland. The anniversary of the restoration of the country’s sovereignty from the German, Austrian and Russian Empires is marked by a march in Warsaw.
This year, opposition parties boycotted the event, and some marched with banners representing far-right parties. Images from the Eastern European country show red flares filling the streets with smoke.
Last year, tens of thousands of nationalists marched in the annual event, some carrying banners with slogans such as “White Europe of brotherly nations,” and “Pure Poland, white Poland.”

Polish officials march with nationalists on Independence Day

Around 200,000 attend march held by Polish government with nationalist groups on 100th anniversary of independence.


Polish officials march with nationalists on Independence Day
This year’s event is the first time Polish officials attended the ‘Independence March’ [Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska/Al Jazeera]

Warsaw – About 200,000 Poles participated in a march by representatives from the Polish government of President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and far-right groups on Sunday to celebrate the centenary of the restoration of Poland‘s independence.

Joachim Brudzinski, minister of internal affairs, tweeted the attendance figure, a far higher number than last year’s 60,000 people.

The procession marks the first time Polish officials took part in the “Independence March” – an event that tends to feature racist, anti-immigrant, homophobic and white supremacist slogans.

Organised annually since 2010 by the far-right National Radical Camp, All-Polish Youth and the National Movement, chants at previous events have included: “The whole Poland sings with us: F*** off with the refugees”, “Not red, not rainbow but national Poland”, “One nation across the borders”, and “F*** Antifa”.
Most participants at this year’s event were peaceful, raising the Polish flag and chanting patriotic slogans.

“We are here because we are patriots,” said Elzbieta, 57, from Warsaw. “This is a beautiful day.”

However, this reporter saw a man waving a flag with the Celtic Cross, which is used as a hate symbol by neo-Nazis, as police stood by.
Some others were also heard chanting: “All Poland sings with us, f*** off refugees.”

One man raised a flag bearing the Celtic Cross, which is used as a hate symbol by neo-Nazis [Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska/Al Jazeera] [If so, the man may be a provocateur for MSM cameras, as Celtic cross is legal in Christian Poland. Paranoia. One such flag in an ocean of tens of thousands. Hate towards whom — the Judeocentric haters of Christianity? It’s OK for extreme Jews to hate Christians, but not for Christians to stand their ground? Same for radical Islam. — © Piotr Bein]

President Duda inaugurated the march, saying: “Let us pay tribute to those who fought for Poland … Let this be a march where everyone feels well.”
A group of opposition protesters also gathered, holding banners saying “Constitution”, referring to anti-constitutional laws enacted by the ruling Law and Justice party.

‘Warsaw has suffered enough due to nationalism’

Sunday’s event, which was announced late on Friday had followed days of legal-wrangling.

On Wednesday, Warsaw’s mayor, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, had banned the Independence March due to security concerns, stating “Warsaw has already suffered enough due to aggressive nationalism.”

In response, President Duda said an official state march would take place and follow the same route as the planned Independence March.
The Independence March association later appealed the mayor’s decision and on Thursday, the district court revoked the ban.
This meant that the Independence Day commemoration would see two concurring marches organised along the same route and time, which pushed the government to the negotiating table with the far right.
And on Saturday, two conferences which were set to feature speeches by nationalists from across Europe were cancelled after Poland’s domestic counterintelligence agency, the Internal Security Agency, arrested more than 100 people, according to the nationalists. Al Jazeera was unable to independently verify the number detained.
A closed concert of far-right bands, including Legion Twierdzy Wroclaw and the Swedish Code 291, both known for hateful lyrics and fascination with fascism, was also cancelled.
Some participants, in response to the mayor’s initial ban, chanted slogans against her.

‘Crisis of democracy’

Damian Kita, spokesman for the march, told Al Jazeera last week that this year’s event would be peaceful.
“Because of this special anniversary, the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland, we wanted to close this passing century under the slogan ‘God, honour, homeland’,” he said.
“We decided that no other slogan would better summarise the Polish fight for freedom.”
Kita also said that radical nationalist groups which formed the Black Block at last year’s Independence March, would not be accepted during the march.
However, members of the Black Block arrived at Sunday’s event soon after it started, and later chanted: “I don’t apologise for the Jedwabne”, referring to a World War II massacre.
They also called for “freedom of speech for nationalists”.

The march kicked off with people raising Polish flags and chanting patriotic slogans [Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska/Al Jazeera]

The Block’s groups, including Szturmowcy (Stormtroopers), a neo-pagan Niklot movement and Autonomous Nationalists, had said they would march despite the conflict with the organisers.
Rafal Pankowski, a sociologist from Collegium Civitas and a cofounder of the anti-racist Never Again association, said the cooperation between the government and far-right groups was concerning.
He added that arrests did not guarantee that the march would pass without racist slogans.
“The cooperation between state institutions and extremists from the National Radical Camp is a legitimisation of a dangerous, extreme nationalist ideology and a reflection of a crisis of democracy,” he said.


Warsaw mayor bans far-Right march celebrating 100th anniversary of Polish independence

Demonstrators burn flares and wave Polish flags during the 2017 Polish independence day march
Warsaw’s mayor has banned a march celebrating the 100th anniversary of Polish independence amid mounting fears it will be dominated by neo-fascists and the far-Right.
The march has become a major feature of Polish independence day, which falls on November 11, but has been marred by violence in the past and become increasingly associated with ultra-Right extremists.
Last year it made headlines around the world after it was led by groups carrying banners emblazoned with far-Right symbols and slogans.
Despite the reputational damage done to Poland, the march’s defenders argued that the majority of people who took part in it were not neo-fascists.
Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Warsaw’s mayor, on Wednesday defended the ban by alluding to the Polish capital’s destruction by Nazi Germany, saying: “Warsaw has suffered enough at the hands of aggressive nationalism”.
But with organisers of the march already saying they will appeal the ban, and hinting they will march regardless, the Polish capital could well face a volatile showdown between marchers and the police on Sunday.
Anti-abortion activists joined the far-Right marchers during the 2017 march
Anti-abortion activists joined the far-Right marchers during the 2017 marchCREDIT: JAKOB RATZ/PACIFIC PRESS [Banner says “German Nazi concentration camp Warsaw — Polish diaspora will not forget”. Hundred of thousands Poles have perished in this death camp, no Jews. Anti-abortionists? Most likely, as Catholic Poles are such. Only Muslims are allowed to multiply? There is no symbol, no indication that marchers shown are far-right. As in 2018, all kinds of Poles joined. The caption is as disgusting as the article by hasbara master, Matthew Day. — © Piotr Bein]
The centennial of the Polish independence was expected to attract an even larger crowd than usual by acting as a lure to neo-fascist groups both in Poland and abroad.
Poland’s conservative government has also sought to distance itself from the march. In a magazine interview published before the ban was announced Matuesz Morawiecki, the prime minister, said no government representatives would attend, saying: “We know what happened last year.”
He added that the government did not want to take part in a march where “provocateurs” may be present.
Critics of the government often accuse it of encouraging far-Right politics through nationalistic policies and by demonising migrants.
Adding more reasons for the ban Ms Gronkiewicz-Waltz said that she also had concerns over security owing to industrial action being taken by the police.
Poland’s police force has been involved in protracted dispute with the government over pay and working conditions, and the mayor expressed fears that this could undermine its ability to cope with the march.end

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