[collection] Canada under Chinese capital, gov't and mafia threat

An introduction to Fentanyl: Making a Killing
[2019] BC gaming investigators repeatedly warned bosses of ‘horrendous’ money laundering
[2019] RCMP finally sharing info key to keeping dirty money out of BC
[2019] Up to C$2 billion laundered in British Columbia casinos and real estate in a year — estimate 20 times higherr than last year
[December 2018] Money laundering BC — Open letter to Attorney General on “secret police study”
[November 2018] High-profile money laundering case won’t proceed
[October 2018] The City That Had Too Much Money
[November 2018] Money laundering probe in BC has collapsed
[January 2018] Money laundering in BC at some C$1 billion a year — federal reports not shared with provincial gov’t
[2018] How organized crime uses B.C. casinos to launder money
[2018] British Columbia government helped the Vancouver Model Of Money Launderin
[2018] Report dissects ‘Vancouver Model’ of money laundering
[2018] Crime networks could have laundered over $1B through Vancouver real estate in 2016
[2018] Criminal charges stayed in major British Columbia money-laundering investigation
[2018] Lack of anti-money-laundering compliance in British Columbia real estate
[2018] The Breaker: The “Vancouver model” was coined by a prof from Australia
[2018] Canadian Real Estate Worth Billions Seized By Chinese Government
[2018] RCMP blamed CSIS for sanitizing Sidewinder
[2017] The Power of Chinese Organized Crime in Canada
[2017] Does China’s money threaten Canada’s sovereignty?
[2016] Sidewinder – Exposing The Poisonous Snake of China’s Infiltration into Canada
[2016] More Chinese cases target property in BC
[2016] CSIS Warns Of Chinese Influence On Canadian Real Estate…20 Years Ago
[2016] Chinese Gangs And Canadian Real Estate, The Odd Correlation
[2010] Have foreign governments infiltrated Canadian politics?
[2005] Welcome to the Peoples’ Republic of China on Canadian soil
[2005] Operation Sidewinder: In Canada spies are us
[2003] Jean Chretien and the Sidewinder Report
[2000] China set up crime web in Canada
PrimeTimeCrime: The Sidewinder scandal
Sidewinder Secret RCMP-CSIS Joint Review Committee Draft Submission 24 June 1997 — Chinese Intelligence Services and Triads Financial Links

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