What (not) to make of “Holocaust denial”

On Saturday, November 30, 2019, 11:23:35 AM PST, Piotr Bein:
Drogi Bronku
We have 2 issues:
  • Legit historical revisionism — Questioning Jew version of WW2 history and their Shoah — a minor part of the Holocaust, when counted in the number of victims.
  • Mega manipulation of history — Hi-jacking the term Holocaust exclusively to Shoah, while it has been a tragedy of more than 20 groups, Slavs (Russians, Poles, Serbs…) being the largest: tens of millions and, in case of Poles, decapitation of their national “head” — the elites.

“Holocaust Denial” chutzpaths play into Judeocentric hands, as follows:

  • Cement goyim’s  perception of, supposedly, an exclusively Jewish tragedy.
  • Distract from global Jewish plunder and enslavement for NWO, and when, for Greater Israel Project, bombs fall on Israel’s neighbours and extermination camp Gaza.
  • Contribute to “antisemitism”, a Judeocentric construct conceived for Rotschild’s Palestine Project towards the end of 18th century, exploited to maintain a scare of existential threat to the “Jewish people”. Excellent brief on that is in the upper part of a Polish analysis.
Third Reich, a pro-Zionist regime serving Rotschild project: Zionism and the Third Reich
Anti-Zionist Jews speak the truth about Shoah perpetrators and “antisemitism”: Misusing the Holocaust for Political Agenda The State of Israel Hijacks a Jewish Tragedy 
If you have not read (and distributed) yet:
Polish versions of same
The essay you peddle is a kitsch relative to the above undeniable truths. Thus, usefully and free of charge, you are serving Judeocentric goals. I don’t suppose that this was your intention.
Moreover, you make a connection between 447 and Holocauast Denial, which puts Poles in a suggestive seat of Holocaust deniers and “antisemites”. Is this your intention?
Holocaust denial insults the martyrdom of millions of Poles in the hands of Zio-Nazis.
You distract attention to a Judeocentric red herring while a concerted, intensive global resistance is necessary to stop the onslaught of 5G and Artificial Intelligence — projects against Humanity by the same covert global perpetrators as behind the Holocaust and most of the revolutions and wars, including both world wars.
Piotr Bein, MScEng, PhD, PEng (retired)
independent genocide researcher
On Friday, November 29, 2019, 7:28:20 PM PST, Bronek:
ON GOING BLACKMAIL- Another obvious factor is the many billions of dollars currently at stake in what Finkelstein has aptly characterized as “the Holocaust Industry.” For example, potentially enormous new claims are now being reopened against Poland for Jewish property that was lost or confiscated during the World War II era.
American Pravda: Holocaust Denial
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