ALERT for anti-5G activity globally — Stop 5G International: naivety or hijack?

ATTENTION: Nicolya Christi mentioned in the thread below has been vindicated: Grassroots anti-5G under globalist assault
Piotr Bein, 22.8.2020


On Tuesday, December 31, 2019 6:54 PM, Stop5GAppeal <[email protected]> wrote:
Dear all
Mission successful!  Nicolya had no choice but to withdraw from your team once she’d been rumbled.  Good try, though, Nicolya!  Your six-month stint got you quite far.  Why don’t you try latching on to the “plastics in the oceans” brigade now?  There must be lots of self-loathing people out there ready to take on your eugenics/depopulation agenda.
See my answers below, in blue font.

Now let’s see if we can’t expose Little Greta and the climate change hoax (supported, of course, by Ervin Laszlo, Nicolya Christi and Joe St Clair **) and get that out of the way as well!

** Disclaimer: The combining of these three names in one place should not be taken to imply any collusion or even association between the three (unless of course you’ve done your homework – see below).

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On Tuesday, December 31, 2019 2:14 PM, Nicolya Christi Official <nicolyachristi {at}> wrote:
Dear Claire, My one and only (final) response below in pink. Please note I will not reply to any further communications from you directly or via the group. I have already asked them not to forward or copy me into any further communications with yourself. Go well and good luck in your life and with your work. Nicolya Christi.
On 31 Dec 2019, at 11:52, Stop5GAppeal <[email protected]> wrote:
Dear Tanja
Nicolya cannot exonerate herself by explaining things and I am not going to waste any more of my time on arguing about this.  If she is really so concerned about stopping 5G, then she should voluntarily withdraw from your group so as not to discredit it.
NC: I have already done so, not because of your totally misinformed accusations but because I do not wish for this group and its Work, or its members, to be tainted by your misguided concerns and directly associated with such as a result. People who are not in the know, such as yourself, may be inclined to believe such inaccuracies. Having now stepped away from the group and 5G altogether, I hope that you will refrain from any further claims against myself so that this group can move forward with a clean name and the respect of the 5G movement going forward.
CE: Glad to hear it.  Please remove my 5G Space Appeal from your site so that all association between yourself and Worldshift and the Appeal is severed. I do not want any association between the Appeal and eugenics/depopulation/sustainable development because I do not want the Appeal to be discredited.  The Appeal is all about life, survival and joy.
And she should stop promoting fibre-optic cable.  
NC: I will not be “promoting” anything further about 5G. The fibre optic info was on the advice of members of this group who know I am not an expert on these subjects. 
And if she does not believe in depopulation and “sustainable development”, then she should publicly repudiate the Club of Rome,
NC: I have no awareness of or involvement with them. I am aware that Ervin Laszlo was once a part of it until he recognised that their stance was not in alignment with his own, and so removed himself a long time ago.
CE: Yes, of course he did.  And any resemblance whatsoever between the Club of Rome and the Club of Budapest is entirely coincidental and nothing to worry about.
Ervin Laszlo who is a member, and Joe St Clair, who is UK Director of the World Sustainable Development Forum.
NC: I do not work with Joe, nor am I in contact with him, but do know he has pure intentions, even if he is somewhat naive in regard to the sinister side of this movement you seem to know so much about yourself. 
CE: Well, it’s a jolly good thing that one of us knows about this sinister agenda, then, isn’t it?  Otherwise we might just end up getting entangled with it inadvertently (as one does) and the people who are implementing it while being soooo innocent that we did not realise!  I wonder how came it, then, that you invited a complete stranger, Joe St Clair, to moderate your first conference call on 5G on 13 June 2019!  What a coincidence!
I’ll bet you she is not willing to do that.
NC: I am always willing to uphold the truth in any matter and seek to redress any confusion or misunderstandings in regard to my vocational stance and associations. However, your claims in regard to myself are entirely unfounded.
I notice that 
CE: Well, Im very glad to hear that you desire to uphold the truth in any matter.  Can you then explain the extraordinary coincidence of the similarites in titles and design and dates of publication among your website, and your 2012 book, and Ervin Laszlo’s 2012 book, and his now deleted website? (gosh, I wonder if that website was deleted to give you cover as you penetrated the stop 5G movement??  I could have sworn I found your name there when I looked back in June, before it was deleted).
What is more, she even talks about “regenerative sustainability” on her website and recommends that:
“We need to look inside our kitchen and bathroom cupboards, our fridges and freezers, our garden sheds, at our shopping lists, eating habits, our choices of entertainment, become more aware of our carbon footprint, the origins of the materials and sources (and the excess) of the clothes and shoes we are wearing, and how often we change our cars and electrical and technological devices.”
Very radical!  Yes, let’s promote the carbon footprint meme and punish people for their participation in the consumer society, but let’s not attack the consumer society because we might make corporate enemies.  No – instead let’s not challenge the status quo – let’s just load people up with guilt and tax them and start carbon trading so that Goldman Sachs can make billions.  Please!  How about actually talking about a root and branch transformation of society by empowering individuals and building a truly humane and just society? Re your last sentence, fortunately, we are on the same page then. 
If your group and Arthur Firstenberg are determined to embrace Nicolya Christi, you renounce your right to any credibility with the public and I must continue to oppose your group and question your motives.  I have a duty to tell people the truth since I am responsible for the Appeal.
NC: I have left this group and the 5G movement and will reiterate again, not because of your misguided concerns but because of the damage such will do to the group and its Work.
CE: Wow!  My concerns have really turned out to be quite guided, though, haven’t they?  That is really kind of you to be so concerned for the stop 5G movement.  It couldn’t have anything to do with my (and others) having rumbled you, could it?
Arthur wrote to a Poland group yesterday claiming that he did send recent Appeal messages to me but they must have gone into my spam folder.  This is nonsense because I whitelisted his address after having blocked it in the past, so any Appeal messages from him could not have gone into spam.  So here we have some very dubious manoeuvring.  Not only does your group embrace someone closely connected with eugenicists, [NC: I do not even know the meaning of the word and have no interest in looking it up]  but Arthur abuses the trust of the signatories to the Appeal by promoting your group, despite my warnings – and tries to hide what is going on from me.  It is all far, far too shady.
CE: Strange how a published author would have no idea of the meaning of “eugenics”.  Let me enlighten you: it means depopulation and Ervin Laszlo still talks ceaselessly about overpopulation and the management of planetary resources, regardless of whether he may or may not have severed his links with the Club of Rome and replaced it with his Club of Budapest.  Funny how they sound the same, isn’t it?
I will not discuss this further as I am not prepared to waste any more of my time on it.  I have set out the whole case with great clarity.  It is your responsibility to take action.  So far, you have failed to do so and from these exchanges i deduce that you have no intention of doing so.  As far as I am concerned, I have done my job.  I have warned you and you continue to deny the facts and embrace Nicolya Christi and thereby the eugenics agenda. I have warned Arthur and he continues to promote your group and Nicolya Christi and thereby betray the trust of the signatories to the Appeal. You must all now be written off as controlled opposition. You bring this on your own heads by your action and inaction. Ignorantia Facti Excusat – ignorance of the facts is an excuse under the law. You cannot now claim ignorance because you have been informed and have taken no action – in fact, you have persisted in your course despite my warnings.  
I can do no more and will not engage in any further discussions on it.  The infiltration is doing its job beautifully.  Divide and conquer indeed.
NC: My final word is this: I HAVE NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER TO THE CLUB OF ROME or THE CLUB OF BUDAPEST. And, WORLDSHIFT.EARTH HAS NO CONNECTIONS WHATSOEVER WITH THE CLUB OF ROME/CLUB OF BUDAPEST/ERVIN LASZLO. I have personally known Ervin Laszlo for over ten years and can vouch for the fact that he is of the highest calibre when it comes to his Work and his hopes for humanity.
CE: Sure you don’t.  The trouble is, Nicolya, that your people forgot that when you delete a website to ensure that connections between people are erased, the web crawlers’ data are not deleted at the same time.  Shucks!  You’ve been rumbled!
CE: I’m still wondering how come the design of and the design of the stop5ginternational website are so similar.  Another remarkable coincidence!  They just keep coming, don’t they?  And no one has revealed who funded the stop5ginternational website.  Was it you, Nicolya?
CE: Call me a hateful conspiracy theorist (as Arthur Firstenberg often does), but it does seem to me that there is a remarkable convergence of opinion between the genocidal perpetrators of 5G and the kindly and concerned depopulationists of the Club of Rome/Club of Budapest (aka your friend Ervin Laszlo) and the World Sustainable Development Forum (aka your friend Joe St Clair – oh, sorry, I forgot – you hardly know him, don’t you?)
Good luck with the ocean-plastics or the vaccines activists.  Maybe you will find them more gullible than the people in stop 5G!
The problem with me is that I have this awful aversion to depopulation agendas, whether viciously or kindly meant.  I happen to think that we can sort it all out if we take responsibility for ourselves and grow up, instead of wanting to be led all the time by aged Hungarian pianists or New Age gurus stuck in an exploded and irrelevant paradigm.
I am revolutionary, Nicolya.  I don’t stick with the status quo and try to fiddle with it so as to get the corporate fatcats on board or tell people to stop wasting paperclips.  I say out with all of it!  And that revolution is a revolution of the mind and heart.  Once people wake up to the horror that is 5G perpetrated by the people you want to keep on side by not rocking the boat so they will keep funding you, it’s over for this paradigm.  And thank Source (and enlightened stop-5Gers) for that!
Best regards
Dear Tanja
Nicolya Christi is very closely associated with Ervin Laszlo and the Club of Rome, which is a eugenics organisation, and with Joe St Clair, who moderated her first conference call on stopping 5G, to which Kate Kheel invited me, but which i did not attend once I saw who was involved.  Joe St Clair is UK Director of the World Sustainable Development Forum.  “Sustainable development” is a code word for depopulation.  Joe St Clair also works closely with the former chairman of the International Panel on Climate Change, which is a UN organisation that falsifies data to promote the fake climate change agenda.  You have a cuckoo in the nest.  You say, “Why would anyone from the UN disguise themselves as Stop 5G International or try to fund them?”  17 trillion dollars and world depopulation is the answer.  I think a more appropriate question is, “Why would the perpetrators NOT seek to infiltrate and misdirect the stop5ginternatinal movement?”.  They control everything else and are funding fake news and busy taking down websites and social media and silencing all dissent about 5G.  Of course they would want to infiltrate your movement.
I see that she is advocating fibre-optic cable here (
“Wired technology, however, is unquestionably a far better option for sending and receiving data when mobility is not urgent or essential. Fiber is not only safe, but it is faster and more reliable, energy efficient, cyber secure, and able to withstand extreme weather events – (please note that wired connections include not only wired to the premises but also connecting from the router to our laptop, computer, or other device via an ethernet cable, and deactivating the WIFI).”
Fibre-optic cable is FOR 5G, as Arthur Firstenberg has pointed out many times. This woman knows nothing about 5G.  She is a stooge for the eugenics movement, a worm in your apple.  A quote from the Club of Rome’s 1991 publication, The First Global Revolution, where they wrote:
“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions, these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together, but in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.’
I take it that it is was Nicolya Christi who funded the website so generously?  So she gets a big say in what the group does, and can infiltrate the website with any misdirecting messages she wants, can’t she?  Wake up, Tanja!  It is she and her infiltration that destroyed your Christmas holiday, just as slowly but surely the worm will eat you up from the inside out.  That is what infiltrators do.
I have tried my best to warn you, but none of you want to hear it.  If you really understood the cosmic scope of this agenda, you would be expecting to be infiltrated.  That is precisely why I am against organisations that set themselves up to represent people.  Individuals should be acting for themselves and should not be “guided” or corralled by anyone.
Do let me know when you have ejected Nicolya Christi from your organisation.  Then i might start supporting you.  Right now, my loyalty is to the world and I shall not be supporting anyone associated with eugenics.  The whole purpose of my actions is to stop depopulation!
Claire Edwards
Untroubled, scornful, outrageous – that is how wisdom wants us to be: she is a woman and never loves anyone but a warrior ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra
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