ALERT Stop 5G movement hijack into globalist climate/2030 agenda: update

On Thursday, January 16, 2020, 11:39:51 AM PST, Claire Edwards:
Stop 5G movement hijack: update
OK, guys, slowly but surely I am a-working it all out!
Here’s the hijack.
Some stop 5G groups were talking about how they should come together with the Little Greta followers, obviously under the illusion that they were all intelligent people who were just a bit misguided.  I said that XR is a death cult and that the perpetrators of 5G and those of the fake climate change agenda were one and the same.
In my attempts to discuss reasonably with the various people responsible for the stop5ginternational hijack of the 5G Space Appeal, it has become evident that either (a) they are very stupid or (b) they are controlled opposition.  Now the evidence scales are weighing heavily on the side of (b).  Why?
1. Implausible reasons are being put forward for my action in raising this issue of conflict of interest and the real reasons are not discussed.
2. An attack dog is going round the Internet threatening people who posted my message, trying to intimidate them to take it down.
3. Tanja Rebel is posting slanderous items about me, Mark Steele and John Kitson who, in my biased view, are among the most genuine and dedicated people campaigning to stop 5G!
4. 25 January has also been designated Free Julian Assange and Stop Iran War day – so three things in one day to muddy and dilute the waters (sorry about strange pun there!)
5. We now have the first sign that fake climate change and stop 5G are being skilfully blended into one campaign:
Wow!  I am in awe!  The people behind this are so clever you have to applaud!  The perpetrators of 5G and the fake climate change agenda are the same eugenicists.  So of course they want to blend the two.  Only problem is, the fake climate change agenda is a death cult!   Any stop 5gers supporting this are turkeys voting for Christmas!
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On Thursday, January 16, 2020 2:47 PM, [email protected] wrote:
Dear Claire
some call it stop 5g climate protest day. Thats realy incredible!

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