Ukrainian plane crash in Iran 


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Ukrainian plane crash in Iran


“I wished I could die”: IRGC commander takes responsibility …
So Iran’s Air Defence is run
not by the Air Force, but by
the ‘politically reliable’ IRGC…

In ancient Persia, truth-telling
was the highest virtue.
 It took
the Islamic Republic some three
days to get nearly as decent.

Had the missile battery been
in automatic regime, within
a split-second of the target
acquisition, upon receiving
the airliner’s transponder
signal, the launch would have
been aborted.  No human
operator can be either as fast
or as faultless.

Why wasn’t then the missile
battery in automatic regime?…
And we know why, don’t we?
Yes, it’s the Jews.
 It’s always
the Jews – and, of course, the
poor old Americans – the Golem
of the Khazar Horde – flattered,
drugged, used and abused.

We have no way of knowing
what back-stabbing games
those vile kosher [email protected]
were playing in or near Iran’s
airspace, but we do know that
Iranians were spooked – and
decided to ‘play it safe’ – and
ended up shooting down that
airliner, which is exactly what
the Jews wanted them to do.

The second anti-aircraft missile
that hit the Ukrainian airliner
may well have been launched
by another missile battery –
subsequent to the plane’s
transponder being destroyed
by the fist missile.  No doubt,
this battery was in automatic
regime.  It’s unlikely that this
battery’s commander can be
charged with any offence.

From Pyrigenes in Australia
Indeed, the truth-telling was the characteristic of the Persians.
Interestingly, the word ARETA – truth – is the same in the Greek
language.  (Farsi is also an Indo-European language.)
It may be OK to blame the Islamic Republic, but the real fault
is with the USA – Trump in particular, who, in order to save
Netanyahu, ordered the assassination of the most proficient
terrorist-killer – and then called him a “terrorist”.  Was he?

From Tom in the States
There have been several instances where Mossad teams set up in
a target country to broadcast false signals to provoke a U.S. attack.
The Mossad-triggered 1986 U.S. bombing of Libya is a case in point.
Then there’s the admitted case of Stuxnet, an Israeli creation that
infects command and control systems.  I’d wager that that’s what
happened here.  And the IRGC officer may well be taking the heat
for the Iranian government, which would HAVE to retaliate against
Israel, if that fact became publicly known. 


Evil Iran

The Jew banksters and their Satanic
spawn falsely named ‘Izrael’ had
a two centuries-long run of luck
with their victims-cum-enemies.

(And anyone whose assets the Jews
covet – Amalek, Rome, Russia, Europe –
is an ‘enemy’, whether the object
of the Jews’ envy and resentment
is their
real estate or their DNA.)

The Brits, not unjustly, are blamed
for the Jew Sassoons’ (Sacklers?)
genocidal Opium Wars.  But it’s not
the Brits, of course, that pocketed
the lion’s share of the opium profits.

The Boers and the Tommies never
gave a second thought, it seems,
to who exactly stood to profit from
the resources of the country they
were killing each other for.

WW1 belligerents slaughtered each
other by the million – with no slightest
clue that the more they dropped dead,
the more dividends the Jew banksters

Adolf Hitler was an ideal victim-enemy –
and WW2 was the ultimate Talmudic
murder feast, providing for the bankster-
assisted triumph of communism,
obliterating the national sovereignty
on both sides of the Iron Curtain – and
establishing sovereign ‘Izrael’ – albeit
at the cost of murdering a few hundred
not-so-victorious Brits, not to mention
the countless Palestinians.


The Russians exterminated close
to hundred million of their own lot –
subsequent to the Jew bankster-
funded 1917 communist coup – and
most Russians still haven’t got
much of a clue on whose behalf
so many of them were murdered.

The Jew banksters’ conquest of
Britain and America – partly through
the pre-existing structure of the
Freemasonry – wasn’t half as bloody,
but infinitely more penetrating. And
hence, the politics of High Treason,
national bankruptcy and ‘voluntary
suicide’ on behalf of I$rael.

President Nasser was a great guy,
but a poor sucker of a poker player.
The brain-dead double loser Saddam
took to wearing a military tunic with
some incredible shoulder-boards…
A perfect Jews’ breakfast.

Iran’s Ayatollahs, however, are
the Jews’ worst disappointment.
Those bleeding old codgers just
sit back and shadow-play the Jews’
game on their own chessboard –
and always know exactly what the
Jews would like them to do next.

By piotrbein