ALARM Stop5gInt’l, globalist agents XR’s Tanja Rebel, UN’s Reza Ganjavi have infiltrated, hijacked grassroot “No 5G” and begin to destroy it


There has been virtually no coverage about the dangers of 5G on CNN, MSNBC or FOX. Worse yet the Big Tech Platforms — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. — have been trying to actively censor the Stop5G movement and any other group that hold Anti-Globalist positions on forced vaccinations, gun rights violation, GMO farming, immigration or Geoengineering.
I’ve done a lot in the last year and so have thousands of others. I’ve testified before City Councils. I’ve written a books worth of essays. And I share the frustration of all Stop5G activists throughout planet Earth: knowing that the entire global population will be harmed by 5G Electromagnetic radiation — and yet we seem unable to do anything to stop it. We are being forced into a Global Lab experiment where the entire global population are being relegated to lab rats. This is a violation of the Nuremberg Code and must be stopped.
Currently we are not just loosing, we are getting slaughtered as the 5G antennas continue to go up in communities throughout the planet. We go before our City Councils and find them unable to do anything. It is extremely frustrating.

As an activist I do have a number of constructive criticisms regarding the Stop5G protest. After all I was instrumental in organizing the first Global Protest to Legalize Cannabis for adults beginning in 1990. These protest grew to over 800 global events in 2018. And today more states are allowing adult to grow their own Cannabis in their yards and in their homes. So one glaring problem with this first Global Stop5G protest is they are not encouraging the activists to make any specific demands. If you want something you have to specifically ask for it. My primary demand regarding Cannabis was always the inalienable right for every adult, on planet Earth, to be able to grow their own Cannabis without any taxation, regulation or government/globalist control. In Michigan we got that right after Prop1 passed in November 2018.

And yet there are 3 basic demands that virtually all Stop5G/Stop Smart Meter activists agree:

1) Remove all 5G infrastructure throughout planet Earth: both on land and in space.
2) Remove all Smart Meters (Electric, Gas, Water) throughout planet Earth.
3) Put an immediate stop to all forms of Geoengineering.
So I would encourage all speakers, at the Stop5G Protest (01/25/2020) to make these demands clear during your respective speeches.

It is also important to understand that 5G, Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Mass Surveillance and the 4th Industrial Revolution are being pushed by the United Nations as part of Agenda21 and Agenda 2030. It is a fact that, since the late 1960’s the UN has pushed Anthropogenic — man made — Climate Change as an excuse to control every government on the planet. They even admit that climate change is just an excuse to impose a global government on the entire planet.

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap of mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.” – Club of Rome, The First Global Revolution, 1991

The Club of Rome and the UN are close ally’s. And every Climate Change activist needs to understand that they are being duped. Further more most Stop5G activists are equally interested in a sustainable future for every human on planet Earth. We are not your enemies.
But there is no significant man made impact on Climate and spending trillions — bankrupting governments throughout the planet through Carbon Taxes and other Sustainable Development Goals — will have virtually no impact. So our Hollywood Elite, the Green New Deal Socialists and the Extinction rebellion activists are essentially “useful idiots” who do not understand that what they are really supporting is a Global Corporate New World Order. What the Stop5G movement needs to do is convince them that the increases in floods, fires, hurricanes etc. is not due to Anthropogenic Climate Change but rather Anthropogenic Geoengineering through HAARP, Chemtrails, Directed Energy Weapons and decades of bad forest management. Governments from Californian to Australia are actually complicit in the unprecedented forest fires over the past several years. Other Anthropogenic harm is being done through Industrial GMO Farming, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fluoride in the water supplies. And that is but a short list of Anthropogenic activities that are destroying the planet’s ecosystem. None of them have anything to do with “man made” Climate Change. We need to win these activists over to our side.
The UN is also very active in suppressing free speech and forcing acceptance of forced vaccines, forced 5G, forced Smart Cities and prohibiting adults from growing their own Cannabis. They are trying to impose a New World Order of “No Choice – No Voice.” The Stop5G should take advantage of this by encouraging secondary goals in our future protests. By doing this we can effectively recruit the majority of the world’s population to our cause. So let me suggest some secondary demands.
4) Stop mandatory vaccines which are harming our children.
5) Stop the emerging agenda (Virginia, CA etc.) to eviscerate the 2nd Amendment (our right to own guns).
6) Stop the Globalist censorship of Anti-Globalists like me, through mass censorship from all Big Tech Platforms.
7) Support the universal right for adults to grow Cannabis without any taxation, regulation, or government/globalist control.
I have been an activist for over 50 years of my life going back to my efforts to end the Viet Nam War. And while I have never seen such formidable globalist opposition I also understand that we cannot allow the implementation of 5G infrastructure to continue. And here is one more suggestion that I would like to make. Start putting lawn signs in your front yards. You can have one made by Staples for under $20. And here is one possible idea for a lawn sign:
To our Gov’t and Trump
Remove All 5G Antennas
Remove All Smart Meters

I am just a simple Perennial Hippie. I just want to leave this 3rd Stone from the Sun a little bit better than I found it. I just want people to live healthy, happy lives. I just want the next generation to do a little bit better than the present generation. I don’t think I’m asking too much. But remember that if we are going to prevail “all of us is all we need.” Our adversary is very powerful: but not nearly as powerful as all of us together.

Urgent update: Is the Stop5G Movement Being Hijacked?

I do encourage all protests on 01/25 to go as scheduled. I will have to expand on this at a later date. But this Tanja Rebel is both an organizer for the event and is also a supporter of the Extinction Rebellion. Sorry but this is like trying to mix oil with water. I think she, and perhaps their group (putting on the demonstration) may be controlled opposition.
You will find Tanja Rebel listed on the 5G Global Protest Page here:

Now watch the video and see the photo of her with an Extinction Rebellion jacket on (2:00). That my friend is what I call damning evidence. Ms Rebel is most definitely controlled opposition as is the way the event has been structured: no demands.

Is the Stop5G Movement Being Hijacked?
1,795 views, Jan 19, 2020

And here is my latest essay discussing flaws in the 01/25 protest. So now I am convinced that this is very fishy.

Beyond the 1st Global Stop5G Protest: January 25th 2020

Thoughts? LOL. My thoughts are that they are pushing an emasculated protest that makes no demands and gets us nowhere. That doesn’t mean I don’t support the participating groups. What it means is the protest is rudderless — has no strategic objective. Achieves nothing. I will also expand, at a later date, the purge of the FB group “Stop5G” on 09/27/2019. Reza, who became the main admin after the purge is linked to the United Nations. He has a web page where he lays that all out.


“Congratulations. That’s an excellent piece of work.” “Critical project milestone… was delivered on time”. CIO
“The Director General has expressed his appreciation for the work done by the IMPACT team to deliver Systematic COR on time. <> on behalf of the members of the Project Board has also expressed appreciation for this effort.” Program Manager
“I am pleased to report that the Requirements Specification document for the Phase has now been completed and, as such, represents the attainment of a critical project milestone. This foundation text, which was delivered on time, was produced by a team of project staff working closely together [led by Ray Ganjavi] with representatives of the Office of the PCT. It represents approximately 3000 hours of staff time over 4 months.” “A major milestone in the project has been reached [led by Ray Ganjavi]. Several major functions have already been used successfully.” CIO
“It’s Super Ray! And he sure has everything under control !” End-User Team Leader
“Sincere appreciation and profound admiration for your intensive and exhaustive efforts and the contribution you made to a project of critical strategic significance. I have full and unreserved confidence in your abilities and skills to develop the project and have a successful outcome and deliver a high quality system which has important impact in the history of this organization… you are making history…. Thank you very much for your dedicated work and the excellent way you’re going…”. “I do congratulate you and am very pleased with these positive developments.” Director General
“Your usecases look like great work” “I really liked working with you.”

And here is a detailed analysis (11 pages) that documents Reza’s part in the purge of the Facebook Stop5G group on 09/27/2019:

The Censorship of Stop5G begins with the purge of John Kuhle’s Facebook Group “Stop5G”

We are going to have to “up our game” as it is now clear that the opposition is infiltrating the Stop5G community.

By piotrbein