Hateful against Jews?

On Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 1:30:31 AM PST, Counter Bias wrote:

From Jane in the States
Many of the things that you say are true but perhaps
people might listen to your logic more if your rhetoric
doesn’t sound so hateful against Jews. 
Zionists?  Absolutely.  They are the worst of the worst.


Yes, of course, you are quite right – where you are.
And even among the Jews themselves, there are many
who would also call themselves ‘anti-Zionists’ – while
ably assisting with the monstrous Zio lie of  ‘democratic
I$rael’ – and absolving the Jew apartheid of all its sins.

The Khazar Jews’ tribal loyalty – or criminal complicity,
to be precise – is never superseded by the left-wing
politics, but only ever so cleverly camouflaged.

The Jews and their liberal slaves are simply beyond hope.
The only hope is in waking up regular Americans, whether
Trumpers or never-Trumpers.

After all, about every second American tax dollar
is expended or embezzled by the Pentagon and its
numerous contractors.  And this is always rubber-
stamped by the Jew-Ess Congress – on behalf of
I$raHell, who, of course, needs grossly oversized
Pentagon, who, in its turn, doesn’t mind waging
the Jews’ wars – and perpetrating Jews’ war crimes –
however contrary to the American interests.

By contrast, the Russian military, while maintaining
the nuclear parity and very well managing to protect
Russia’s clients in the Middle East, draws barely one
tenth of the U.S. military budget  (in view of which
you could begin to appreciate the real utility of 9/11,
replete as it is with countless kosher fingerprints).

Should the Jew parasites be removed from the Hill –
and Talmudic taxation without representation
brought to an end – the Pentagon ought to be able
to do the very same job as the Russian military –
at the very same price.

In addition to this, the rip-off kosher ‘health
insurance’ and the Big Jew Pharma cost you
nearly 20% of your national income, which
at least twice exceeds the actual worth
of the goods and services actually provided.

And, of course, many experts of highest repute
could advise you on the astronomical cost of
the Jew Wall Street – both social and financial.
In other words, while they are crying Holoko$t,
they are robbing you blind in every possible way.

So you might as well go back to picking cotton,
however pale of skin.  Don’t you want to be free?…
MLK had a dream.  What about yours?…

Re: “Zionists”
However justified is the implied deprecation,
the term Zionist/Zionism is hopelessly
stained with the colour of the Third World
and the moribund Soviet Marxism.

It must be used very sparingly, as,
having also absorbed many aspects
of the excremental vermin it refers to,
it’s potentially more injurious to the
unsuspecting user than to the blood-
sucking agents of the kosher apartheid.

In fact, when in their liberal guise,
the Jews themselves often resort
to using the term Zionist as a regular
prop in their perpetual Houdini act.

“No, it’s not the Jews – it’s the Zionists!”
“No, it’s not the Jews – it’s the Israelis!”
“No, it’s by no means all Israelis – it’s
only Netanyahu!”

BTW, when Netanyahu is eventually
kicked out and locked up, you’ll be
missing this scumbag since that
very day, as he will be replaced
by a smarter war criminal – with
much less obvious cannibal traits.

By piotrbein