Bruce Cain 2.10.2019: John Kuhles’ FB “Stop5G” purge started censorship of Stop5G Groups


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Hi all, I lost 3 Facebook accounts: John Kuhles (with 3000+ Stop5G posts), “Johannes Kuhles” (with over 750+ Stop5G posts = backup account 1) “Johan Kuhles” (with over Stop5G 350 posts = backup account 2) and EX0MATRlXTV YouTube channel with over 19,000+ Subscribers and over 12 Powerful Stop5G Videos! too in 1 month.

I had also personal issues & was 2 weeks very ill too … partly i was also FED UP working so hard 24/7 for almost 2 years every day! So I also needed a psychological “time out”. I instructed only 2 AdminsReza & Jerry to temporary run the Stop5G Fb Group as they seem fit … I trust them 100% but I did not foresee complications dealing with other Fb Group moderators … This is my fault. Soon I hope to correct all of it.

Stop5G(dot)net which automatically forwards to a COPY of stop5g(dot)whynotnews(dot)eu called “” which has NO database issues! I could not fix nor update stop5g(dot)whynotnews(dot)eu anymore so I had to find a solution and fix the problem.

I did not want to lose all existing site posts so I made a duplicate of everything to a new sub-site on the same server I own. There was TOO MUCH I had to “fix” and “solve” I got overloaded, triggered in to being (temporary) fed up with all that I did. I had to explain this much earlier, but even that was too much for me. Like having a nervous breakdown. Sorry to all other pro-active Stop5G moderators who are all understandable confused. Am also very aware about hit-peaces made against me by multiple (“science”) mainstream outlets, I was ready to debunk them all but my “fighting spirit” was temporary broken as I already explained above. Being an Asperger means I can recall & remember in minute detail all that is 100% misinformation & misrepresentation of my name & my efforts. This was all in my back of my head knowing I have to counter that soon too … But all together it was over the top what happened to me lately including my physical illness (severe flu & coughing non stop, bad sleep etc.). I had to let all go for a while otherwise I go literately insane.

After watching (today) this video made by Bruce Cain, I realized I let hard working colleagues down, I hope soon to change that within a week!

Sincerely, John Kuhles 16-10-12019

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Thanks! 🙂

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