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On Friday, January 3, 2020, 2:15:52 AM PST,  R. GANJAVI <[email protected]> wrote re. Legal issue:
Hi Piotr
Do you have a phone number I can call you at ? Or Skype or Facebook
messanger chat? It’s a very important legal issue.

Piotr Bein: Who are you and what does it concern?

On Friday, January 3, 2020, 9:09:35 AM PST,  R. GANJAVI wrote:
Hi Piotr

It’s about an article you’ve published on your blog. I’d rather talk in
person than via email.
I am helping a friend and advised her to hold off going to the police
and getting a lawyer until you and I talk. I’d like to explain a few
things to you briefly about legal implications of your publications, and
ask you for a favor.

Can we call somehow? Whatsapp or FB or Skype or phone?
Best Regards

Piotr Bein: Ask me for a favour? Which article and which blog? If you are an attorney, please email me to this effect and don’t waste my time.
On Friday, January 3, 2020, 9:50:50 AM PST, R.GANJAVI  wrote:
Fuck off. I asked you to TALK. You don’t want to. So be it, asshole.
On Friday, January 3, 2020, 9:54:45 AM PST,  R. GANJAVI wrote:
this is exactly why i didn’t want to do this over email
e*comm is prone to misunderstandings
i found your last email very rude b/c you attacked me for wasting your time

Piotr Bein: It seems you are running out of time allotted to my “case”. First, no name under mail, now you don’t capitalize nor end sentences properly.

I find it rude, too, that you ignore my preference. I ONLY deal in serious matters in writing and then seldom have problems of mutual comprehension.
No thanks! — do you understand?
If you don’t stop harassing me, I will put you in auto-trash.
On Friday, January 3, 2020, 11:38:29 AM PST,  R. GANJAVI wrote:
fuck off.
On Friday, January 3, 2020, 11:40:11 AM PST,  R. GANJAVI wrote:
you wasted too much of my time by your arrogance about your time which

you could have stated much better than the arrogant prick way you came
across which deserved the response you got!

or you could have said it nicely that you prefer email.

instead you wrote a message that made you sound like an asshole.

On Friday, January 3, 2020, 11:43:37 AM PST,  R. GANJAVI wrote:
It seems you are running out of time allotted to my “case”. First, no name under mail, now you don’t capitalize nor end sentences properly.— It wasn’t time — it was no interest to deal with such an arrogant rude attitude.
I find it rude, too, that you ignore my preference. — you didn’t state your preference nicely. you ignored my preference to TALK to you — seems you chickened out and prefer to hide behind an electronic barrier. But that’s ok. If you go back in years, people TALK to each other — and in this case which is a sensitive matter, I wanted to TALK to you. Your ‘preference’ was padded with his majesty’s lack of time — and not about the topic being serious.
Piotr Bein: I’m sorry you feel this way. I’ve tried to explain my preference to a complete stranger, without any vulgarisms or derogation. Over the telephone, nobody would believe me that a fine person that you’ve posed to be would talk in such way. Which proves the point of my preference.
You have a right to your preference, and I have a right to mine. In my culture, if you have a business to me, then you respect my preference without derogation.
If the matter is so sensitive, why would not an email introduction be sufficient? All modes are surveilled. I don’t even know which blog nor post it’s concerning, and whether or not I need a lawyer from the beginning. If you explained briefly and I would recognize it as a violatation of someone’s rights, rest assured I would comply with the law.
I explained politely why I prefer written exchange in serious matters. And here you come with harassing, abusive, vulgar and insulting words.
On Friday, January 3, 2020, 11:12:17 PM PST, R. GANJAVI  wrote:
That’s AFTER the fact. Fact is you were rude in assuming I am taking
your majesty’s time. Look how much time you’ve spent on this already!
The proper respond would have been:
“I do not wish to make a call. I prefer email communication” but you
were being a jerk about it.
That’s ok. I got your point.

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