Reza Ganjavi libelled? Fallout from infiltration and hijacking of grassroot “No 5G”

Piotr Bein, 28.1.2020

The following exchange falls out of a conflict of interest within the anti-5G grassroot movement that Claire Edwards of Stop 5G Appeal on Earth and in Space has earlier discovered and has recently made public. I understand the background is as follows (newest post on top):

Below, in copies of email exchanges with myself, then with an email group,  Reza Ganjavi reacts to a text by Bruce Cane quoted on my blog: ALARM Stop5gInt’l, globalist agents XR’s Tanja Rebel, UN’s Reza Ganjavi have infiltrated, hijacked grassroot “No 5G” and begin to destroy it

Bruce refers to January 25, 2020, Global Stop5G action…

…emasculated protest that makes no demands and gets us nowhere. That doesn’t mean I don’t support the participating groups. What it means is the protest is rudderless — has no strategic objective. Achieves nothing. I will also expand, at a later date, the purge of the FB group “Stop5G” on 09/27/2019. Reza, who became the main admin after the purge is linked to the United Nations. He has a web page where he lays that all out. 

Bruce quotes personal references following Reza’s engagement(s) by UN WIPO from Reza’s public CV that does not indicate dates of employment. I was unable to get from Bruce why he highlights this engagement, so I can’t change the meaning of his message in the title on my blog.  Reza is welcome to sue me from whatever jurisdiction he pleases. Reza has also served IAEA, UN’s first private industry lobby. Was it so long ago that he could be excused for ignorance on one of the biggest non-war gernociders?

Bruce’s elaborates his grievance against Reza, the new admin of FB Stop5G Group, after previous admin(s) and moderators have been summarily purged on 27.9.2019, allegedly for reasons of libellous behaviour w.r.t.  Reza. Bruce fends Reza’s abusive libels. For lack of a copy of relevant exchanges between them (also of Bruce’s alleged abusive postings to FB Stop5G Groups), I was not able to evaluate libels alleged by Reza; he should publicize them to counter Bruce’s charges.

Reza’s verbal abuse repertoire might be understandable as an emotional response to a libellous assault. Unless Bruce is lying thru his teeth on the contents of his correspondence with Reza, this looks like a heavy abuse, however. From my own experience with e-meeting  “perfect” Reza (as his impeccable CV suggests), I trust Bruce’s version more than Reza’s at the moment.

Here is why. Before I knew who Reza Ganjavi is, I received an email from him, asking for phone/skype contact to talk about his friend’s legal issue with a post on my blog. I replied that I preferred communications by email. I am a writer, not a talker and I can pass a legal letter on to a lawyer. So I insisted that Reza submit a formal letter by email for my consideration. He refused, and as I didn’t budge (I ONLY deal in serious matters in writing), he exploded in a tantrum similar to one Bruce reports he got from Reza: harassing, abusive, vulgar and insulting.

A bit later I figured that Reza’s business to me concerned ALERT for anti-5G activity globally — Stop 5G International: naivety or hijack?  I still have no clue on behalf of which “friend” he wrote me, nor why he got into a child-like tantrum. Reza displayed a similar immature bahaviour, when faced with my refusal to delete ALARM Stop5gInt’l, globalist agents XR’s Tanja Rebel, UN’s Reza Ganjavi have infiltrated, hijacked grassroot “No 5G” and begin to destroy it.
As a seasoned activist and group leader with Renaissance man qualities, Reza should know that the job means being exposed to scrutiny and criticism — sometimes unfair and undeserved, but it’s socially beneficial and can’t injure the activist’s reputation if critics are proven wrong.
On Friday, January 24, 2020, 12:02:26 PM PST, Réza Ganjavi wrote:
Piotr I don’t think you care since you seem arrogant about your unlawful actions, and even repeated it today and dug yourself deeper.
As a matter of principle, I like to avoid litigation where possible but you’ve left me with no choice.
I’ve already started civil action against you and will be filing a criminal complaint since where I live your actions are criminal and you’ve subjected yourself to this jurisdiction.
If you change your mind and want to cooperate and remove your unlawful statements you can contact me. I’m progressing ahead.


On Friday, January 24, 2020, 11:19:16 PM PST, Réza Ganjavi wrote:
Sorry to shatter your gossip & delusions Piotr!
According to Piotr’s toilette-grade tabloid, since I had a project with
WIPO 20 some years ago, I must be an agent of the PRO-5G movement. DUH!
Agents of PRO-5G movement don’t make videos like this. DUH!


On Thursday, January 23, 2020, 9:45:03 PM PST, Réza Ganjavi:
Piotr: “Hi Claire and All Warriors Against 5G”
Wait a minute, you trash talk me with false accusations and your unlawful statements because 20 years ago before there was even 1G let alone 5G, because I had a contract at WIPO in intellectual property IT — with your craziest delusional idea that therefore I must be an agent of the UN sent out to hurt the 5G movement while in reality I am one of the most dedicated fighters AGAINST not just 5G but RF pollution (
Yet Claire who’s been a long-term staff member for UN itself, is not accused of being a rouge agent of UN (which I am SURE she is not — her standing up to the Director General was heroic). Another hole in your distorted delusional tabloid ideas.
On Thursday, January 23, 2020, 9:34:38 PM PST, Réza Ganjavi wrote:
Subj: Piotr Bein’s Tabloid & Legal Problems
To: Reply to those to whom Piotr sent unlawful statements about me in an
email with Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Piotr, I already sent you a FORMAL LEGAL NOTICE and demand that the statements you published about me are FALSE, WRONG and they break a number of laws.
You just upped the anti by creating further permanent record of your unlawful statement. Again, I seriously advise you to seek legal advice, and if like Bruce Cain whom you quote, you’re a long-term marijuana user (and if so, suffer from delusions), read my email when you’re not stoned. It will save you a lot of money down the line. You’ve picked a fight with the wrong person and you WILL regret it.
Also, you should be ashamed of your self of fighting against the very fighters of the cause you purportedly share, and seriously hurting this cause (fight against RF pollution). Those who know me and are familiar with my part in this fight, NEVER doubt my motives. I’m an open book — but you’re acting like a cheap tabloid. Some of us spend our energies fighting the wicked immoral wireless industry and their captured supporters, you spend your time trash talking us with your delusional lies. Shame on you.
I told already, I will find you and drag you into court, and you will be very sorry. Even if you go hide behind a rock, karma will catch up with you, one way or another.
Reza Ganjavi, MBA
Call/Text/voice-mail: +1 213 207 6535
Whatsapp (I use cell phone connected to wired internet):  +41 79 727 2221
Address: Postlagernd, 8030, Zurich, Switzerland
* Sent from my WIRED Internet connection
On Thursday, January 23, 2020, 5:41:14 PM PST, Piotr Bein wrote:
Hi Claire and All Warriors Against 5G
[please pass on to your networks, incl. Bruce Cane]
Excellent educational interviews. Thank you and the publishers.
It’s also a good idea to specify, by country, grassroot charges against the globalist agenda.
What national perspective, if any, would Reza Ganjavi offer from Switzerland, and Arthur Firstenberg — from where? I’m lost.
I’ve not followed the Canadian grassroots, but in Poland the Ministry of Climate overtook, Orwellian-style, the Environment Ministry’s competence at the time of proceeding a 100-fold relaxation of the “Communist” exposure limit for radio-wave irradiation.
The then Ministry of Environment had been the protector of public health from Big Telecom assault. Ministry of Digitisation, in bed with the Wireless and parotting lamestream media’s “harmless wireless”, pushes 5G, Industry 4.0 and Smart City to the tune of globalist “sustainable development” and “climate change”.  They are aided by private “partners”, a lobbying group of business interests who have issued a statement during earlier proceedings of the said law. Namely, in their recommendations on how to grease Polish 5G roll-out, they named fighting “public misunderstanding of compulsory vaccinations”!
This has alerted Polish activists in anti-vax and others against psychotronic experimantation by US military on Polish citizens — a practice that is outlawed in the USA. It also gave a clue on the connection between 5G implementation in Poland and the compulsory vaxs for all age groups that, strangely, only Poland (and a Baltic state) has as a law in EU. Perhaps it’s about nano-neuro injection — see sample articles under this email, click on Polish headings to get English-language material.
Polish “No 5G” also has a unique asset: Dr Diana Wojkowiaqk, an independent civilian expert in torsion field science and practice. It’s rare in world standard, as the science is done top secret for the military and intelligence in a few countries. The significance of torsion field knowledge w.r.t. 5G’s health, mass control and personal/state security impacts may be gauged by a ban issued to Dr. Wojtkowiak’s appearances at public hearings re. said proceedings in the Parliament.
So Bruce Cane’s list of associated issues would be a bit longer, when amended in my  Poland.
A productive, purposeful and strategized  Protest Day   — “Love based” as Claire keeps saying — to everybody!
Piotr Bein
independent genocide researcher
Nano-dust, neuro-dust and -mesh, Smart Dust
On Thursday, January 23, 2020, 5:38:45 AM PST, EARTH wrote:
Interview: Claire Edwards: What is the real 5G Agenda and why the frantic hurry to deploy it?
This interview of an ex United Nations Editor brings much needed clarity to cut through the propaganda, and the deceit, especially in relation to the increasing health problems and their effects on living organisms – people. […snipped, no mention of Reza Ganjavi.]
On Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 2:28:48 PM PST, Réza Ganjavi wrote:
Use your brain — you’re a PhD !!
How could someone who’s PRO-5G set up this :
PLEASE don’t force me to have to pursue you legally.
Please remove your post.


Reza Ganjavi: Second request to have unlawful statements removed

What do you mean fend mistaken statements. Once you post such an incredibly damaging defamatory statement on your page, fend or no fend, Google picks that up and propagates it like hell. That’s why Polish law provides harsher penalty for online defamation. Canada law is similar. I don’t know where you are, but I strongly advise you to consult with an attorney, unless you’re in a lawless land, to get educated about the fact that in a civil society you cannot publish such statements about people and get away with it.

You already know the facts, I have well informed you, that those crazy statements you republished as comments from before 1G at wipo – look it up — which has NOTHING to do with EMF. Claire, please educate this person, since you know the UN better than all of us.

I have no interest nor time to get engaged in such a discussion — globalist or not — I’m working double full time to fight the evil wireless industry — I just organized a massive letter signed by 23 scientists exposing ICNIRP lies, and now I have to waste my time going after you — I was also trying to avoid going after Bruce since he tried to blackmail me but I had no time to go after him but I have all the evidence and will be filing criminal complaints against him — also will sue him in civil court and it will cost him a LOT of money.

If you know anything about FB groups you know what Admin roles are, e.g. removing crazy abusive nutcases from groups.

“Why do you use a globalist surveillance, opinion manipulation and info censoring social platform?”

Are you talking about Facebook ?

“Being a contractor for the UN does not preclude malevolent activity.” True. Being an IT contractor before there was even 1G, and 20 years later being accused of being FOR-5G when a person spends all their time, without pay, fighting 5G — is crazy to say the least. Do you smoke pot? Bruce’s problem is at least partly clearly marijuana side effects.

Excuse me!! You just posted the most outrageously fake piece of LIE about me, damaging my reputation, breaking the law, noit even talking to me BEFORE publication if you have any questions!

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to avoid litigation, so I ask that you remove that lie immediately please. Don’t take this as a sign of weakness.


Reza Ganjavi: Criminal Defamation under Polish Law

Again, I demand that you IMMEDIATELY remove the defamatory post on your blog. You are responsible for publishing it. You’ve been duly notified of it being false, defamatory, and 100% putting me in false light.
According to Polish law, your action is criminal. I have all the means to go after you, and I will, till the very end. A conviction involves fine and/or imprisonment and a criminal record.
I will initiate legal action very quickly, so don’t waste your time. The longer this stays up the more damaging it is. It’s 100% false. I worked for the UN 20 years ago as a contractor in an area that has nothing to do with communications  — this was even before 1G.
You will not be able to tell the judge you were not warned, and that you didn’t know the facts. Also given you’ve published these online, the relevant article of law in
the Polish Criminal code provides more stiff penalties.
Oh I see your neurotic post Piotr. Well by sending me this you just subjected yourself to Swiss law, and in Switzerland what you wrote is criminal. It doesn’t matter if you copy / paste it. Republishing an unlawful statement is unlawful action. I will have no choice but to file a criminal complaint against you, and also sue you civilly too, for posting this untrue junk nonsense, putting me in false light, defaming me.

You’re messing with the wrong person. I hereby formally demand that you remove your post because is false. It’s a big fat lie. You can’t say you didn’t know. I’ll find you and drag you out your hole, and make sure justice is served.


On Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 1:55:22 PM PST, Réza Ganjavi wrote:
Piotr Bein: Reza, I’ve copied you as your name is in the publication, so that you could fend mistaken statements.
Who knows maybe Claire is half-brained and crazy, Let’s see what you have for the public re the globalist agenda she suggests has infiltrated the grassroots “No 5G”.
“We had to kick him out of the Stop5G FB group” — who are “We”? What mandate do they have to kick out or keep in?
Why do you use a globalist surveillance, opinion manipulation and info censoring social platform?
As to “fight among each other” and “a common enemy”, it needs to be proven first that “we” is indeed us — staying off the globalist path.
Being a contractor for the UN does not preclude malevolent activity.
At which professional school have you learned slurs and ad hominem instead of being factual?
Piotr Bein
On Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 10:41:06 AM PST, Réza Ganjavi <[email protected]> wrote:
I don’t know why I’m copied here but Claire, there’s a lunatic out there
by the name of Bruce Cain — he claims to have been smoking marijuana
regularly for 50 years and he’s so incredibly delusional that he comes
up with this massive hallucinations.
We had to kick him out of the Stop5G FB group and also UK group kicked
him out — and one of our Admins quit b/c of abuse by Bruce.
Long story short, his latest brain fart is this:
He discovered my references on my website — and I used to work for WIPO 20 years ago — before 5G 4G even 1G.
And I got complements from management. Bruce says, see, Reza worked for the UN, therefore he’s a shill and PRO-5G   (LOL). I happen to spend my time double full time to fight 5G and i got accused of being a shill for
the UN. I thought about you since you were a staff member ( I was a
consultant ). Careful if he finds that out (LOL). In his distorted brain anybody who was associated with UN must be a shill.
That’s just one of his many mental fogs.
In general, worst thing that people who are against RFR can do is to fight among each other.  We all have a common enemy. Don’t lose sight of that.
Best Regards



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