[RETRACTED draft] Grassroots anti-5G under globalist assault — What to do about it

This draft, extremely biased against Nicolya Christi, I hereby retract on August 6, 2020, following a series of explanations by Nicloya to me personally and to a group that discussed the conflict.

For documentation, the biased draft  is appended to a new post that takes into account Nicolya’s exoneration:

[REVISED] Grassroots anti-5G under globalist assault

[link to come upon posting]

Other charges stand, reinforced by information some of the accused have provided themselves in the meantime in email group discussions.

I empathise with Nicloya for having to suffer repeatedly for such a long time. I take her input at face value. If she tried to deceive, it will surface sooner than later.

I apologize to the Readers that it took so long to add clarity to the case.

I am open to revise the new version, too, should the other accused persons provide credible evidence.

Piotr Bein, 6.8.2020

By piotrbein