Clare Edwards: Sadly, I can answer all these questions on 5G rollout

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Dear all
Subject: Open letter to all responsible persons in Austria (Offener Brief an alle Verantwortungsträger in Politik, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Bildung, Gesundheit, Religion und Medien in Österreich)
Thank you for the “Open letter to all responsible persons in politics, economy, science, education, health, religion and media in Austria“.  It is an excellent letter and can be very useful to many people across the world.  I attach a very rough translation into English.
Sadly, I can answer all these questions and have done so in my most recent interview, with Shai Danon in Israel:  I pronounce English very clearly so I think that you will be able to understand the conversation if you turn on subtitling in German.  I know that many people will find it difficult to accept what I say because of cognitive dissonance, but I’m afraid that I do have all the evidence for what I say in this video, and Shai and I have added all the references under the video so that people can check the information provided for themselves.
The answer is that this is a worldwide agenda to depopulate the planet that is being carried out specifically by almost every prominent person on the planet.  It is a conspiracy pushed by the United Nations and its Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.  Guterres is a member of the Club of Madrid, as is Alfred Gusenbauer, former Chancellor of Austria.  The Club of Madrid is a subsidiary of the Club of Rome, which is an organisation created for the purpose of depopulating this planet by creating the fake scare of climate change.  This is explicitly stated in its own literature.
The aim is to depopulate the planet, and to push the remaining people into “smart” cities and cyborgise them.  It is a globalist conspiracy to steal all the resources of the planet and is being carried out under cover of a Marxist/Maoist agenda, the tools of which are Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg, both of which are psy-ops.
Now we have the emergency in China and we do not know if this is Coronavirus, a bioweapon or 5G itself, or a combination of all three.  Please note that the symptoms of the Coronavirus are similar to those of flu, and flu symptoms are also very similar to those of electromagnetic radiation sickness.  So we do not have enough information to know what is going on in China.
What we do know is that a panic is now starting.  Most if not all of China is in lockdown, 27 airlines have stopped flights into or out of China, the police are blocking affected people in their homes, factories are closed, the hospitals are unable to cope, seven doctors have been arrested for discussing between themselves what is happening on Whatsapp, and the Chinese stock market is closed until further notice as the Chinese economy nosedives.  Shanghai and Beijing are ghost cities with no one in the streets.  In Wuhan, stores that still have food supplies are selling individual items through their metal barriers and people lucky enough to obtain food are being robbed in the street as they try to take it home.  In the US, companies selling emergency food supplies have almost all sold out as people begin to panic.  These are the reports I have heard and only time will tell if they are true.
We are in the midst of the collapse of the rule of law (Rechtsbankrott).  This is why our governments have failed to listen to us about the dangers of 5G.  The 5G rollout is completely illegal and much more dangerous even than we have believed until now.  I believe that it is now very important that we ourselves do not panic, but we must inform ourselves and we must organise to protect ourselves, recognising that now there is now no authority but ourselves.
I urge you to listen to the interview posted yesterday, where you will find many answers:  All of this has become clear to me as I have researched over the last six weeks. I have satisfied myself of the explanations for our plight and I would urge you to check the references under the video and find out for yourselves what is currently going on on our beautiful planet and who is behind it.
Post script: Catharina Roland is copied on this email.  In this video, I talk about Nicolya Christi, who is a friend of Catharina Roland.  I also talk about the fact that Catharina Roland offered Steven Whybrow and myself a website last June and then reneged on her promise to hand its ownership and control over to us.  I also talk about Barbara Marx Hubbard and Ervin Laszlo, both of whom were members of Club of Budapest, a subsidiary organisation of the depopulationist Club of Rome, and both were interviewed by Catharina Roland for her first documentary.  I accuse Catharina Roland of nothing.  She is answerable to God and humanity, as are Nicolya Christi and myself.
In trust, sincerity, hope and love
Claire Edwards
United Nations Editor and Trainer 1999-2017 (Retired)

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