5G is a weapon — Mark Steele, Reza Ganjavi, Piotr Bein

Piotr Bein: Mark, 5G is a weapon, as admitted in US and British military reports from research and testing, then applications after WW2. If he still has doubts, Reza, who galantly helps blast the ICNIRP myth in Switzerland, should look at the club’s 1950s pre-history to discover this shocking truth for himself. Everyone in the 5G protest should absorb this aspect. Those who chose otherwise, are not effective, missing an essential part of the whole. 
Radio waves weaponization was the essential theme in post-WW2 New Manhattan Project that has evolved satanically to date: Neuronanorobotic Brain to Computer Interface mind control, remote monitoring and manipulation, cloning your consciousness onto a supercomputer Sentient World Simulation — DARPA, EU Human Brain Project, Pentagon. When Soviet and Russian docs are included (search also psychotronics and technotronics), then there is no doubt whatsoever. Any anti-5G activist mincing their words about it, are either ignorant or Big Telecom’s and military complex’s shills.
From EMF point, on the basic signal any frequency up to the basic one can be superimposed, incl. those impacting life and health. Wireless is one of multiple tools in the “warfare” box. Even if not used in its intended life-harming capacity, wireless radiation’s main goal is mass control and influence on thinking, perceptions, emotions, conscience, memory… This ultimate aim is similar to that in wars of one state (or entity like the bankster cabal) against another.
Beside military warfare, a suite of instruments is applied to conquer and enslave/subjugate people, occupy and gain territory and resources: info-war, economic pressure and subversion, legalistic means, diplomacy, and the use of NGOs and controlled sheeple movements like WorldShift, Stop5GInternational, Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg’s hysteria. BTW, fresh from Canada: Greta Thunberg Incorporated
On Friday, January 31, 2020, 1:19:57 AM PST, Mark Steele:


Thank you for that, so now we know we are on a firmer footing, however I am sure it is an agenda as the technology has the overcapacity to kill and is a weapon. Weapons only have one purpose and that is to kill. See attached. This is the beam forming kill grid proposal for Glasgow. It is not a telecommunications system, that is only a masquerade maybe if the telecommunications industry understood that they are going to kill their customers they might think differently. Oh by the way each transmitter here requires a 150m public exclusion to fit within the ICNIRP guideline which is a cooking value.


From: Réza Ganjavi
Sent: 31 January 2020 09:07
To: Mark Steele and list
Subject: Response to Mark Steele

Dear Mark

I am fighting against the crooks (wireless industry) — see www.emfcrisis.com — see this mega letter I conceived of and coordinated: https://emfcrisis.yolasite.com/hardell-calling-out-roosli.php

WHEN I don’t have to waste time dealing with unlawful actions against my rights.

So please don’t mix the two.

“Can we firstly agree that 5G is a weapons system.”

That’s a fact that is well documented, that 5G is used in weapon systems. I believe your point is, because it damages our DNA, it is a weapon. I tend to agree. Some might find it a far fetched idea since other things that damage our DNA , like smoking , are not considered weapons. But in the case of 5G, I share your belief.

“Secondly can we also agree that C02 and the UN – EU push for dangerous uninsurable untested technologies harmful to the environment to mitigate the fake C02 agenda that include 5G weaponry are deployed as a covert plan to commit genocide on the people.”

Mark, I have not had time to independently and objectively verify all that is said in the above paragraph — which is heavy and contains a lot of concepts — each of which needs verification. But my personal belief/impression is, that the climate move is over – exaggerated — I have serious concern about XR leadership’s alleged ties to the wireless industry. I find the timing of 5G deployment and XR big bang extremely suspicious and think it may be a diversion tactic.

Regarding CO2 I have read from both sides — one of the founders of Greenpeace said it’s fake.

I do not believe the wireless executives in Switzerland that I’m banging heads against have the agenda to kill people. They just want people’s money. If they kill people there’s nobody to use their service.

On a more global basis, I have no idea if that is anybody’s agenda or not. Again, I think money is the main motive, and they need customers — so if they kill the customers there’s no money. I am not denying such an agenda exists.

“Its pretty obvious that the law has been broken with the illegal unlawful deployment. for those who obfuscate over this a true crime is committed as everyone and every Judge does know. Ignorance is no defence in law.”

I 100% agree.

By piotrbein



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