Climate and Holocaust misrepresentations: XR activist teaches in Canada’s petro region


NDP MLA defends Extinction Rebellion activist teaching in Edmonton classroom



PB: Beware of RebelNews, a pro-Zionist and pro-oil/gas industry (oligarch brothers Koch interests in Canada).

The aside on Holocaust is actually correct as quoted. Holocaust was neither unique nor exceptional in mankind’s history. US-UK war in Iraq alone killed at least 6.5 to 7.5 million non-combatants — ref.  International Comparative Genocide Research Project at Hiroshima City University, in: Christian P. Scherrer (ed.) Iraq: Silent Death 2011, Penerbilt University Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang, ISBN 978-983-861-504-4, page 584.

The number exceeds the still undocumented “6 mln” Jew victims of the Holocaust that by no means involved exclusively Jewish victims. In genocide science, Holocaust means German Nazi genocide on over 20 groups, among which Jews (victims in Shoah) constitute a minority, the largest target being Slavs (Russians, Poles, Serbs), with Poles a unique target of intellicide to erase nation’s elites and patriots.

The Holocaust fades compared to Stalinist and Chinese Communist genocides. Putin is getting nervous and mendacious lately, as the EU has passed a resolution to prosecute sins and perpetrators from the Soviet era. His legal predecessors are liable for death and suffering of ca. 100 million people. Today’s Russia would go bankrupt overnight if forced to indemnify the successors of the victims. To compare, liability of the legal successors of Zionist Nazis and their Jew backers on one side, and of the WW2-period Soviet opressors on the other, amounts to tens of trillions euro for Poland’s ca. 6 mln citizens killed and enormous material destruction inflicted.

Jew Holocaust (Shoah in genocide science) was unique in the sense that the primal villians were Jew banksters, international Zionists and misc. executors like Jew Eichmann in 3rd Reich gov’t (predominantly German Jew Zionists, as Soviet Jews were in Bolshevik gov’t), and the likes of Zionist youth Betar and other Jew terror orgs:

The target was at first Slavic Untemensch in Poland, excl. Jews when Auschwitz was annihilating  Polish intelligentsia and patriots before Hitler’s invasion of USSR mid-1941: Revisionism, Role-reversal and Restitutions: The Polish – Jewish Case. Jews did die at the time, mainly of hunger and disease, after being lured and herded into ghettos walled by the Jews themselves, for a feeling of quasi-autnonomous enclave, on promises of autonomy after the war or a new Jewish land or country. However, Jew councils and Jew police were the main cause of their death at the time, not the German Nazis:

The other Judeocentric denial that RebelNews incidentally cover up is the fact that Shoah victims were the villiains’ tribal brothers and sisters deemed unsuitable for the Rothschild colonisation project in Palestine. After Hitler’s attack on USSR (June 1941) and Wansee conference, Nazis liquidated the ghettos and transported Jews to death camps, like Birkenau for Gypsies and Jews, built near Auschwitz.

While advocating Palestinian sovereignty and peaceful co-existence of all in the Holy Land, successors of the Orthodox Jew victims of Shoah remain persecuted by the Zionists who by poking Iran are itching to sacrifice Jewish lives again:



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