Claire Edwards: China virus outbreak & A Hidden Hybrid Pathogen Could Erase Humanity

Claire Edwards: LATEST ON WHATEVER IT IS HAPPENING IN CHINA – 12 February 2020

Bioweapon? Ph.D. Explains Coronavirus & It’s Genome Sequence, Dr Paul Cottrell:
#3  Westerdam, Holland America
“The link between ac cruise ship and the rest of the world is a complex technical system and centers around a partnership with Maritime Telecommunications Network, a Seattle company with its technical operating center in Miami. MTN is the hub for all two-way communications for almost all cruise ship companies. A constant communications path is maintained by each ship in the fleet with MTN via several satellite links that use different frequency bands for coverage and redundancy. MTN hands cellular traffic to another company called SeaMobile. This is the entity that must have a roaming agreement with your home cellular carrier in order for you to access its facilities.”

5G to drive SEA mobile data traffic growth seven-fold by 2024

Mobile data traffic in Southeast Asia and Oceania will climb seven times

SKYWAN Satellite Router

kept searching the Princess line and saw this…

a wireless wrist band that passengers wear to get access around the ship Started in 2017 :

All aboard! Go inside the most high-tech cruise ship ever built

By Andy Boxall May 2, 2017 5:00PM PST

Upgrading the network in your house often involves a little upheaval. A guy from your cable company may turn up, his boots may be a little grubby, and some furniture may have to be shifted around. It is, at most, a minor inconvenience.

When youre doing a similar job on one of the largest cruise ships in the world – capable of carrying around 5,000 people “ its a little different. When Carnival Corporation started outfitting the Regal Princess (in the company™s Princess Cruises division) with the innovative Ocean Medallion wearable technology platform, it required sailing the ship into dry dock in Hamburg, Germany for two weeks to complete the mammoth task, and we went along to see how the technology could transform the cruise experience.

The Regal Princess entered dry dock on April 17 and over the following 14 days, it was filled with 7,000 new sensors, 650 public wall-mounted touchscreen devices of varying sizes, 1,780 new Wi-Fi access points, 4,030 private digital displays in rooms, three giant new antennas supplying data connectivity, and 75 miles of new cable. Not just any cable, but perwinkle-colored cable, to be exact. It took an experienced team of technicians working 24-hours a day to add this new high-tech layer to the cruise experience. If that wasn’t enough of a challenge, they decided to add in a new staircase, paint a new design on the front of the ship, and make a wealth of other improvements as well


wireless device called OCEAN MEDALION

Carnival’s single-use device requires cruise ships to be outfitted with thousands of sensors. The first ships to make use of the technology will be the Regal Princess (on a Nov. 13 cruise) and the Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess in early 2018. The wearable itself can perform all its functions thanks to NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy.”

more info!

Find cruises on MedallionClass ships: Caribbean Princess® | Crown Princess® | Regal Princess® | Royal Princess® | Ruby Princess® | Sky Princess®
Coming soon toGrand Princess® (Mar 29, 2020), Enchanted Princess® (Jun 15, 2020), Emerald Princess® (Aug 16, 2020), Coral Princess® (Oct 16, 2020), Island Princess® (Dec 20, 2020), and Discovery Princess℠ (Nov 3, 2021)

Coming soon to:  Diamond Princess® (Mar 15, 2020), Majestic Princess® (Apr 18, 2020), Star Princess® (Jun 12, 2020), Enchanted Princess® (Jun 15, 2020), Sapphire Princess® (Jul 27, 2020), and Discovery Princess℠ (Nov 3, 2021)

… looks like it does not have it yet

Is an OceanMedallion safe to use if I have a pacemaker, or other medical device?
The OceanMedallion includes magnets and RF technology that have been designed and manufactured to meet the radio frequency (RF) requirements set by the Federal Communications Commission of the United States. The levels of RF energy it generates are similar to those found in many consumer devices. Manufacturers of Implantable Pacemaker and Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators (ICDs) typically recommend that you keep your medical device 9 inches (23 cm) away from RF transmitters comparable to the one found inside the OceanMedallion. However, as every device differs, so you should check directly with the manufacturer of your medical device and physician for guidance.

WOW,   definitely not going on a wifi cruise

Ship #1
doesn’t look like it had 5G
Ship #2
appears to be no info on that,
however this really got my attention :
Princess uses SES Networks which also plan for 5G SATILITES 
““With MedallionNet, we helped deliver a new and holistic model that sets an entirely new standard for cruise ship connectivity around the world. By extending and expanding our Premier Innovation Partner relationship, we are leveraging our unprecedented position in multi-constellation satellite networks and consistently focusing on delivering high performance and pushing the envelope of what’s possible.”

Ship Building
Harbours and 5G 
Coronavirus on ships?? – passengers quarantined – connection with Internet public access points??
This is very interesting information, thank you.  Yes, by all means, let’s stay in contact.
I’m copying to Mark Steele, for his information.
I’d say that you are onto something here.  I found this from 2017, which is a long time ago now, and already they were talking about satellites and offering passengers “an immersive experience:

“SES Networks is privileged to be associated with Carnival Corporation’s Global Experience and Innovation team and to be powering MedallionNet,” said Steve Collar, CEO of SES Networks. “We share Carnival Corporation’s passionate focus on connecting people, places and cultures around the world with amazing experiences. As the only company to offer a GEO and MEO constellation, unmatched in scale, performance and technological diversity, SES Networks is uniquely positioned to enable the highest performing Wi-Fi connectivity at sea, as well as immersive media and gaming content.”

MedallionNet leverages multi-band antennas uniquely configured in an innovative shipboard formation to minimize any potential impact to guest connectivity due to seasonal weather or ship positioning, and it fuses multi-orbit satellite bandwidth to deliver a truly immersive guest connectivity experience.”

“The system leverages multi-band antennas uniquely configured in an innovative shipboard formation to minimize any potential impact to guest connectivity due to seasonal weather or ship positioning, and it fuses multi-orbit satellite bandwidth to deliver superior connectivity.

“By combining multiple sources of bandwidth with hundreds of shipboard access points to achieve the highest capacity shipboard network ever brought to a cruise ship, MedallionNet introduces a level of service reliability and signal pervasiveness not previously achieved on ships sailing at sea.

“The activities surrounding the attempt to set a new apex for bandwidth capacity will include a series of Facebook Live streaming sessions as the Regal Princess is off Princess Cays.”
Another article that you get to by following the SES path argues that 5G is not needed and enough can be provided with 5G LTE, which is souped up 4G and quite bad enough even without 5G:
“So, in regards to the issue of 5G vs. digital divide, the question ‘What Exactly Do I Need from a 5G Network?’ could yield an answer that the attendee doesn’t actually need 5G right now at this moment. Rather, they need 4G, 4G/LTE services today and 5G in a few years, depending on population and business growth. This is why we built in a digital divide / smart city component to this program.”
My journey started out with public access points at the UN so I know that these are dangerous.  If passengers on Carnival Cruise’s Princess ships are getting sick, I would say that it could certainly be connected to these devices.  Exposure to electromagnetic radiation lowers the immune system and enhances the action of viruses, so Mark Steele pointed out in a video this week that even the common cold could kill you under these circumstances:

A Stunning Admission on the So-called Population Crisis


Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate China Related Cases:

Only areas with 5G are getting the virus:  China launched 5G on 31 October and the “virus” broke out a month later – Bejamin Fulford.  His newsletter:
In the zerohedge story, there are several links to stories about evil Chinese stealing viruses. It’s also said ominously that they have, or plan to, “weaponize” them, presumably to attack the world. Also noted is that Mr Plummer was involved in HIV/AIDS research.
Curious. If there’s a microbiologist among you, other folks might be curious to know how these very tiny viral entities are isolated, since the last I knew, they’re all too small not to be filterable. This is one account for why vaccines made from animal tissue contain any number of spurious, unknown viruses (a word that means ‘toxin’).
Perhaps the most famous example of viral contam was the highly touted polio vaccine that ‘saved the world’ (PR only). It was tainted with a monkey virus (SV 40) that is associated with cancer and that was (accidentally) spread worldwide in the vaccine.
Thus, when diseased tissue is processed for introduction into a helpless animal to prove what structure causes a symptomatology, how do they know just what in that soup did the deed, including any toxins that might be present?
Perhaps filtration has improved mightily since then to be able to stop particles of unknown size.
Forgive any presumption of unawareness, but it may interest people to know that China has not traditionally led the world in bio and chemical warfare. That accomplishment lies mostly with the US and GB, with Germany and Japan. Not going into much detail, but demonization of the Chinese in this regard is utterly preposterous. Many might know that after WW II, one of the ‘demands’ made on the Japanese was for them to turn over all their research to the US. Also, the US ‘imported’ around 5,000 Nazi scientists and gave many high-level jobs in this field, at the facility that for years was the epicenter of UDG/military bioweapon research – Fort Detrick, MD
Just so, England has “Porton Down” a massive 7,000-acre facility – a fully equipped live-in village complete with restaurants. movie theater, etc – much of which has been, and is, devoted to same. So it’s still going strong, attesting once again to the foundation of normalized insanity that informs techno-society.
What it boils down to is this: “Scientists at the end of WW II were hanged for what scientists are doing today and getting away with.” – Barrie Trower. A book entitled Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism, and Toxic Warfare – Horowitz – meticulously researches this (c. 500 pages), naming names, places and corporations. The ‘whole world’ is in egregious violation of the Nuremberg Code, and this includes, especially, wireless technology.
A US Army operating manual from 1956 stated explicitly that biological and chemical warfare were an integral operating portion of US military strategy, were not restricted in any way, and that Congress had given the military “First Strike” authority on their use. In 1959, an attempt by Congress to remove this first-strike authority was defeated by the White House, and bio-chemical weapons expenditures increased from $75 million to almost $350 million. Big bucks in the early ’60’s.
US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara executed 150 top-secret bio-weapons programs in the 1960s, performing bio-weapons experiments and field tests on an unwitting public, sometimes in foreign countries but most often against American citizens… Is this what Corona is, on a ‘bit’ wider scale? Vaccine “safety” is a big issue the industry is trying to address. Confidence is fading fast and it’s a big worry (of course, effectiveness is entirely unproven, but that’s not a concern).
Will they ultimately claim to have ‘defeated’ it with a poison-needle vaccine, in another ‘victory’ proving that this illogical procedure is society’s savior (after sufficient millions are culled in the Elite’s illness/slow-genocide Agenda)?
The central military idea was that blame was more easily placeable with overt munitions attacks, but a stealth attack with bioweapons could be clandestine and even more deadly. Now we have microwave stealth weapons – wireless telecom/WiFi. Progress.
So one great possibility is that this virus was dropped on China.
As to HIV/AIDS, it could be one of the greatest scams and money-makers ever pulled off by the bio-medical cartel. It has been shown that the four Gallo-Popovic papers “proving” HIV/AIDS, and still cited today, are the most despicable pieces of junk one could imagine. Not only were the studies not intended for the purpose state in the Abstract, which was hand-scribbled by Gallo to say so, but they were so poorly conducted and documented that no one could have ‘peer reviewed’ them.
This was proven by at least two high-level Government reviews in the ’90’s – OSI and ORI. Results were never released in order not to ‘damage the image of science.’ Price? The “image” of countless lives. This story is told in Fear of the Invisible – Roberts.
And that’s why one had to agree not even to try if one wanted money for AIDS research, for which one practically had to write “I believe in HIV” across the top of the application. Cell lines were then ‘handed down’ from on high to work with. Can you say “control”? So you have to wonder just what role, if any, Plummer played in this. This is not to say his bio-espionage work was bogus.
There’s a group in Australia, the Perth Group (hope it’s not burned), that has presented the scientific case that there is no HIV connection and that HIV hasn’t really been proven even to exist.
It should be noted too, that the at-one-time world’s foremost retrovirologist, Peter Duesberg, at UCal Berkeley, lost his funding and career for submitting a paper to the NAS soundly refuting the HIV/AIDS hypothesis. This is what the establishment does to truth-tellers. Can you say “Galileo,” “Wilhelm Reich,“ “Andrew Wakefield,” “Olle Johansson,” Sharyl Atkisson,” “Harry Hoxsey,” “Royal Raymond Rife,” “Gary Webb”?
Finally, in addition to the bioweapon story linked within the Plummer story, a similar story has circulated, based in part on research by one James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, that Coronavirus is ‘hand made’. The story, with much biochemistry detail on how it’s done is here
Lyons-Weiler, not known for backing down, has kept his original story published – ‘for history’ – but has recanted Could be he had to choose staying alive over truth?

Guess Who Got 5G Right Before Being Quarantined

2019 World 5G Convention in Beijing: China has built 113,000 5G base stations; 130,000 by the end of 2019

I ask you said to say to your friends to download these 3 rare videos from Stefan Lanka (with subtitles in English) about virus, it is only the first 41 minutes of over 90 minutes (full text attached), but it is all i have.  SEE TRANSCRIPT ATTACHED
It was taken down, so be quick to download:
There is a reality that is puzzling the scientific community: children are apparently escaping the consequences of the coronavirus.

An article in the “Journal of the American Medical Association”, quoted here by “Live Science”, explains this reality (“cases in children have been rare”) and reveals that the average age of infected patients is between 49 and 56 years.

According to “Live Science”, doctors guarantee that it is a pattern similar to what happened on other occasions and with other pathologies, namely with chickenpox, measles, SARS and MERS. In other words, children usually show another resistance to viruses or, one of the possibilities, their bodies can overcome the disease more quickly and effectively.

“We don’t fully understand the phenomenon, it may be because there are differences in children’s immune responses compared to adults,” Andre Pavia, the head of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Utah, told Live Science. “One hypothesis is that the innate immune response tends to be more active.” —

Interesting French Canadian biomedical guy who earns no money now because he is constantly working on researching 5G and now Coronavirus (welcome to the club, M. Crevecoeur):
Here a rough translation of his message:
IMPORTANT warning – this more than thirty years that I say and I repeat : “do not take my word for it” from hour to hour, it is increasingly difficult to discern the true from the false. Even the “amateur” videos coming from China could be a staging of a massacre which — in this case — would exist only in this great masquerade. Listen to this video with all the hypotheses open : the virus is no more virulent than a flu / the virus is very contagious and very deadly / there is simply no coronavirus and all this is a well orchestrated staging.
In all three cases, the end goal is the same : we impose a compulsory mass vaccination, with electronic tracing and identification of the recalcitrant to the vaccination. With the very risk that (as we saw in the last measles epidemics) it is the vaccines that cause a death, because this would be the best way to inoculate everyone and eliminate the weakest. There are probably other purposes, such as artificially causing the collapse of the financial system, by making the pandemic responsible, when the system should have already collapsed. But there, the private banks responsible for this new crash would not be accused (as in 2008), but it would be the fault of no luck with this damn virus… in any case, do not let yourself do, do not allow yourself to be manipulated, do not allow yourself to be diverted from what makes the essence of all life worthy of the name : love, benevolence, respect, peace.
NOTES: he says that a natural virus is EITHER deadly or very contagious, but cannot be both.  On finding that the new virus in China is in fact both, this is why he concludes that it is a military weapon.  He says that with this bioweapon the mainstream media are downplaying the effects in order to take us by surprise, but the end game is mass vaccinations.
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Here is an article of advice from someone who has worked for the Council on Foreign Relations.  Not very reassuring, is it?
The Wuhan Virus: How to Stay Safe: As China’s epidemic continues to spread, things may seem scary. Here are 10 simple precautions that can protect you from contracting the coronavirus.
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It is a bioweapon, as it was the gulf syndrome, listen to Dr. Francis Boyle. So bioweapons were sent to Saddam Hussein, he did not use them, and soldiers sent there took vaccines to supress immunity, but even so, when exploding the premises where bioweaponswere, soldiers were exposed and the rest its history, low regeneration, cancer, and so on.
Coronavirus = Corona + SARS + AIDS = nightmare UN take over.
Mandatory vaccination is the goal here. This guys are crazy. We are towards a bacteria squiggles mix, the protein is 14-16 days resistent, and that is a problem. This material or plasmids can dissolve celular nucleus. That explains the symptoms.This protein is laboratory product of a polymerase chain reaction device. They have no idea what the are doing. Pandemics and economic collapse come always together.
Interview: Author of US BioWeapons Act Believes The WHO & China Are Lying About The Coronavirus:
Neurominidase is found everywhere in the body, occurs in the blood and is one of the most important enzymes in the body. This enzyme nibbles remnants of salts that carry a negative charge and transfers this negative charge to our cells, especially to the blood cells, causing them to repel. This tissue tension is measurable in millivolts, 80mV, and this tension has to be maintained constantly by the neurominidase and Tamiflu inhibits exactly this neurominidase, which causes the blood cells to stop repelling, [as 5G will do] the blood becomes clustered and can no longer transport oxygen and people can die.
Hi here is another persons webpage on the connection
working on this :
Did China’s Tencent Accidentally Leak The True Terrifying Coronavirus Statistics:

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