Claire Edwards: The End of the 5G Space Appeal and the Beginning of the Real Stop 5G Movement

ATTENTION: Nicolya Christi mentioned in the thread below has been vindicated: Grassroots anti-5G under globalist assault
Piotr Bein, 22.8.2020
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The End of the 5G Space Appeal and the Beginning of  the Real Stop 5G Movement

The International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space has done a good job of informing people and encouraging action but it is no longer useful or relevant and has been discredited by the unilateral, misguided, egotistic and unethical action of its administrator in effectively merging it with stop5ginternational.  Neither the Appeal text nor the Appeal website has ever been updated and nor do I see any press releases on the orchestrated handovers supposed to have taken place in January 2020.  But perhaps I just missed them?  This personal-handover initiative seems to have gone off not with a bang but with a whimper.

The recently published European parliament briefing on effects of wireless on human health mentioned the EU 5G Appeal and the EMF Scientists Appeal ( but failed to mention the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space despite its 200,000 signatures.  This is because the Appeal was never officially delivered by its authors. Arthur Firstenberg deliberately alienated me to ensure that he would gain complete control of the Appeal, when in fact he was morally obligated towards the signatories to cooperate on ensuring the Appeal‘s delivery to the addressees.

Arthur Firstenberg’s egotism, shortsightedness and irresponsibility, together with stop5ginternational’s grasping parasitism, have effectively destroyed the Appeal, along with 21 months of my work to produce, administer and promote it.  I am heartbroken that the beautiful Appeal, in which I invested so much time, emotion and hope, ended up being tainted by the actions of Nicolya Christi, Tanja Rebel, Arthur Firstenberg and their fellow conspirators driving them behind the scenes.  Many tens of thousands of other people around the world who also invested hope in the power of the Appeal to bring change may also feel betrayed.  The whole miserable, self-seeking and self-aggrandizing scenario puts me in mind of King Midas, who realised too late that wishing that all he touched would turn to gold actually deprived him of everything of true value.

RIP International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space.

Now let us look at the positive side of all of this.  Thanks to Nicolya Christi’s attempt to take control of the global stop 5G movement by co-opting the 5G Space Appeal and creating stop5ginternational, it has now been revealed what 5G really is and who is really behind it.

Nicolya Christi’s Worldshift organisation is in charge of the international projects of the Club of Budapest, a sister organisation of the depopulationist Club of Rome.  Worldshift is the New Age arm of the globalists’ plan to depopulate the earth and force everyone off the land and into prison “smart’ cities, while ostensibly preserving the land for “wilderness” areas but in fact commoditising and exploiting nature in the globalists’ new economic system called “naturocracy”, according to the diktats of Agenda 21/2030 and the UN’s “sustainable development”, which is widely regarded as a code word for depopulation.

5G is the technological arm of this monumental plan. 5G makes possible big data, the Internet of Things, AI, transhumanism and the complete control of everything by the globalists.  5G enables complete physical and mind monitoring and control, and inventorying, monitoring and rationing of all things, energy and activities through Agenda 21/2030, technocracy and one-world, totalitarian government.  In other words …

5G is the facilitator of the diabolical plan to carry out the most gargantuan and grotesque heist in all of human history: the theft of all life, all property and all natural resources on Earth, which includes even people’s minds, i.e. consciousness itself.

The other positive result of Nicolya Christi’s attempted takeover and collectivisation of the stop 5G movement on behalf of the globalists is that it has divided the stop 5G movement and exposed the fifth-columnists, which has done an indispensable service to the movement.

How can you recognise fifth-columnists?  You shall know them by their works.  They are snake-oil salesmen who will sell you bright, shiny, pre-packaged solutions such as the following (in alphabetical order):

  • Appeals and petitions to so-called authorities
  • Carbon trading to impoverish the majority and massively enrich the usual suspects
  • Celebrity icons designed to mislead through emotional hijack instead of facts
  • Collectivised movements to censor your words and thoughts and control what you do
  • Courses and books on how to adapt your life and values to a dysfunctional world instead of questioning why the world system is anti-life
  • Devices that may or may not protect you from electromagnetic radiation but do nothing to protect the Earth’s ionosphere, pollinators, children, nature and all life on the planet
  • Dystopian “new paradigms” and new systems designed and packaged by, and in the image of, the predators who parasitise our world
  • Empty, feel-good philosophies to pacify and promote passivity
  • Enemies and victimhood to promote blame, conflict, fear and passivity
  • Environmentalism to trick people into self-hatred
  • “Experts” and expertise to impress and disempower
  • False information designed to mislead and misdirect
  • False narratives about reducing levels of carbon dioxide (i.e. stop breathing!)
  • False science as exemplified by the Big Bang Theory (Terence McKenna: “Give me one free miracle and I’ll give you the rest”) and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, of which the full title was On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, which has led to eugenics, depopulation, environmentalism, technocracy and 5G
  • Fear-porn in all its guises, particularly through the mainstream media, but also through the alternative media, designed to paralyse and disempower
  • Gaia worship
  • “Green” parties and movements that adopt and implement policies that do nothing to protect people or the environment, completely ignore 5G and push the globalist, Club of Rome depopulation agenda
  • Guidance from people claiming to have special insights
  • Gurus to promote hierarchy, passivity and disempowerment
  •  “—isms” in all their guises to promote ignorance, blame, victimhood, conflict, anger, fear and disempowerment
  • Leadership
  • New Age disempowerment through fear of being perceived as “negative” and consequent inaction
  • Organisations, structures, systems, schedules, timetables, plans, schemes, analyses, projections, etc., all of which are business-as-usual solutions designed to corral, distract, hijack and disempower
  • Politics to promote division, passivity, delusion, wrong action, disempowerment and victimhood
  • Rationality untempered by the heart
  • “Solutions” to non-existent problems
  • Sustainable development
  • Techno-lobotomy via television, digi-trivia click bait, HAARP, “smart” phones, wireless technology, electromagnetic radiation, etc.
  • Western, allopathic medicine offering magic bullets that turn out to be precisely that, minus the magic.

The globalists’ depopulation agenda is driven almost exclusively by the fake anthropogenic climate change narrative, invented by the Club of Rome and propagated through its innumerable tentacles of Club of Budapest, Nicolya Christi’s Worldshift, Club of Madrid (of which the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is a member) and thousands of NGOs, foundations, associations and clubs, including Extinction Rebellion and the brain-damaged and terror-driven, manufactured global icon Little Greta, both of which were embraced explicitly last year by Club of Rome.  If anyone wants to know who is sponsoring Little Greta, simply go to the press photos and see which world leaders drool over her while refusing to devote one second of time to considering the dangers of 5G.

A complete explanation of the background, motivations and paymasters of Ervin Laszlo, Nicolya Christi’s boss at Club of Budapest, and Barbara Marx Hubbard (she of the demonic writings) is to be found here: Dr. Jacob Nordangård: “Climate Change, A.I., World Order & Rockefeller Dynasty”.  Dr. Nordangård explains that Laszlo has long plotted and worked to create a technocratic dystopia governed by globalists.  He and Hubbard were funded by the Rockefellers to found New Age-flavoured organisations intended to attract people, particularly women, into the depopulation agenda.

A complete account of my uncovering of the true nature of the hijack of the 5G Space Appeal by agents of the Club of Rome eugenicists – together with all references so that people may do their own research – may be found here.

In this interview with John Kitson, Mark Windows explains how the Club of Rome agenda is practically implemented by organisations created for the purpose, all the way down to hijacking choice at the local level, in local communities.  Here we have a eugenics/technocracy conspiracy that goes back a hundred years.

Thus the stop 5G movement can now shed the dead wood of people not only deluded into the fake climate change narrative, but also into New Age thinking, under whose diktat we must all assume that everyone, everywhere is “very nice” and well-intentioned and we must never, ever go into conflict with anyone.  The result being that we all sit on the fence and see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil, but do plenty of evil by doing worse than nothing – actually causing harm to people by our refusal to see clearly, identify root causes and act decisively.  We must beware of the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil brigade, who come in all guises and are the sweet sirens of misinformation, misdirection, disempowerment, inaction and abdication of responsibility.

Having seen off the attempted hijack and collectivisation of the stop 5G movement, and having recognised the irrelevance of appeals and petitions to authorities that have lost all claim to authority through their failure to carry out their duty of care and in fact conspire to perpetrate the greatest crime against humanity ever known, we can now move forward with a streamlined movement with a clear focus, clear thinking and a clear aim – to stop the globalist plan to steal our lives, minds and planet.  We can move forward with confidence, in full understanding of what we are facing and how to combat it: by ingenuity, creativity and humanity, manifested by individuals across the world choosing to act autonomously and spontaneously and – where they deem it appropriate – to cooperate locally with other, like-minded individuals.

Depopulation, technocracy, naturocracy, AI, the internet of Things, transhumanism and 5G are anti-human.  The antidote to them is to express our humanity.  We must find the best in ourselves in order to combat this dark conspiracy.  We must go deep within and become spiritual warriors.  To win the war against fear requires awareness, courage, discipline, and commitment to transform the emotional body.  There can be no control outside of ourselves when we face our challenges within, of which apparent confusion and chaos in the material world are but a reflection.

The most powerful action each of us can take is to do our own research, take responsibility, listen to no one but ourself, fully trust our heart and intuition and oppose this agenda with our full intention, saying “No” in every way possible and countermanding and undermining this evil agenda all day every day until it is dead in the water.

In empowering and transforming ourselves, we transform the world, which is but a reflection of the aggregate of our thoughts and intentions.

It is vital that we visualise the kind of world that we believe in: a world of caring, empathy, compassion, cooperation, equality, respect, beauty and abundance.  But it is a world we cannot have until we learn first to love and respect ourselves and, above all, take responsibility.

Claire Edwards

Part-author, designer, editor & administrator of translations
International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

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Claire Edwards: Hijack of 5G Space Appeal, Depopulation, Agenda 21/2030 and Climate Change 

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Ich habe meine Beziehung mit dem Internationaler Appell: Stopp von 5G auf der Erde und im Weltraum unterbrochen und meine Unterschrift zurückgezogen, weil es jetzt von Leuten kontrolliert wird, die die Entvölkerung unterstützen

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