Larum upon co-author’s burial of Appeal Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

Tanja Rebel: For clarification: Reza never called on behalf of our group. He is not part of Stop 5G International. This is a fact.


On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 10:07 AM Tanja Katarina Rebel:
Without Prejudice:
It should read: The End of Common Decency and the start of bullying, harassment, lies, back-talking, back-stabbing and defamation.
Happy playground!
Kindly leave us out of it to do the serious work. All WE want to do is stop 5G. We don’t have time for your stupid little global games., I wonder what it feels like to be a global bully.
My solicitor is having a Hay Day. Bye Bye


On Sunday, February 16, 2020, 6:20:58 PM PST, Claire Edwards:
Dear Piotr
I think that, given the way the globalists’ depopulation plan is forging ahead with the events taking place in China providing the potential opportunity for the WHO to declare forcible worldwide vaccinations, which are now under discussion in Britain and elsewhere, it would be vital to post this very topical account of the hijack of the Appealby depopulatonists.  It provides much-needed clarification and context to what is happening in China and worldwide with this alleged Coronavirus.
I would be happy if people wanted to contribute further snake-oil-salesmen solutions to the list.  Those for me were the most egregious that came to mind but I’m sure there are many more and the list could become very long indeed.
Now that we have shed the dead wood in the movement, we can move forward with alliances among the intelligent, informed and capable people and can dispense with the ignorant time-wasters, parasites and fifth-columnists.  I’m not wasting any more of my time on corresponding with them.  They wouldn’t know a fact if it bit them on the toe.
On Monday, February 17, 2020 2:21 AM, Piotr Bein:
Claire,  Is your “drivel” RIP article for publication in a “toilette-grade tabloid”?
I will invite readers to supplement the list of 5th column traits, it’s far from complete and would be useful.
On Sunday, February 16, 2020, 10:21:45 AM PST, Tanja Katarina Rebel:
Without prejudice
To Claire, Spare me your drivel. Even if you are not a plant you are sure acting like one.
All you want to do is destroy. Sick or evil? The result is the same.
Go away Satan. And never contact us again.
On Sunday, February 16, 2020 8:09 AM, Piotr Bein:
We all seem to be like-minded on 5G. Many call to put differences aside and unite against common adversary — to do what?
These calls are ususal in serious campaigns; from my experience in two such campaigns, it’s the moment the movement is infiltrated/captured. So please don’t be offended by the extra caution.
Past year has shown:
– Govts don’t give a toot about public protests, expert submissions to hearings etc.
– School and medical boards could not care less that students, patients, and staff fry in Wi-Fi radiation, as long as their assess are covered by federal/state emission standards.
– Seemingly non-globalist states like Russian Federation show their true colours, by declaring support for 5G roll-out and AI implementation. Despite national opposition, Putin has by presidential decree declared green light for 5G.
When someone insists on uniting, kindly give also ideas on what and how to do our actions more effectively. Meantime the issues at hand here:
– The Appeal has been appropriated and is being administered and disposed of by Arthur Firstenberg w/o consent from its co-author.
– Some signatories don’t wish to remain on the Appeal because of that and of distrust in Stop5GInt’l.
– Some Stop5GInt’l and related activists have other explaining to do for the comfort of the public and gaining its acceptance (see below).
As is, the Appeal itself is not suitable in its campaign/education functions intended by Stop5Gint’l as it,
  • Reflects only the admin/contributors’ mindset.
  • Is not being updated, e.g. it talks about 20k satellites while officially the number more than doubled.
  • Contains inaccurate and incomplete technical info about wireless and even about its bio-effects. It would be copied and propgated by less expert groups in full or in part.
  • Misses the other aspects of 5G and later generations: mass control, mass and selective target weapon, transhumanism.
  • Presumes for itself more importance and usefullness to national/local groups than it can offer. Some groups, for example  (1) hold more advanced expertise within and/or (2) need it for submissions to govt etc.
More useful would be a structured platform for sharing key texts, approaches that work, done technical submissions to hearings and legislators. Users could peruse the material according to their needs.
FB Stop5g platform doesn’t fit that, because: (1) it attracts everything, incl. disinfo and trolls, (2) not everyone wants to be under Zuckerberg’s mass surveillance and data harvesting, (3) moderators may mow down or purge whom they choose to, (4) moderators may not have expertise to assess posted material. A website/blog posting links submitted by local org sources (assumed to be guarded against the above) to their own material seems a better solution.
As is, the Appeal could be mental trap for inexpert users, e.g. Big Telecom could show off an “effort” to soften the technology for less bio-impact, but  retaining full capability in the other aspects. This is already plain, e.g. pushing fibreoptic cables (known to harm electrosensitives), or Li-Fi as scantly tested as everything in wireless.
Focus on 5G rather than on all wireless contributors to the “soup” plays into Big Telecom’s hands, too. It skews public attention onto the lobby’s “safe” limits that we know are not safe at any level from 1G thru to 5G.  This problem is augmented by addiciton to wireless gadgets, possibly due to direct emission from the gadgets (smartphones contain a couple dozen micro-antennas, each for different frequency band).
And so on… We need to start thinking strategically. Arthur Firstenberg nor the Stop5GInt’l activists have yet measured up to such thinking. Also, the first (?) anti-5G org of int’l character has a potential of a globalist hijack via useful ignorant intermediaries, or a capture has already occured and is “asleep”. So a question arises: Why would grassroots need a central org? The org’s people are not capable of strategic direction to local groups, nor technical expertise necessary to understand the technology before it could be stopped.
They have filled their credentials with 5G etc. stuff and look believable, but some in the 5G movement don’t perceive them this way. Also, the Stop5GInt’l org and the quality of some of its people open the door to infiltration and capture.
Arthur is dogmatic, dishonest, dictatorial and not open to science crucial for understanding wireless tech and self-help remedial measures. Having been indoctrinated with establishment science, he does not acknowledge torsion field science and tech. He also believes in anthropogenic climate change hoax. Most important for the movement, he shrugs at his theft of half of the Appeal which is Claire’s intellectual property, ignores signatories requests to remove them from the Appeal and keeps using their email addresses for God knows what.
Tanja has a useful ignorant’s history in XR  (that she prefers not to recollect and renounce), and confirms in e-discussions her ideological confusion: sick, polit-correct elements of neomarxism,  climate change idiocy, Zionist Holocaust belying, and mindless sensing of “antisemitism”.
Reza proved to be a dictator on FB, delusional about other people’s “delusions” which he fabricates on the go with verbal abuse. He shoots “legal” threats from the hip, but has recently given up the threats (sigh of relief…).Until he provides copies of alleged libels by Bruce Cane, he remains in the black books of some of us.
Claire has shown that Nicloya is either schisophrenic, cognitively impaired or a trained infiltrator. Nicolya has not effectively undermined Claire’s charges so far.
Regardless, I will never agree that Stop5GInt’l use stolen intellectual property and dispose of e-addresses and signatures without the consent of the Appeal’s signatories.
Each personal trait alone is sufficient (for me) to reject each person, their org and initiatives, however fine they might appear to be. Unless they markedly improve, they are redundant, superfluous and don’t add value to the grassroots. When a decisive monumental course of collective action is needed to arrest the 5G roll-out, some of them obstructively argue, as they didn’t know that 5G is a weapon, Greta is a conscious fake and plant, climate change narrative is a manipulation and anthropogenic climate change is a hoax.
In comparable campaigns, it means big problems eventually. The worst scenario is the movement hijack. Until they publically explain/renounce their previous behaviour, I will continue to expose them and will insist on sticking to resilient, dispersed structure: higly educated, self-directed grassroots locally diversified and independent of each other. This is the model our Polish Coalition has adopted from the beginning (replicated at individual member level) from historic national and recent activism experience.
Piotr Bein
member, Coalition Poland Free of 5G
independent genocide researcher
Canada and Poland

On Friday, February 14, 2020, 10:38:59 PM PST, Réza Ganjavi:
Claire, “they” are not a legal entity. “They” are a group of individuals who’ve come together as volunteers with the purpose of fighting the wicked immoral criminal wireless industry. THEY are being attacked by the most ridiculous kinds of lines and lies which distracts them from the goal that thousands of others share (including you I suppose), vs. billions of others who are duped and brainwashed by the wicked industry to believe this extremely unsafe tech to be safe.

I don’t know you much except for one long talk, and but have respect for you for taking on the Useless Nations’ SG. But your idea of categorizing that group of individuals — most of whom I know including the key people who are falsely accused — as being FOR – PRO depopulation and other such wicked agendas is ridiculous.

I asked you about this and your own excuse for holding such belief was that Nicolya had allegedly had rouge ties and anybody in that group must be doomed forever, according to your belief, even if Nicolya quits. I haven’t looked into those allegations but even if they are true, this does NOT make Arthur “pro-death” (which he absolutely is not) and Kate, Lisa, Olivier and other fine people in that group “pro-depopulation” (which they’re not).

That idea is just as ridiculous as the allegations made about you and x and y for whatever nonsense that I don’t even want to repeat.

So I’m tired of getting unsolicited notes in my inbox which make such outrageous, ridiculous, and libelous false accusations against good people I personally know like Arthur, Lisa and Kate as examples.

Let me help you understand it this way:

Let’s say a group of people come together to make cookies to raise money for a charity event. One of those people was accused of being a Maoist in the past (which in this example the person even denies). Even if he was, that does NOT make the rest of those people Maoist. Your reasoning does NOT hold water. Sorry but that idea is SO outrageous that it defies all logic and reason.

I explained this before.

  • If all the members of that group were all pro-death, pro-depopulation, as you’ve alleged, they would be working on plans to kill, to depopulate.
  • If all the members of that group were FOR 5G, they would be working on promoting 5G.

Before we go to the shocking facts, review of a simple concept:

You cannot refer to a collection as having an attribute unless all members of the collection have that attribute. You can not have a red green green green blue in a box and call it red or green or red or blue.

Likewise, you cannot refer to that group as being “pro death” unless you can show that they ALL are pro death. You have clearly stated in writing and to me on the phone when I asked you about this, that your associating that group with those wicked attributes is because of one person’s alleged rouge past associations. That is an irrational conclusion. Unless you can clearly show that that person has actually influenced EVERY member of that group to adopt her alleged beliefs (which she adamantly denies of even having), which is NOT the case.


  • These people are NOT working on plans to kill. They’re working on plans to SAVE people, nature, the world, from the wicked acts of a wicked wireless industry.
  • These people are NOT FOR 5G. If they were FOR 5G they would be engaged in PROMOTING 5G and not OPPOSING it. Unless you can rationally demonstrate a number of things that are impossible to rationalize, like why would someone who is for something work around the clock against it, and so on and so on. And you’ll need to show how their actions would be helping the pro-5G movement.
I tuned into one video shortly and heard a rant about “global” vs. “local” action and the false accusation that the group you’re attacking is allegedly aiming to replace local action and take control over local groups (FALSE) — and wrote a comment containing facts that your friend couldn’t handle so he deleted it.

The group you’re attacking are HELPING local groups like us in Switzerland, they’re not replacing us — they’ve never had any claim of replacing local action with the so called global action. That entire argument I heard is pure malarkey.

The ridiculous attacks on them is what is helping the pro-5G industry because it distracts them, and it distracts others like me, who have to take time to write this email about the most outrageous false insulting defamatory remarks made about some of my personal friends who are members of that group, working very hard AGAINST 5G, and whom I know 100% to be genuine.

In fact, I think what they’re doing with bringing groups from around the world together on one portal, as part of one movement is absolutely good and positive — it helps local groups get more motivated, and it helps them, like they helped us in Switzerland with simple things like a flyer, etc. I see absolutely Nothing wrong with what they’re doing and you have failed to show ANY concrete action of that group which is destructive or otherwise helpful to the wicked wireless industry, or whichever club of x or y or z.

I attended a couple of their calls in the past when they asked me to help them with a music video. I listened in out of interest to the rest of the call. There was NOTHING — ZILCH — said that was remotely rouge. They 100% talked about OPPOSING 5G. If this group is, as you falsely allege them to be, “pro depopulation” etc., they should have talked about that. Unless this ridiculous belief gives rise to more ridiculous beliefs — that they were talking in code (LoL) — that “everything they said had a reverse meaning” or other such neurotic speculations.

They were and are 100% genuinely about FIGHTING 5G. That’s what that group exists. I do not believe for a moment that they’re there to carry out a hidden agenda or some rouge club. That would 100% contradict EVERYTHING they’ve done and said as a group, and individually as I heard them on those couple of long calls, and from those whom I personally know and have talked to extensively one on one.

By piotrbein