We’re in a Marxist Revolution


NOTE: I make a few mistakes in this video. I say “I was sent to hospital” but really we couldn’t go to the hospital because we were English. I *should* have gone to hospital but instead we went to a nurse friend and she gave me stitches (on her kitchen table, without anaesthetic.) – I say on John F Kennedy St when I should have said, “down the street from John F Kennede Square.” – and 2 other speaking mistakes which I can’t remember but don’t misprepresent the larger point.

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Here’s the video where I recount my Quebec experience and say I’m “all in” with the Q movement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI3kd… Where we go one, we go all! (except totalitarian control freaks.)

marxist revolution
At minute 42:00, Polly interprets the graph as follows:
  • Overarching cover is Civil Society, in the triad with State and Market
  • Overarching ideology is Marxism
  • Hierarchical Core = worldwide network of super-oligarchs
  • Operative Cells = movements and groups e.g. antifa, and protesters for native, Black power, environmental etc.causes who farm out to anarchists  and other Leaderless Cells and Individual Operatives outside of the Functional Core
  • Peripheral Assisance to Operative Cells and Individual Operatives

By piotrbein



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