Anti-5G activists on Claire Edwards’ “burial” of 5G Space Appeal

Mark Steele: It was obvious you couldn’t answer the question.. Well done. Thanks For the confirmation.


From: Tanja Katarina Rebel
Sent: 25 February 2020 08:11
To: Mark Steele

Bye Mark! Have a nice 5G free Life! — Tanja 

On Tue, Feb 25, 2020 at 8:03 AM Mark Steele:

Its not about respect, it’s about the Truth. I am not putting out an opinion here. Have you not looked into the Weather weapons programmes and Weather modification. All part of the 5G agenda. If you can’t understand that, what chance does anyone have in your attempt to organise 5G events when the whole CO2 Climate scam is the driver for 5G..  It beggars belief that you haven’t the sense to know this or the fact that 5G is a weapon. The Windmill scam part of it. Do you agree with this also? And the Non dredging of rivers to drown out towns and cities.

From: Tanja Katarina Rebel
Sent: 24 February 2020 19:03
To: Piotr Bein

YEAH! Now we’re talking! And perhaps we can start fighting 5G wholeheartedly instead of spending hours, days, months attacking those who want the same as us (a stop to 5G) or defending ourselves against baseless accusations…

Would be wonderful! Bye! I wish you all a good – 5G free- life!

And reclaim my liberty to live according to my own convictions. 

From The Rebel – which is a real surname in The Netherlands, amazing he! 


On Mon, Feb 24, 2020 at 6:40 PM Piotr Bein:

Hi All. Everyone had a chance to converse. If there are no more contributions, may I suggest to close the thread? Cheers — Piotr Bein

On Monday, February 24, 2020, 8:22:25 AM PST, Tanja Katarina Rebel:

The jury is still out for me. But it doesn’t matter for we should fight all pollution. We certainly should not swap fossil pollution for “smart” pollution. It is stupid. As for 5G,  I understand enough to know that is harmful to humans and wildlife and that we should fight it. Not each other.

So let’s get on with the job. In our different ways, but so be it. I am not asking you to denounce various views I don’t agree with and neither should you ask that from me. It is called respect.

Now take me off this list. — Tanja


On Monday, February 24, 2020, Mark Steele:


One simple question has to be asked, here. Do you renounce the C02 scam, or do you still believe it. We know you don’t know what 5G is, but that is a side issue on this question. Your confirmation here can put us on a better understanding or are you still part of the scam.



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On Monday, February 24, 2020, 6:07:38 AM PST, Piotr Bein:
Dear Tanja
You and colleagues  in Stop 5G International are public figures. The group is unelected but attempts to direct grassroots world-wide. It is campaigning using half-stolen Appeal that also has other legal, ethical, technical, strategic and tactical shortcomings. You and your colleagues are aware of them. I am a member of the public in anti-5G movement that Stop5GInt’l attempts to embrace.
Come clean from the encumbrances and you will not need to post cease and desist notes. Distancing yourself from XR and the climate scam need not involve denouncing members; it suffices to renounce their ideology.  The Nazism, antisemitism and Zionism that you mention, without understanding of the meaning, also arose because people failed to protest and renounce the ideologies. If you really care about the deceived masses you, a visible public figure, should help them realise their mistaken involvement for globalist causes bunched under the climate excuse.
This is your great chance and would earn you a high public esteem (and likely condemnation by the globalists). 
Your labels indicate you are Holocaust-denier (you mention only minorities, while the majority have suffered most, e.g. Poland lost 80% of intelligentsia and at least 6 million DOCUMENTED citizens), antisemite (you ignore accounts by the survivors of Orthodox Jews murdered in Shoah by the Zionists), and pro-Zionist (ditto + hijacking the term Holocaust exlusively for Jews, in order to justify occupation of Palestine and the Holocaust Industry and “Religion”).
I trust you are just a useful ignorant. So be careful with loaded labels you don’t understand. Climate ideology freezes the brains of decent people: [min. 47:30] 5G protests Vancouver and Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. I asked how climate is connected with 5G; her answer — increased energy demand and GHG emissions. I hoped for something like “Globalist push for “small safe nuclear reactor” for every city.”
In case one-eyed extremists etc. and people with tendencies to Holocaust denial, anti-semitic views etc. suggest yours truly, then you do need to dig into my personal info. People on this list know what I am about, and anyone can assess my performance; it’s in the open. So I hope you do not mean my person. I have as much freedom to choose mode of behaviour as anybody else. If you have specific critique, you know my e-address and there is plenty of blogs etc. you can publish it on. I’m not afraid of criticism, am all for honest dialogue.
Yours truly — Piotr Bein


From: Tanja Katarina Rebel
Sent: 22 February 2020 08:34
To: Piotr Bein
Cc: ……..
Subject: Re: The End of the 5G Space Appeal and the Beginning of the Real Stop 5G Movement

Without Prejudice

You don’t give up easily, do you Piotr.

Firstly, I have asked numerous times for you to cease and desist and for me to be taken off this list. I ask so again. This concerns other lists as well to which I have been involuntarily added and from which it seems impossible to escape. Talk about data breach.


Secondly, concerns about the 5G Space Appeal need to be addressed to Arthur Firstenberg. It does not belong to Stop 5G International. We have merely asked people to deliver it to Governments in their own countries in their own name. End of story.


Thirdly, I am not into denouncing people or groups publicly, it is counter-productive. I have said repeatedly and openly that I am no longer in XR, but that does not mean that there aren’t wise people within XR who see the whole picture and get 5G. Just like there are wise people within the 5G movement who realise that we need to fight all pollution as one. Likewise, there are one-eyed extremists on both sides who only want to see their side of the story, who create division, block, bully and back-stab instead of work together. I do not belong to that category and never will. That is my choice to be respected.


Fourthly, I do not pry into your life or that of others connected to you. If I did I would try to find out how it is that someone who has been employed by the UN for 18 (!)! years, possibly now receiving a UN pension, is questioning our international cooperation with other grassroots groups. Or how people who are friends with those who have been in court accused of bullying councillors can question the way I relate to Councillors. Or how people with tendencies to Holocaust denial, anti-semitic views and even Flat Earth theories can question our rationality.


It does not make sense. But I will leave it at that. For that is your choice, none of my business. As long as you love me and those close to me in peace.


Finally, I have no “colleagues” in Stop 5G International. We are friends and volunteers, grassroots activists who are fighting 5G from the bottom up. Not an easy task in itself, but it would be so much better if we didn’t need to fight trolls/plants from within.


For the final time: Cease and Desist. And kindly take me off this list.


Thank you


Tanja Kataria Rebel

Not a Eugenicist

Nor a one-eyed extremist

Not UN paid

Nor in XR

Not a Zionist,

Nor an anti-semite

Not funded by Soros

Nor a bully

Not a harasser

Merely a grassroot activist who believes in international cooperation

And that is my right


On Saturday, February 22, 2020, Piotr Bein:


To All

I’ve removed recipients as per recent requests, also Reza Ganjavi who is too non-litigational for my, the thread initiator’s. taste. More so that he is not with Stop5GIntl’ according to his assurances.



Given the Appeal’s shortcomings, how do you fight 5G, knowing also that it’s half-stolen? From previous mail:

– The Appeal has been appropriated and is being administered and disposed of by Arthur Firstenberg w/o consent from its co-author.

– Some signatories don’t wish to remain on the Appeal because of that and of distrust in Stop5GInt’l. 

– Some Stop5GInt’l and related activists have other explaining to do for the comfort of the public and gaining its acceptance.


As is, the Appeal itself is not suitable in its campaign/education functions intended by Stop5Gint’l as it,

  • Reflects only the admin/contributors’ mindset.
  • Is not being updated, e.g. it talks about 20k satellites while officially the number more than doubled.
  • Contains inaccurate and incomplete technical info about wireless and even about its bio-effects. It would be copied and propgated by less expert groups in full or in part.
  • Misses the other aspects of 5G and later generations: mass control, mass and selective target weapon, transhumanism.
  • Presumes for itself more importance and usefullness to national/local groups than it can offer. Some groups, for example  (1) hold more advanced expertise within and/or (2) need it for submissions to govt etc.

You are not a plant; but you are growing — realisation that XR was a mistake, but you still need to admit to yourself and the public that it was wrong and harmful. Such admission would haul more respect than attempts to hide and forget. 


Regarding strategy and tactics against 5G, campaigning on health risk grounds will get us nowhere: [min. 56:00]   As I said before, and Bruce Cain in his critique of Stop5G International noted earlier, the grassrots strategy needs revisions in this regard:


How you and colleagues are going to address it at Stop 5G International?


Regards — Piotr




On Monday, February 17, 2020, 11:50:51 AM PST, Tanja Katarina Rebel:


The work entails fighting 5G, not being a bully. Doesn’t surprise me you enjoy being that.

Digging in your CV? I have better things to do. Like fighting 5G.

I am not a plant. 


On Monday, February 17, 2020, Piotr Bein:




What is the serious work at Stop 5G International?  Now that you have diagnosed the problem and the solution seems to be “go do some useful work”, perhaps an Exorcist could join forces with your Solicitor?


To be a global bully? If you asked me, it feels GREAT! I’ve been at it ever since I got two blogs, stunts here and there before that. But don’t dig into my CV — Cease and Desist 🙂


To All, 

With Prejudice

If everyone has filed their grievance, could we at this point entrust the subject to grassroots’ assessment?


Cheers, — Piotr Bein


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