Tracy Turner: Covid-19 Society and Zionism Threaten Freedom and Liberty

Covid-19 Society and Zionism Threaten Freedom and Liberty

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Sars-2 Firemen Free     Re-Open Economy Virus    Quantitative Easing (QE) EconomicsCovid-19 Society and Zionism Threaten Freedom and Liberty is an honest effort at unmasking events that were in motion before the ‘naturally occurring’ virus and current and future scenarios of the Global Power Elite (the 0.1%). Just as there were glowing embers fanned into flames in the Minneapolis Police Precinct, Humanity itself was a fertile seedbed just waiting for COVID-19 to expose the dark, evil underbelly of Capitalism infected by Zionism, Worldwide.

The (dumbed down, censored) Internet is rife with Zionist-Capitalist Infomercials blaming or praising this or that and therefore we are Bear or Bull(shit) Market. The marvels of Zionist-infected “Capitalism” (Corporate Welfare) include a planet of infected or dead people and a smoldering police station and The National Guard out with live ammo (to keep Capitalism afloat another day. May 28, 2019, anonymous (investor) quote: “Brazil accepted the Chinese currency instead of the dollar less than 30 days ago the dollar is finished”

In 1997, *The Internet* was a place where you could spend an entire workday browsing European Research White Papers (for free, of course). Even before Zionist JStor killed Aaron Schwartz in 2013, the Zionists censored, delisted, made fee-based with exorbitant costs, etc. Basically, Zionism turned a wealth of free information into the Internet of today, a pus-filled pimple on the ass of the former (original) Internet. We really should rename it, the PusNet. Broadband High Speed, to nothing at all worth the time. The inventors and founders of *The Internet* spin and toss in their graves in perpetuity. — *Facebook and Twitter sent this comment to the Zionists at Reuters, who have determined that there is no such thing as a Zionist — .

We are so grateful the virus hit in our current dark age of tired, tacky, tainted twitterers. Greedy, grubbing Greenspan’s and predatory, usurious Bernankes. If we were younger or older, we wouldn’t have Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner teaching us their ‘scruples’.

We mustn’t forget the honor and privilege of Madeline Albright and George W. Bush indoctrinating us with far-flung fables of Taliban’s and WMD and the festering 20-year war that keeps killing the young and the restless in Afghanistan.

Our eyes feast upon the multiple figure-eight ballets of Pentagon/Washington/Multinational Corporation revolving doors where succubus metamorphose into hobgoblins and back. It would be nearly bearable if they merely filling their troughs, but no, they pivot and gyrate on the MSM, pretending to be gurus, geniuses and our advocates. Their paths to ‘guru’ are strewn with the dead, their avarice, greed and nepotistic advisors and speechwriters pervade us with the stench of their narcissism and psychopathy.

Drive-by a COVID-19 test site. Typically, there is one employee, no visitor getting their schnozzle drilled with an industrial swab, but about 20 vacant “test stations”. But just as typically, everyone has a friend or family member that knew one of the dead – and Fox and Friends still imply the descendants “are a hoax”.

Politicians and the MSM (the mouthpiece, read that the brainwashers of the 0.1%) are using the term (re-open). Re-open what, the closed minds of the most brainwashed of our Orwellian people? Re-open businesses that are Petri-dishes? Re-open a mostly closed, mutilated, multi-trillion (Yen, Yuan, Dollar) non-economy? It is not only a volatile Bear Market, but it is jacked up far beyond the 1929 Crash and the Great Depression of the 1930s. Comparing the two is rather pointless because in 1927 there were 2,000,000,000 on the planet and now there are 7,594,000,000 people. The sheer size of the economy provides a false illusion of stability that belies the brokenness. When you hear politicians and the MSM say *Open UP,* just think of sex without a condom and a partner with AIDS. Use your brain, they want you to “go out there and make some money for us”. Make up for lost time, buy 5 gallons of Starbucks Zionist Blend. Who gives a damn whether or not you infect your child with Childhood Inflammatory Disease Related to COVID-19 …, 

In America, spoiled Americans cry because “they cannot go to the beach”. They have no idea what real lockdowns are like but may soon find out. They are brainwashed by The Zionist News Media, their thoughts controlled by four Zionist Media conglomerates: Comcast (via NBCUniversal), Disney, Viacom CBS (controlled by National Amusements), and AT&T (via Warner Media). The Big Four Media Conglomerated are toast buttered on one side by Politicians and our tax dollars and buttered on the other side by Multinational Corporations and our tax dollars.

Zionism depends on the “World” (sheer illusion) that we “all” take for granted: food – Zio, Water – Zio, Medicine, Health – Zio… Upper Education, Military Mind-Enslavement Complex (lots of revolving doors there), Washington, New York, L.A., London, all Zionist monopolized via “free-market” Capitalism/Zionism. News, Movies, Film, Radio, the “Free” Press, all Zionized.

U.S. Cops and Firemen received “special training” aka mind-control-manipulation from The Mossad on “how to fight terrorists” (by putting a knee down on a peaceful, handcuffed man’s neck), aka fighting “Terrorism, Mossad-style“.

The television Jews are peaceful, benevolent, spiritual wonders (God’s Chosen) who were Holocaust Survivors and would not hurt a flea except to teach cops to kill people “to prevent terrorism”. Spoiler Alert, Al Queada and The Taliban are 20 years in the past. The Mossad operatives teaching the cops and firemen how to kill handcuffed people *ARE* Terrorists.

The Zionist infestation wants the Western Governments to have the same 2-caste, Apartheid, Murderous System that Israel has. “Let Us Defend Zionism” by maintaining an Iron Curtain around the body count of deceased Palestinians. Coming soon, to a neighborhood near you, no free speech and a lot of kneeling cops. If you are too activist, too dissident, or too non-compliant, the Mossad-brainwashed cops and firemen might get you. Or you might get COVID-19, and OCP will have one of their SUX-6000s do your breathing for you until another useless eater needs your ventilator. The marvels of “Free, Open Society” and Self-Correcting Capitalism (your breath costs too much).

You probably know of someone who died of Coronavirus (SARS-2). This perfect storm was created by witting stupidity, willful criminal acts posing as “beneficent” corporations. This perfect, SARS-2 (COVID-19) storm was caused by Zionism. To state otherwise is a lie. Global report: Trump silent on the US death toll as South Korea sees the new Covid-19 rise. There is an Iron Curtain around this SARS-2 virus and Zio-Capitalism. If you knew how highly contagious SARS-2 is, you would stop going to the Mall and the Beach (thereby supporting Zio-Dutch Shell, Zio-Banks and Zio-Fashion Apparel Makers. You are expendable, go to your grave, but Zionism must stamp out Christianity and increase profits while people are sick and dying. How sick is that?

Zionists are people who want everything both ways. They want to lie and be seen as truthful. They want their economic monopolies and never-ending profit but don’t want to take responsibility for their pollution, their frequent corporate bankruptcies that require public money (repeated bailouts). The banks and the shyster “wealth managers” want to be seen as warm and fuzzy, but are much more shark than a ferret. Give us money, so we can keep our customers in a perpetual psychological frenzy while pretending it is not a giant Psyops. Zionists hypocritically stack the election decks by financing both the Democrats and the Republicans.

People Zionism Covid-19 News     Cops Police Zionist Capitalism Global Test     Dead   Politicians Media

Sars-2 Firemen Free     Re-Open Economy Virus    Quantitative Easing (QE) EconomicsThe Internet is rife with Red Pill/Blue Pill scenarios (Wide Awake/Asleep at the Helm psycho-babel). Nobody seems to ask the germane, “how much brain damage do I have from Zionism, how much soul-sickness is in me from being a test tube baby in Zionism’s “Animal Farm?”

Zionism is about Abacus-Monopoly-Money. If Trump lobs cruise missiles into Iran and North Korea before election time, one should remember Tomahawk Missiles are a Zionist product — double jump start of the bean-counter economy.

Zionism is not something that is “out there” separate from self, neither is Zionism something that only happens to others. Zionists are not here “To Serve Man” but rather have just had a (minimum) 75+ year history of murder, betrayal, exploitation, slavery and colonialism by proxy. The Zionist insist on being The Overlords of Higher Education while simultaneously having The College Admissions Scandal (and all the other greed scandals). The Zionists want you and your friends and family to get on a bandwagon, shrieking that Free Speech and Free Press are bad, please muzzle us all. Much of this comes from “Homeland Security,” a Bureaucracy infested with Zionists and with blood on its hands…

Zionism is a hateful, murderous, enslaving disease, yet Zionists keep trying to play their physician, psychiatrist and religious clergy. “We’re going to reform Zionism with more quantitative easing (QE). More stimulus checks and corporate welfare will not cure Zionists in need of seeking forgiveness from God. Zionists continue to pretend to be the Moral and Spiritual Compass of the Planet, all the while failing to look in the mirror and see the Seven Deadly Sins… …For Zionism *Is Not A Religion*, it is not Judaism. It is said that Zionists have kidnapped Judaism and perverted their version of a former religion into The Seven Deadly Sins Masquerading as “Your Phone, Your Computer, Your TV” and Pride, Lust, Anger, Jealousy, Greed, Envy, Sloth and Sheer Human Stupidity. When our Zionist Politicians see urban decay, they throw one new building at it. When Zionists see a tiny glimpse of their Global Sin, they throw public money (corporate welfare)at themselves. Anything but repenting of the many sins of Zionism. When it is time for Zionists to turn from Satanism and to seek forgiveness from God, we get Federal Junk Bonds.

Zionism, a non-religion, is a Death Cult, and death begets death. To the Zionists themselves, individually: *You are the death you seek to inflict. When your corporal life is over, you will blow across the Earth, hot dust before a hot, parched wind. Your Mecca, Israel, by your hand, will soon make the 1930s Dust Bowl look like a moist, green salad. You are your hatred, the terrorism you claim to battle is your face in the mirror. In your own New Age Speak, you are all Zionist Mommy and Daddy issues; you seek to purge your parental Mommy and Daddy issues by bringing death and decay to others, a sanctimonious charade as the benevolent Judaism.

1 Peter 2:1 Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind.

1 Peter 2:22 He did not sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth.

1 Peter 3:10 For, Whoever would love life and see good days must keep their tongue from evil and their lips from deceitful speech.

2 Corinthians 11:13 For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ.

1 Corinthians 6:10 “nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

Ephesians 4:18-19 “They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart. They have become callous and have given themselves up to sensuality, greedy to practice every kind of impurity.”


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Tracy Turner has written articles for Before Its News, Activist Post, Salem News, The People’s Voice, Four Winds Ten, From the Trenches World Report and Op-Ed News. Photos taken in Pasadena, California on 27 May 2020.

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