[discussion] Prof. Payeras i Cifre’s junk science leads 5G opponents astray

PB: Perhaps contrary to what you think about yourself you have too much establishment “science” in your head, Jeanice? When you peddle junk & bunk, take criticism like a grownup. In your logorrhea you have not meaningfully answered one legit point — what does it tell about your pretense of seeking the truth?

I recapitulate: thousands of publications asserting EMF as the cause of bio-effects are wrong. Cite one PUBLISHED experiment that checked if screening the EMF ceases the bio-effects or not. No such publications would be allowed, ask Dr. Wojtkowiak what happened with her attempts to publish on this deception she discovered decades ago.
Screening the EMF does not cause bio-effects to quit. Torsion field beams simply don’t “see” that screening and require completely different materials for cutting them off. The globalists have known it and use to own advantage for over a century, You are proud of busting their science, but in reality you blow their horn. You have shown here why: you don’t read, belittle and ignore what does not comply with your fanatic ideology based on “majority” opinions, no matter from which side the deception arrives.
BTW, Big Telecom mantra tells the truth in ICNIRP deception: low-intensity EMFs don’t cause bio-effects. Accompanying torsion fields do.
A propos your “Sent from a hardwired computer with all wireless functions turned OFF in order to protect health and save lives.” Torsion filed beam can reach targeted person via computer screen, if not modulated onto her favourite music.
But don’t worry, you would be the last candidate for a TI, you are useful to the globalist cabal.
There is so much to learn, Jeanice, just be more humble.

Jeanice Barcelo: Piotr – I’m not interested to argue with you.  I’ve just written a book about the biological effects of electromagnetic and ultrasonic irradiation.  The book contains over 1500 citations and is filled with excerpts from scientific studies showing harm.  Your comment that “There is no proof that EMF cause bio-effects” is absolutely preposterous and wrong.  I really don’t want to continue the conversation further.

Have a nice life.
Jeanice Barcelo, M.A.
Educator, Researcher, Activist
Author of  “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation
Sent from a hardwired computer with all wireless functions turned OFF in order to protect health and save lives.

PB: Dear Jeanice, I didn’t know there were 5G towers with 60 GHz antennas. What evidence do you have? You may as well educate yourself that it is not EMF that cause bio-effects but the torsion fields that accompany them, to a much larger distance, with powerful and long-lasting phantom effects, too. There is no proof that EMF cause bio-effects, but torsion fields do — ask Dr. Wojtkowiak from her own all-round, 30 yr experience.

Your article… connection between the 5G rollout and the prevalence of “COVID 19” (see herehere, and here). — Nothing but junk and bunk. Regarding the two first ones see [discussion] Info-junk and bunk hurt anti-5G in the scam-demic — How are we going to react? Are you averse to reading what does not comply with your ideology? And why are you lying? Dr Havas at least put a question mark honestly in her otherwise ambiguous, sensational headline, while the analysis (senseless to do p-test on such dataset) point to GIGO, i.e. NO RELATION confirmed. The third one is by a lawyer. Frequencies are not short and long, terms reserved for wave length. 5G is sub-6 GHz incl. about 1 GHz band, and about 30 GHz. Cruise ship population exposure is similar to that around a 5G tower with the above frequency band antennas. There is little in the abstract to judge his data, methodology and conclusion. But I see why you like it 🙂
You should reject the articles w/o reading, as they relate 5G data to incidence of fake-diagnosed Covid-19 symptoms of SARS CoV-2 infection. No virus when it suits you, but if it shows up in “studies” that comply with your ideology, then it’s ok? Your kind pushes the movement into the globalist abyss.
Most anybody anti-5G knows what 60 GHz does to O2. It doesn’t follow that it leads to respiratory failure. I asked you in the past for a scientific proof, you referred to Joe Imbriano, the flat-earther … because he is most popular 🙂 He does not believe in satellites, so he speculates that school Wi-Fi is 60 GHz. He also measured radioactivity in seafood with a geiger LOL, announcing that it’s safe to eat from the Pacific after Fuku. It does not mean that the food is free of Fuku radioactivity.

Jeanice Barcelo: The 60 GHz frequency is absorbed by oxygen.  You can read about that here.  This frequency causes disruptions in the electron properties of oxygen molecules and will therefore negatively influence the body’s ability to absorb and utilize oxygen.  This is why doctors are reporting that their patients are experiencing oxygen deprivation — not lung problems.  See here:  BirthofaNewEarth

Here is my article that I would ask everyone to read:  Is The “Coronavirus” Actually Radiation Sickness? – RADIATION DANGERS
And here are a list of sources for those who would like to educate themselves about the facts regarding “viruses.”

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On Saturday, June 13, 2020, 6:54:03 PM EDT, Piotr Bein:
Dear Jeanice, If viruses are a myth, then assertions of covid relation to 5G, peddled by many no-5G activists, are also bunk. And articles like i Cifre’s are double pseudo-science: relation to non-existent entity called covid, plus conjectural graphics.
Symptoms like respiratory failure under 60 GHz, according to flat-earther Joe Imbriano, are radiation sickness? What’s the evidence, I keep asking, remember? For the oxygen starvation to occur, 60 GHz would have to be beamed from short distance (smartphone microantennas), as at 1000 m distance the signal is diluted a million-fold. Years ago some smartphones were equipped with THz antenna. Also, closed room with poor ventilation to prevent air exchange would be required? Reportedly chloroquine with zinc, if administered early before onset of severe symptoms prevents respiratory failure and other severe conditions. Couple of months ago I read unreferenced description of a coronavirus disabling the hemoglobin part that absorbs oxygen.
There is a suite of deadly viruses in the globalist menu. “Gain in function” viruses are bio-weapon the globalists have been working on for years; well documented, e.g. by the work Dr. Wojtkowiak cites re. radiowave triggers of SARS viruses.  None was massively released in Plandemic1.0 that was a “dry” test of large-scale social and political reactions, I believe. Which does not mean the bio-weapon could not be released in the plandemic returns.
I believe that small-scale radiowave irradiation has been applied to beef up SARS CoV-2 virulence in Teheran and at selected ICU in proximity of wireless antennas, incl. the mobile ones observed near hospitals in the USA, for example. Many people carry SARS CoV-2 following August 2019 releases near Fort Derrick (blamed on vaping and a “bad flu”) and at Wuhan Military Olympics. People around the world have noticed they have a persistent, long-lasting strange “flu” since those events, a seasonal illness that has not ceased to date. It could be due to radiowaving alone, or to a combination bio-weapon. Investigations are needed to clarify this question. The perpetrators invented an ideal cover-up scheme: false tests herd people into ICU where they get infected for sure, then radiowaves spice up the virus, patient is separated into a small room and tubed to a ventilator that kills him, not for inability of muscles to pump air into the lungs, but overpumping by the machine to severely damaged lungs. How they get damaged in the first place — we have no virus radiowave-only theory and thrombosis hypothesis cited by Dr. Wojtkowiak. I hope she will help with this and other questions.
On Saturday, June 13, 2020, 9:19:06 AM PDT, Jeanice Barcelo:
Sorry, but nobody has ever isolated a virus and therefore, this is total bunk.  There is no deadly virus.  People are developing a variety of symptoms associated with radiation sickness and they are blaming it on a virus.  The fear about viruses is based on a medical lie and should not be bought into.
On Saturday, June 13, 2020, 11:26:08 AM EDT, Piotr Bein:
Hi to All
Much junk and bunk is floating around on 5G – Covid relation. This paper replaces fabrications and conjecture with science proofs, found in the globalist-sponsored publications, ironically.
Implications for the anti-wireless movement:
Please disseminate. I have just sent this message to David Icke, UK Channel and Freedom Articles.
Piotr Bein, PhD
Coalition “Poland Free of 5G”

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