Putin’s confabs on WWII history — slanderous to Poles

See the source imagePiotr Bein, 26.6.2020

Recently, Russia’s president Putin published a revision of WWII history in Rossiyskaya Gazeta and US magazine The National Interest. I have already debunked Putin’s entire former statements on the same topic:

I used Polish, Russian, English and German sources. The Russian ones reveal a rift in Russian historiography between Stalinist version (that Putin espouses glorifying the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945) and a more balanced interpretation based on facts rather than state-building propaganda.

Below in olive colour is English translation of the summary of my research. I supplement it with translations of the most topical background summaries and insert fitting graphics.

Putin manages to distort WWII history mainly by being silent about the Jew bankster scheming on all major revolutions and wars since Rothschild laid out the NWO plan in the second half of 18th century. Putin’s focus on Versailles and Munich treaties completely ignores this historical formative connection.

Putin spins history while knowing that without Soviet supply of raw materials and withouy training of Nazi military specialists and secret police in the traditions of Soviet Jewish terror, the Zion-Nazi III Reich could not have attacked Poland together with the USSR so readily.

At he same time Putin caters to extreme Zionist narratives of the Holocaust Religion and the Holocaust Industry based on it. Grossly distorted historically, these elements. too, are prime in fooling public opinion massively and persistently, They enable mass Judeocentric crimes such as “war on terror”, genocide in occupied Palestine, and fraudulent Jewish property restitution claims (to the tune of $300 billion against Poland!), while former officers of NKVD terror police parade in Israel, dressed in Soviet uniforms decorated with Soviet medals.

Putin’s adherence to Stalinist propaganda ignores psychopath Stalin’s ambitions to conquer the world by communist revolution. Stalin remembered from Soviet defeat in Polish-bolshevik war that it’s easier to saddle a cow than to introduce communism to Poland. To us Poles, a hurdle in his quest, Stalin proved his obsession with continental and world power,  as follows:

  • In the interwar period, he persecuted and murdered ethnic Poles in “the prison of nations, the USSR”. A million ethnic Poles starved during Holodomor (1932-1933) in Ukraine. Of all Soviet repressions of national and ethnic minorities inside USSR, NKVD’s “Polish Operation” (1937-1938) was the first, the largest and a model for subsequent ones.
  • In the Soviet attempt to invade Western Europe through Poland’s territory in the Polish-Bolshevik war (1919-1920), Stalin was a commissioner on the Ukrainian front when Lenin cabled him (July 1920): it is time to sharpen the revolution in Italy, and on the way to Sovietise Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania. Stalin preferred to weaken Warsaw front and remained in the Lviv campaign to fulfil Lenin’s will  — a rather unrealistic plan but befitting Stalin, a  psychopath dreaming of global power.
  • He sent Soviet forces in the invasive “march of the Red Army” to greet the Nazis on the Ribbentrop – Molotov line.
  • Even before the shameful secret pact with Hitler (28.9.1939) and the preceding economic agreement with III Reich, Stalin entered into a secret agreement on the joint extermination of Polish elites and patriots. NKVD used proscriptive letters prepared well in advance of the joint Soviet-Nazi invasion. Operational agreements between Gestapo and NKVD on the Polish intellicide were drawn after the invasion.
  • He left the Warsaw Uprising unaided on purpose to bleed in order to eliminate the cream of Polish patriots. He acted repressively against the Polish Underground in general.
  • Under Judeo-communism in post-war Poland, Stalin’s intel services supported the terror and Stalin’s ideological heirs continued it into the 1960s, exterminating and persecuting “fascists” defending the Motherland occupied by the Soviets in the Eastern and Central Europe block of states enslaved as a result of the “Soviet victory over Germany”.

For me personally, Putin’s gassy, beating around the bush “march of the Red Army” euphemism for INVASION is most insulting. As Red Army prepared for an invasion, my late Father, a non-commissioned officer Aleksander Bein, was called from his mechanical engineer job on Poland’s first heavy freight locomotive, to defend Poland. Like many elite soldiers, he was assigned to the Border Protection Corps to defend my Fatherland’s eastern border. Overwhelmed by the Soviet troops and underarmed, the corps units were ordered to disperse and undertake guerilla war. Was he captured by Gestapo or NKVD, my Father would inevitably be atrociously murdered in Katyń by the Judeo-Soviets, as they targeted intelligentsia,  patriots and Border Protection Corps officers in particular. My Father represented all of the above. .

My Father faught the invaders until Operation Barbarossa attack on Soviet Union by its erstwhile ally Nazi Germany, in June 1941. Your compatriots felt at the time, Gospodin Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, what it was like to be violated by invasion, the highest crime according to the Nuremberg Tribunal:

War is essentially an evil thing. Its consequences are not confined to the belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world. To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole. 

Putin’s parotting Stalinist propaganda while condemning the regime’s mass crimes is as disingenious as current powdery, deceptive, meek and toothless pro-Putin propaganda on the subject;

  • The Duran team (Alexander Mercouris, Peter Lavalle and Alex Chrostoforou) on RussiaToday — Manipulative excuses by Stalinist totalitarian, global-power hungry “national interest” at the expense of raped Central and Eastern European nations, but no such credit to Polish defence from Soviet communist onslaught from the East and Nazi nightmare from the West that determined Polish diplomacy and policy.  Note Alexander’s body language of veiling the mouth and dropping the eyes — sign of insincerity; he knows he is lying (for good pay?). Apologetic Mercouris and Lavalle are disgustiing neo-Stalinits when in support of Putin’s rubbish they justify Soviet agression against Poland as Stalin’s national raison d’état. I hope that as soon as they find out the truth, Russians will cease to support Putin. Alexander and Peter would have to go back to serving the bankster propaganda for a Western rather than Eastern regime
  • George Galloway on RussiaToday — Deceptive reduction of topic. Putin’ś gross distortion of WWII history George derails to the president’s justifiable critique of Western politicians for Russophobic rhetoric. But typically for propagandists serving the bankster cabal on both sides of the West-East “dialectic, George does not explicitly name the Jew bankster villains.
  • Critique by Anton Kulikov on Pravda.ru: Putin’s article on WWII leaves Russian historians disappointedIt cites Russian historians, Boris Yulin and Alexander Dyukov. Yulin points out that for the Victory Parade in Moscow, Lenin’s Mausoleum (formerly also dedicated to Stalin) is modestly draped. No word on the criminality of Stalin-Hitler pact and joint invasion of Poland that started WWII. According to Yulin archives are enormous in size, and most of those documents are rubbish. There are no documents proving bankster scheming and Zionist WWII atrocities. If someone does dig them up, he will be silenced. Dyukov is disappointed that Putin fails to cite pre-war Nazi extermination plans for Poland and USSR, but he doesn’t mention the bankster and Zionism factors.  Dyukov recalls the atrocious Ukrainian extremists, a product of Zionist Nazi secret services that lives to date, like Lenin’s totalitarian ideals in Moscow, but in form of anti-Polish wedge imported as “immigration” to boost Poland’s Ukrainian arm of Judeocentric secret services implanted by Stalin at the end of WWII.

Start of WWII by German and Soviet invasion of Poland in September 1939, later  annexations of Baltic states, Finland and part of Romania.



Soviet poster. Red Army soldier  holds off  Polish soldier lurking in the shadow. 

Soviet – Nazi partition of Poland. Appendix to secret pakt Stalin – Hitler shows a thick line parting Poland in half. Signatures: Stalin, Ribbentrop, dated 28/IX/39. Putin could not find this in archives?

Reminder for senile Putin. On 17.9.1939 Soviet forces massively invaded  eastern half of Poland while the Nazis were advancing from the west towards the partition line shown above.

Wehrmacht and red Army officers shake hands in Lublin located in the south part of the partition line.


Military parade before Nazi commander Heinz Guderian and Soviet counterpart   Siemion Krivoshein in Brześć (northern part of the partition line) on 22.9.1939.


I disapprove of Putin’s leadership of our Slavic brothers’ state. His instigation of world opinion against us Poles does not lead to anything good. It smacks of Stalinist propaganda for the benefit of the deceptive Holocaust Business, Zionists and mythology of the Great Patriotic War, the mental binder of the imperial power of the USSR, and today – the glue of the ambiguous policy of Putin’s Russia.

Arthur Szyk, Hermann Goering,Benito Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito (1942)

Pro-Zionist Jew propagandist from Poland, Artur Szyk presented Hitler’s invasion and occupation of Poland, but not the collaboration III Reich – USSR during Poland’s war with Soviet bolsheviks in 1920, nor USSR invasion and occupation of Poland’s eastern half under secret Hitler – Stalin pact. An exception is Szyk’s “Peace be with you”  with both invaders holding palm leaves, in front of a soldier on a cross labelled “Poland”.

I do not approve of the destruction of the graves or monuments in Poland Red Army soldiers, nor the politically correct inciting of Russia by Polish and Western leaders or by corporate media. I have been criticizing and stigmatizing both aberrations on my blogs for years. However, today I must protest in a harsh critique I regularly serve Western leaders, Gospodin Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Like them, you do not represent the interests of National Sovereigns only banksters, like your Soviet predecessors.

polscy jency

Polish POWs escorted by Red Army soldiers  to railway loading  behind the Soviet – Nazi partition line through Poland. Judeosoviet perpetrators of the Karyń Massacres  blamed the Nazis for this mass crime. Under covert agreements, both totalitarian regimes collaborated on Polish intellicide and liquidation of nascent Poland following 123 years of partitions and occupations by Austria-Hungary, Tsarist Russia and German Prussia. The most hated defenders of Poland were highly educated reserve cadets and offciers of the elitist Border Protection Corps (KOP). Gestapo and NKVD police constantly looked out for them, cooperating in intelligence and transfer to USRR. They released captured soldiers of other formations, but never KOP-ers. Overwhelmed by Red Army and under-armed, KOPers were ordered to carry on guerilla war who was able to. My Father did it until June 1941. If he was captured for liquidation in Katyń, you would not be reading this.  

Putin has been silent about the background of both world wars and related international agreements anchored in the 18th-century NWO bankster plan. Tendentially and ahistorically, he presented the circumstances of the following:

German film. Fast as Bltzkrieg matamorphosis of Soviet anti-fascist into sovieto-fascist. Near city of Brześć on the German – Soviet partition line ithrough Poland, German officers show the Soviet one a leaflet in broken Russian:

“German army welcomes Worker-Peasant Red Army! We the soldiers desire to enter good relations with soldiers of Worker-Peasant Red Army. Russian soldier always received our deepest  respect. Let it remain so in the future.!” Later, the Nazis murdered millions of Soviet POWs (as the Jew NKVD did to Polish POWs), perhaps more than Shoah victims (whose numbers remain unknown until archives under Putin’s control open).

KGB agent Putin is also silent on the infamous NKVD activities since the invasion of pre-WWII Poland together with the Gestapo and the Nazi-Soviet annexations of the multinational Poland:

  • The imperial “walkin-in” of the Red Army from the east into Poland 16 days after Hitler’s invasion from the west.
  • Gestapo-NKVD cooperation from the interwar years, incl. demonstrated among other genocidal events in the liquidation of the Polish intelligentsia and Polish prisoners of war.
  • NKVD’s shameful role in the “Polish Operation” in the USSR before the second century.
  • Mass deportations of Poles during the Soviet occupation of eastern half of Poland 1939–1941.
  • Unlawful annexations of West Belarus and West Ukraine – integral lands of the Second Polish Republic, as told in Russian entry on Wiki:

Польский поход РККА

Присоединение Западной Украины и Западной Белоруссии к СССР

Западная Белоруссия

Западная Украина

While calling to respect international law, throughout the entire statement Putin clumsily attempts, Putin attempts to press a fault of Polish diplomacy in appeasing and provoking Hitler. In fact Polish diplomacy had their hands tied by non-aggression agreements with both regimes of psychopaths hungry for continental, if not world power:

A nation is demonized before an attack on it, from invasion and pillage, resettlements and displacements, to extermination. All this has already happened to us during both world wars, so would it mean Putin’s anti-Polish speech that he is preparing New Deal – NWO, together with new Western and Asian partners?

Further reading

Below, I translated conclusions of selected items.

PiSiory nie potrafią odeprzeć konfabulacji Putina o historii Polski II wś. / PiS party members can’t refute Putin’s confabulations on WWII history

  • EU resolution completely covers up the main architect of both world wars and modern-time revolutions — the Jew banksters. They used world powers on both sides of the conflict to achieve their goals, as follows. This fact may explain Western powers’ acquiescence of Hitler’s totalitarian and imperial actions  and Poland’s isolation throughout WWII.
  • Equally possible is WWII causation by European and US powers’ acquiescence, incl. their non-aggression pacts with III Reich and symbolic declaration of war following invasion of Poland. But this would cast a bad light on EU founders, opening Pandora’s box of bankster villainy.
  • The current Russian raison d’etat should not blend in with the Judeo-Soviet one.Stalin exploited the Great Patriotic War for propaganda and politics from the beginning, not necessarily in the best interest of Russian peoples’ whom the Judeo-Soviet regime sought to win over against Nazi invasion. The Truth will finally come out; it’s better to abhold Her.
  • Soviet invasion of Poland from the East was as tragic as it was from the West by the Nazis. Putin ignores the secret clause of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact that proved disastrous to Poles and other nations of Central and Eastern Europe. Were the Pact’s goal to delay Hitler’s attack in order to prepare for Soviet defense, then why did Red Army rush Polish soldiers to the Katyn Massacre and after the war established a buffer on USSR territory, not east of it, absorbing Baltic States and Moldova.
  • Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact’s companion agreements on trade assured III Reich’s success in the first few years of WWII, incl. Nazi invasion of USSR. Without Soviet raw materials for German war machine, III Reich’s aggression would end quickly.
  • I condemn the Polish proponents of the EU resolution. Because it is not Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, but Poland’s Western “allies” that let III Reich loose, and it is them who betrayed Poland throughout WWII,  enabling banksters’ global turmoil and enslavement of post-WWI nations after WWII.
  • Typically for politically correct falsification of history, the EU resolution keeps hypocritically silent about the Bankster-Zionist perpetrators, while  adding the “exceptional Holocaust” language. Ironically, it’s the Jewish-bankers with Zionists who doomed their tribesmen to Shoah.
  • Genocide science reserves “Holocaust” term for Nazi crimes on more than 20 groups, among whom Jews are not exceptional nor the most numerous, nor there is hard evidence for the magical number of “6 million” (but it likely is in the archives of Putin’s country).
  • “Totalitarian regimes” commit mass crimes in Europe, for example, millions of Soros invaders, state terror of false flags, depravation by “sex education”, mandatory vaccinations, genocidal 5G…
  • While ostentatiously adopting the resolution, the “European totalitarian regime” helps world gendarmes, the US and Israel, conquer other nations, sow death and destruction, and rob their resources and national wealth. The EU resolution hypocritically conceals this, spreading hatred on patriotic defenders of national interests and values ​​against disassembly of nation-states and creation of Homo europeicus, the modern cequivalent of Homo sovieticus in the Judeo-Soviet state.
  • Loaded with rhetoric about the condemnation, investigation and prosecution of totalitarian crimes and comemoration and honoring the victims, the resolution is silent about compensation. Only for human WWII losses of at least 6 million citizens of pre-war Poland in Nazi and Soviet hands, estimated at tens of trillions euros. This amount remains uncompensated to my nation from the successors of III Reich and USSR (incl. Ukraine) and from the global bankster-Zionist cabal (successors: Wall Street and City of London, State of Israel, global Holocaust Industry).
  • The EU resolution calls for historical research into the consequences of totalitarian regimes to prosecute crimes and to counter misinformation and manipulation, but the EU does nothing about Zionist torpedoes into Polish legislation in this regard, nor to US law of Act 447 on multi-billion dollar Zionist restitution claims based on total lying and lawlessness.
  • Having been unknowingly used in Jew bankster world war, Red Army soldiers deserve honour and remembrance as much as others used like disposable rags, e.g. Shoah victims. Poles must not destroy any graves, because togrther with monuments they testify to history and can be equipped with additional inscriptions if the originals lie. Shame is the Judeo-Soviets’, not ours nor the fallen Sashas and Grishas’. Let us purge the current occupier parasites from our homeland.
  • Hitler and Stalin’s totalitarian regimes played into global plans of the NWO bankster cabal. As much as to the Nazis, punishment and condemnation are due to mass criminals of communism, incl. the Chinese and Judeo-Soviet ones.
  • Putin is right when he compares the current rulers in Poland with those between the world wars, but does not say why; the pro-Zionist lackey of Washington and Brussels bankster-sponsored psychopaths, Warsaw regime sells Poles and steals from them, mutilates and kills them with vaccines and wireless radiation. When the regime “helps” its serfs, it is a at a cost of usury to the banksters.
  • Polish “anti-Semitism” and “Jew extermination” in Madagascar are as trashy as “Russian imperialism” in Crimea and the Donbass. The lands and people have as much right to belong Russia, as Zaolzie had to Poland,  historically and ethnically. Taking back one’s own in no way compares to Judeo-Soviet invasion and occupation of Eastern Poland in 1939, followed by half a century of enslavement with other nations of Eastern and Central Europe. We will amply supply Putin with documents, in exchange for those  from European archives harvested by the “liberating” Red Army.

Psychopatów pakt Stalin – Hitler / Psychopaths’ pact Stalin – Hitler

Not giving up in Tehran and Yalta, Stalin after WWII  achieved the goals of a psychopathic dictator: expansion of the Soviet empire, enslavement of about 1/3 of pre-war non-Soviet Europe, security “buffer” for USSR, and a stepping stone to bolshevisation of Western Europe. Ruling over Euro-Asia, he would have a gate open to conquer other continents.

All Stalin’s motives matched ideologically those of USSR apparatus, so putting responsibility only on him and his cronies, instead of on the legal successor of the USSR, would not find sympathy before a fair tribunal. Suspected as possible strategic goals of the Russian Federation, Stalin’s motives re-appear in this case before a global opinion to the detriment of the good name of Poles.

Psychopata Stalin i żydowskie połączenie / Psychopath Stalin and Jew connection

Paranoid psychopath Stalin’s foreign policy aimed for state security through border expansion, so that USSR would dominate Eurasia, secured from the West by buffer states, and in the East by control of strategic ports and islands. Stalin craved global power, and opportunistically using pragmatism and ideology. First he turned against  communists’ left, then against the right wing. He formed alliances to break them, and  imprisoned, tortured and murdered previous allies. He cleverly shifted position to move forward, and was more ideological than his dogmatic rivals. He surprised with the scope of duplicity and ruthlessness. Risking an outbreak of WWII was not an obstacle for him.

Stalin’s genocide fit into Jewish psychopathy of terror. It became apparent in the millions of victims of Red Terror, which continued after the Stalinist killing of the initiator, psychopath Trotsky. Years 1936-1938 saw 85% of executions counted in the USSR until 1955. The terror resulted from a one-party dictatorship and secret police, dominated by Jews and imposed by the bolsheviks in 1917–1921. Stalin perfected the system by building a totalitarian state through mass terror and elimination of the bolshevik elite.

Stalin replaced his apparent loyalty with bolshevism with communist rhetoric to control USSR peoples and territories, and eventually Eastern Europe. Variable loyalty, mass indoctrination, show trials, forced confessions, torture and murders on an unprecedented scale were Stalin’s means to absolute power. The crowning evidence of the instrumentalism of psychopath Stalin is his temporary arrangement with the ideologically hostile Hitler. For both of them, others were tools to strengthen their power or were obstacles to it, to be eliminated. Each of them had an inhuman vision of the world, where populations can be resettled, social classes liquidated, races enslaved or exterminated, millions of lives sacrificed during war and peace.

Mass Stalinist crimes were planned, deliberate and unnecessary. Stalin said: one death is a tragedy, one million is statistics. A dictator-psychopath needs many helpers, but without leaders-psychopaths, minor psycho- and sociopaths would not have the conditions to cooperate with totalitarian authorities, inflicting terrible massive suffering.

Stalin fed his paranoia and cultivated his own image. He reacted impulsively and eliminated anyone who spoiled the idea of ​​USSR’s expansion. He did not tolerate anything that would harm his image. He controlled information about himself and the regime. The paranoia of self-suspecting his own weakness made him dependent on the opinions of others and contributed to his control of media, literature and citizen rights. He immersed himself in the cult of individuality, severely punished dissent, training the public to think positively about him.

Disproportionately many Jews took part in Spanish Civil War irrespective of ideology. Two Jewish scholars independently attributed this attraction to upbringing in Bible parables and Jewish fairy tales about class struggle and Jewish resistance to tyranny. Obviously,  Jewish idealism was used for cannon fodder,in psychopath-led revolutions and in wars between psychopaths controlled by banksters’ overarching NWO plan.

From Lenin to Stalin, psycho- and sociopathic Jews constituted the majority of USSR’s terror apparatus. NKVD murdered millions of innocent, almost all Leninist party activists and high-ranking Red Army and NKVD officers. Robert Conquest writes about the terror of 1936–1938 that it has roots in the past and that its characteristics stem from a specific tradition. Israel Shahak’s Jewish History and Religion describes the tradition shared with the Nazi one, and derived from the eternal terror of Talmudic rabbis against Jews.

Jewish bankers financed the revolution, Soviet economy, and Hitler’s power. Bolsheviks killed Christian Slavs, mainly Russians. They preached the communist revolution by replacing divine power with state. Fanatical Jews dominated among the bolsheviks, and most of the USSR Jews participated and sympathized with the revolution. According to 1917-1921 bolshevik press, Jews occupied 437 out of 514 positions in the USSR, and Russians only 21. In 1921, the Cheka police murdered more than 140,000. people. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was labelled an anti-Semite and a liar for revealing the participation of Jews in the revolution and Soviet pogroms.

Jews managed Gulag in the worst period of terror (1930-1938) that took millions of lives. Stalin was a figurehead for Khazar Jews, his deputies in the communist party: Lazar Kaganovich and his cousin Lavrentij Beria, who became the head of secret services. Kaganovitvh ordered majestic Church of Christ the Savior destruction and starved to death millions of residents of Ukraine (1932-1933), including ethnic Poles. Systematic destruction of Christians by bolsheviks over 50 years since 1918 in Russia, and later in Eastern Europe, murdered millions of lay people, hundreds of bishops, tens of thousands priests, monks and nuns. In 1918–1938, the number of open churches in the USSR dropped from 50,000. to less than 500.

The apogee of terror was called period of errors and distortions or of cult of individuality (of Stalin), and yezhovshchisna among the Soviet society, referring to the NKVD commissioner Nikolai Yezhov, a bolshevik Jew and NKVD head 1936-1938. Only in 1937-1938 at least 1.3 million people were arrested, and in a few months of 1938 over 700,000 were sentenced in absentia to death. Yezhov participated in the starvation of Ukraine and in terror escalation. He gave orders to genocidal “Polish Operation” that killed several times more Poles than Katyń atrocities. Yezhov tripled the Gulag prison population to almost 700,000 in 2 years. At least 140 thousand of them died of malnutrition, fatigue, hot weather and cold.

Jew Gienrich Yagoda began his career in 1920 in Cheka. Stalin supported his further career. Yagoda was Gulag’s main architect and organizer. He managed the construction of White Sea to Baltic Sea canal using almost  , 300,000 prisoners until August 1933. One-third of them died during construction. When in 1934 Yagoda headed the NKVD, by Stalin’s order he began a great purge after the killing of Kirov. Then he organized  the the first Moscow show trial

Próba sowietyzacji Hiszpanii — udział Polaków i Żydów / Attempt to sovietize Spain — participation of Poles and Jews

Zaolzie, Danzig i Monachium — Udział II RP w “rozbiorze” Czechosłowacji, a ZSRR i Czechosłowacji przeciw II RP po stronie bolszewii. Układ monachijski i polska “wina” w wybuchu II wś. / Zaolzie, Danzig and Munich — Poland’s “participation” in partition of Czechoslovakia, an ally of anti-Polish bolshevik USSR. Munich Treaty and blaming Poland for WWII outbreak 

Banksters planned WWII before WWI.  The Treaty of Versailles nor the Munich Agreement could not lead to lasting security in Europe. Blaming the victims of the plan is devoid of the spirit of Logos and historical truth. Poland did not  participate in Munich decision. To ocndemn Poland for initiating WWII through alleged scheming at Munich or taking advantage of post-Munich situation smacks of ignorance of history if not Putin’s bad will.


Austria-Hungary empire, ethnic map from 1910. Absurdity of creating nation-states, banksters’ interference into processes of harmonious co-existence. In the name of bankster NWO plan, both world wars led to mirthless national borders and unprecedented tens of millions killed, destruction worth trillions in today’s euro, and ousting of millions Europeans over just three decades. All this only so that the nation-states are being de-nationalized before our eyes in EU, with forced mixing in of millions aliens from completely alien cultures, races and religions, also to the dot in accord with the NWO plan. 

Bolsheviks living in the III Reich assisted USSR in the Polish-bolshevik war. With the bolshevik invasion of Poland in 1920, the III Reich was preparing to invade from the west. The Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact therefore had a fresh precedent, albeit on a much smaller scale. Another flaw in Russian historiography is the fiction on ru.Wiki that Gdańsk and adjacent Pomerania were WWII embers.

David Low, What, no chair for me? (30th September, 1938)

Stalin to Hitler, Mussolini, Daladier and Chamberlain in  Munich: What, no chair for me?”. Neither Czechoslovakia (its map on the wall) nor USSR were invited. Cartoon by New Zealander, David Low (30.9.1938).

From the Munich Agreement, Poland got Zaolzie (906 km2) and pruned-down Gdańsk Pomerania net of access corridor from Free City of Gdańsk to German East Prussia. Poland had neither much to say nor a diplomatic, military or economic cloiut against the British and French guarantors of European order, III Reich’s Drang nach Osten, nor Soviet international communism pressure from the other side of new Polish borders.

A mere scrap of majority Polish-speaking Czechoslovakia, Zaolzie  was allocated to Poland by ethnic principles of the Versailles Treaty when Poland was drawn into the war with bolshevik USSR. Poland was prevented to acquire Zaolzie in legitimate Versailles course by Czechoslovakia’s diplomacy and blockade in cooperation with USSR on introducing communism to Western Europe. Poland took its Zaolzie by force  but bloodlessly 18 years later, just like Russia recently took back its Crimea from Ukraine.

All of Pomerania and Gdańsk belonged to Poland, by historical rather than ethnic criteria of the “guarantors” of Versailles heeding the bankster plan of creating nation-states after WWI at the expense of empires and monarchies. Like Poland in Zaolzie, the III Reich used the new criteria to shape the borders of the German state.

Results of Munich Agreement:

1 – Sudetenland  taken by Germany
2 – lands taken by Hungary
3 – Carpathian Ukraine (autonomous, later in Hungary)
4 – Zaolzie taken by Poland
5 – later III Reich’s Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
6 – later Słovakia

Munich Agreement map shows Poland’s “bounty” Putin can’t sleep over — all 906 km2 of Zaolzie. Perhaps Stalin’s righteous sucessor should return Kaliningrad Oblast to Baltic peoples, Old Prussians

Assessments of Munich vary between condemnation for allowing III Reich to grow in power, to assertions that Germany was strong enough to win a war while delaying best served Western power interests. Circumstances of economic agreement Stalin – Hitler point to Germany’s inability to invade USSR was it not for raw materials supply by the Soviets for nearly 2 years. So Putin may as well speculate that the legal predecessor of Russian Federation caused WWII.

david low hitler conducting europe

David Low “The harmony boys”. Banksters’ pro-Zionist Hitler conducts bankster puppets Stalin, Franco and Mussolini. Actually the psychopaths changeably reached for absolute power using each other to bankster ends.

Madagaskar — niedoszła kolonia II RP dla antysemickich Polaków czy nie-semickich Żydów? / Madagaskar — Poland’s would be colony for “antisemitic” Poles or non-semite Jews?

Putin attacks Poles for alleged anti-Semitism before WWII. and for support to Nazi alleged extermination of European Jews in Madagascar. He does it while remaining silent on the NWO plan that exploited Zionism, overarching Bnai Brith lodge, “aircraft carrier” Israel, and the global system of Judeocentric organizations, incl. Holocaust Religion and Business,

In fact, pre-WWII Poland’s regime  was philosemitic and trained Zionist armed forces for Palestine. Freemasonry dominated the regime and along with foreign agents cared more for banksters than for Polish interests. There were numerous Jews in the regime’s administration. Jewry and gentile freemasons in Poland supported Piłsudski and the sanation regime and fought against nationalists. Poland effectively helped create Jewish terror and Israel. This is anti-Semitism against Arab but not Jewish Semites. Putin does not explain, but pro-Zionist governments could be deemed anti-Jewish in terms of:

– Jews assimilated in Europe, which the Zionists tried to force to emigrate to Palestine,

– orthodox Jews opposed to leaving the diaspora to their own countries or autonomy.

Putin thus denies history and the Holocaust, manifesting anti-Semitism toward Shoah victims. It is also a painful insult to Poles, the most numerous rescuers of Jews and victims of both the Nazi Holocaust and Sovietism. This slander coincides with perpetuation of Soviet Great Patriotic War myth, incl. the genocide by Judeo-NKVD, whose veterans parade in Israel in Soviet uniforms decorated with Soviet medals.

Equally slanderously, Putin presents the matter of Madagascar. It is actually  not a German nor Polish idea, but Theodor Herzl’s, the co-founder of Zionism. Madagascar option was rejected by the Rothschilds for the conquest and colonization of Palestine. In 1938, services to global Zionists flourished in this bankster project. Poland’s pro-Zionism in form of military training against Arabs and to terrorize Jews from Europe to Palestine, complemented Nazi support of colonizers and attempts to implement the Madagascar option.

Poland and several European countries sought part of the island for a colony and (bankster condition?) a new home for a fraction of 3 million Jews in Poland, probably only for elite Zionists, future ghetto managers and police officers of Judenpolizei.

The island as an emigration target was assessed in 1937 by Polish government commission with two Jewish experts who concluded that it was possible to resettle at most 2000 Jews to Madagascar. WWII ended the project and a few thousand Jews from Poland were not exterminated on the island, yet Putin points out anti-Semitism of Polish diplomacy. Jewish Zionist apparatchik of III Reich, Adolf Eichmann wanted to give Madagascar to 4 million of his tribesmen from Europe. Is this Putin’s evidence against Poles?

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England helped defeat Germany in USSR, who, according to Putin. were attacked by III Reich due to England’s appeasement of Hitler’s expansionism. With “anifascist” Soviet offensive, England (and USA) instantly became allies in Stalinist propaganda.

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Earstwhile “dear ally”, soon fascist monster” who broke Stalin – Hitler pact and deadly enemy.

NKWD – Gestapo. Braterstwo krwi + inne video o bezpiekach antypolskich / NKVD – Gestapo alliance. Brotherhood of blood + other videos on anti-Polish security forces [I will translate if someone provides soundtrack transcipt in Polish]

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Contrary to Putin’s Stalinist myth of Red Army liberating the Nazi death camps, Soviet forces arrived at camps evacuated weeks earlier. Inmates were marched to III Reich by German guards in freezing weather; for example, the march route from Stutthof near Gdańsk is dotted with graves and monuments to inmtes who died of cold, exhaustion and starvation.  

In August 1937, NKVD head Yezhov ordered “Polish Operation” in the USSR

On August 11, 1937, NKVD head Nikolai Yezhov by order number 00485 ordered “the complete liquidation of Polish espionage networks”. Of 143,000 people arrested in the USSR on charges of espionage for Poland in 1937–38, 111,000 were executed, most of them Poles.

The Poles were the first social group in the USSR that Stalin sentenced to extermination for national reasons. “Polish Operation” meant shooting dead almost one-fifth of all Poles who, after the Riga Treaty, found themselves within the borders of the Soviet Union.

According to Soviet 1926 census, 782,300 Poles lived in USSR, mainly in Belarus and Ukraine, also in large concentrations of Polish population in Moscow, Smolensk and Leningrad. After the defeat of bolsheviks near Warsaw in August 1920, when hopes collapsed for the spread of the revolution to Poland, the communists decided to create a semblance of a Polish Soviet republic in the USSR as an ideological weapon against Poland. In 1925, the Polish national region in Volhynia was established under the name Marchlewszyzna. In 1932 the Polish National District was created in Belarus, named after Feliks Dzerzhinsky.

It quickly turned out that Polish regions were extremely resistant to collectivization. Polish peasants did not want to join the collective farms and were very attached to Catholicism. In the mid-1930s, the Soviet authorities concluded that the experiment of creating “Soviet Poland” had failed. Polish regions were liquidated and thousands of Poles were deported to Kazakhstan. Today, ca. 100,000 people of Polish origin in Kazakhstan are largely descendants of citizens from Marchlewszczyzna and Dzerzhinsky. But this was only the beginning of the repressions.

In the Soviet press, a hunt began for Poles portrayed as “fascist spies”, “saboteurs” and “pests.” The campaign was launched on the basis of intelligence intrigue.  Allegedly the Soviet Union was threatened by agents of the secret Polish Military Organization, an organization dating back to the Polish-bolshevik war.

On August 11, 1937, after receiving the approval of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (bolsheviks), Nikolai Yezhov issued operational order No. 00485, which envisaged the arrest of specific groups of Poles living in the USSR and punishment in “two categories”. The first category, covering the vast majority, i.e. almost 80 percent of persons targeted by the operation were murdered; the rest were sent to prisons and labour camps. According to Russian memorial association, 143,000 were repressed, 139,000 convicted, and 111,000 were shot. Most of those sent to labour camps soon died of overwork, hunger and disease. The order stipulated that after husband’s arrest, his wife would also be arrested, and for the very fact of being the wife of an enemy of the people, she would be sent — usually  to Kazakhstan — for 5 to 10 years. Children of the enemy of the people, in accord with this order, were sent to orphanages and family property was confiscated in full.

The most numerous victims were Polish peasants; from some villages all men were taken away whom NKVD managed to arrest, to be shot. In cities, NKVD resorted to such methods as catching people found by name in telephone books, although there were few phones in the USSR. The campaign also engaged electricity bill collectors, who were also agents of the secret police. When visiting the apartments of electric energy  consumers or browsing the list of energy bill payers searched for people of foreign, hostile nationality.

Polish communists were also victims of the “Polish Operation”. The Communist Party of Poland (KPP) initially supported Piłsudski’s coup d’état in May 1926. The Communist International later reprimanded the party for this “May error”. Stalin wrote that KPP was “sick of Trotskyism” and was “right-wing”. So the party was dissolved and almost all senior activists were murdered — 3,000. up to 5,000 victims according to various sources.

When organizing subsequent “national” operations, the head of NKVD Yezhov ordered his men to follow the principles of “order 00485” – the one that concerned Poles.

Плакат "Ставка интервентов бита!"

“The indictment on the counter-revolutionary organization Prompartija” (industrial party) – the first Stalinist show trial in 1930, where the accused citizens of the USSR, “spies and subversives” (later acquitted) “pleaded guilty.” Accused of intervening in USSR economy: Poland, Romania and the Western capitalist. Poland and Romania were obstacles to Red Army entry with communism to Europe.

In 1940, USRR started deportations from Estern Poland invaded in September 1939 and occupied under pact with Hitler

The number of all victims among Polish citizens under Soviet occupation in 1939–1941 is not fully known to date. According to the estimates in the “Black Book of Communism”, Soviet repressions between September and July 1941 affected more than 1 million residents of Estern Poland — that is, every tenth citizen of the Republic of Poland who lived or ended up on this territory. At least 30 thousand people were shot and the mortality rate among prisoners and deportees is estimated at 8 to 10 percent, or 90 to 100 thousand people.


“Liberating brotherly peoples of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus 19.IX.1939” — dated two days after invasion of Eastern Poland by the Soviets who deported ethnic Belarussians and Ukrainians from the invaded lands to respective USSR republics. The Soviets expanded these republics by the spoils of WWII started together with Hitler, without even a plebiscite nor diplomacy seen around the Munich Agreement. Between the Soviet invasion and anexation (2.11.1939), a temporary Soviet administration ruled over so-called Western Ukraine and Western Belarus. To maintain the myth of Great Patriotic War 1941 – 1945 and conceal the criminal invasion of Poland under secret pact with Hitler, Putin is barefacedly lying that Red Army “walked into” Poland abandoned by German forces.

Judeo-Soviet NKVD collaborated with Zionist Nazi’s Gestapo  since interwar years

Nazi secret police Gestapo obtained in 1936 the right to apply death penalty and establish concentration camps. One of the first victims were Germans from political opposition to Hitler and the NSDAP party. Judeo-Soviet NKVD obtained similar powers in December 1934, and in 1937 also a right to accelerated trials. Both regimes propagandized that they were acting on behalf of the working class and for its good.

Since 19th century Germany and Russia cooperated economically. Germany lacks natural resources, including strategic raw materials for the economy and the military, so for the third century in a row the country is relying on imports from naturally rich Russia. Before WWI Germany imported raw materials and other goods worth 1.5 billion reichmarks per year. Soviet imports fell drastically after WWI, bottoming in the early 1930s for Stalin’s isolationist policy and a decrease in German demand for raw materials to comply with Versailles Treaty disarmament requirements.

It is not surprising then that the NKVD’s close cooperation with Gestapo was born. It was not a sensation in the relations of both powers. Earlier, when the Versailles Treaty forbade Germany to organize an army, the Soviet apparatus trained German military specialists. Cooperation NKVD-Gestapo was born in these traditions. One of the documents confirming it in the interwar years was NKVD agreement with Gestapo of 11.11.1938.

This date is significant because it follows October 1938, when it was only III Reich that initiated the warming of mutual economic relations with the USSR, a prelude to the secret Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. It is quite interesting, perhaps Putin’s “colleagues” will dig out archive documents on why the NKVD-Gestapo agreement was implemented before the economic agreement followed by the shameful pact.

Putin spins history that it was only the Western powers that appeased Hitler after the Versailles Treaty, thereby helping to evoke WWII. Without the assistance to train military specialists and secret police in the traditions of Soviet Jewish terror, the Zion-Nazi III Reich could not have attacked Poland together with the USSR so readily.

Even before the Red Army invaded Poland in 1939, NKVD had ready lists of convicts and immediately commenced deportations. NKVD entered Lithuania in 1940 during the first Soviet occupation. In Belarus NKVD also used sadistic, cruel tortures that did not differ from those in the Gestapo repertoire. Stalin gave the NKVD special permission for torture in 1937. Car gas chambers were invented by the NKVD to save ammunition in executions. The system of exhaustive slave labour in extermination camps was copied from the Soviet Kolyma, the “white crematorium” in the Gulag Archipelago, named for high mortality in the terrible conditions of forced labor for political convicts in the far and   cold north-eastern Siberia.

While III Reich’s repressions affected up to 1% of the population, the figure was more than 10 – 15% in the USSR, even twice as much in some Soviet regions. Before execution or deportation, NKWD and Gestapo robbed the persons property, then auctioned it to local people or service members and their families.

Soviet-German cooperation peaked after the joint invasion of Poland by both aggressors in September 1939. In March 1940, NKVD and Gestapo commanders met in Zakopane and Cracow. While knowing what their fate would be, it was probably then decided that Germany would hand over Polish officers to the Soviets. This course of action was preordained by the Polish-bolshevik war and the defeat of the USSR in the Battle of Warsaw, when Stalin headed the military council of the Western Front. On 6.3.1940, the Soviet political bureau decided to destroy the Polish Army by executions in NKVD hands. Even the Nazis in occupied Poland did not murder officers. It was a revenge on innocent people who had nothing to do with the Soviet defeat in 1920.

Retired officers constituted two-thirds of those arrested in occupied Poland. KGB files refer to shot and interned officers. In total, the NKVD shot dead almost 22,000 officers in Katyń, Starobielsk and Ostashkov, and over 7,000 in the prisons of what the Soviets called West Ukraine and West Belarus in Eastern Poland. In Zakopane or Cracow, the parties also agreed to hand over citizens at Germany’s request: the Soviets would hand over antifascists who fled Germany for the USSR. Six thousand antifascists were arrested and sent to III Reich.

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