[discussion] If and which tech option for 5G killout in plandemic?

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Jeanice Barcelo: Thank you Mark.  Great info.  One thing I’d like to mention is that I think 4G LTE may actually be an even bigger problem than 5G.  The reason I think this is because, as you say, 5G operates through beams (beamforming).  These are directed energy weapons.  See attached pics for examples.  These beams are designed to activate when someone walks by the 5G transmitter with a 5G-enabled device.  Otherwise, the 5G transmitters are supposed to remain dormant.  Of course, they can be activated remotely at any time by those with nefarious intentions and obviously kill people. 

With 4G LTE, they are using 5G transmitters, which are very, very close to people’s homes, to blast frequencies into the air 24/7.  So this causes a total saturation of people and all life forms with the 4G LTE radiation, whereas with 5G, it is designed to be sporadic.


So the entire grid is a kill grid and this is what we need to be sharing with people.  4G not safe.  No G is safe.  This entire grid needs to shut down and people need to get off their wireless addiction if they want to survive.


That’s my two cents.


Jeanice Barcelo, M.A.
Educator, Researcher, Activist
Author of  “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation

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PB: The graphics look like laser beams 🙂  but certainly excite imagination. Is Prof. i Cifre the artist?

Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak described directed effect from torsion field point of view, applied to targeted individuals: Permanent contamination of the Earth by 5G network and voluntary acceptance of enemies’ application of electronic warfare

Radiowaves affect people area-wide. There is no angular directional emission required, other than targeting a populated area.  In “carpet bombing” a hospital, city or region with virus made virulent by radiowaves, no beamforming would be required, as the virus, once triggered, would spread by droplets and aerosols.


Being non-energetic and purely info-carrying, TFs render the term “Directed Energy Weapon” restrictive and inadequate.


Mark Steele: Thanks Jeanice unfortunately that is a misconception and a deception of the industry. The collimated signal is part of the sweeping Radar and is sweeping continually and not an on demand it is looking for devices to connect continually.  The focus is achieved on the connection with the reflecting antenna. When it makes the connection with this Tungsten field people are going to die in large numbers

Claire Edwards: This is very important information, Mark, and I will share it with my Swiss contacts as I believe that this is an issue that they are fudging in Switzerland,.  When I examined the revised Swiss regulations on 5G antennas last year, it seemed to me that the authorities were wanting to imply that people would be less exposed by 5G beamforming antennas, and i could only assume that this was based on an averaging of exposure according to where the beam was not focused at any given point in time.  In simple terms, if a beam was focused on point A, then it could be assumed that it was not focused on points B-Z and you could average out a reduced exposure for the overall population within the range of that antenna.  Bizarre, I know, but then what is not bizarre about the averaging tricks and SARs and various applicability to limbs, torsos, heads or whatever of any of these regulations?

Fortunately, those regulations were so ambiguous that they have had to disallow the use of 5G antennas pending the production of a coherent regulation so this is delaying the use of 5G antennas.  Not the rollout of the antennas, you understand – just their use.  They are still rolling them out apace against the day when they will be permitted to switch them on.  Perhaps they’re waiting for so many people to be brain-damaged by 4G LTE that they’ll accept any old nonsense in terms of regulations.  Right now, we still have a fair few people with functioning brains, thank goodness!


PB: Mark, would you have technical ref’s for the fascinating stuff you convey?

In my opinion, whoever is most vocal and gets widest exposure, the hypothesis he/she preaches gets on top. We should not pre-select any version, but be aware of all of them. Some versions might be deliberate plants to lead us astray, others may be too hypothetical to be practical; for example, would the cabal dare to massively kill via interaction of signals from 5G antennas and metals in vax? A pre-requisite would be massive vaccinations, which is not likely. And if it was, then deaths would occur among the vaccinated people — a counter logic for all to see plainly.
It may well be that the gymnastics we observe around new regulations in different countries revolve aroiund creating conditions optimal for torsion field beaming.
Who is the cabal’s chief enemy? The individuals who are most educated and conscious of NWO implementattion, whatever their backround — intuitive or intellectual, spiritual or experiential. The vast masses are psycho-herded into most anything the cabal desires. The post-Berlin era have demonstrated the cabal’s dominance not over the enemy military resources but over the world population, the cabal’s main target since mastering the world power “thesis” and “antithesis”, currently the West “contra” Russia and China (both run by “national” Jew sub-cabals like in the West and the “Arab” world), all under the global Jew cabal’s control. (How am I doing as a crazy lunatic antisemite, dear Tanja and Arthur? 🙂 )
I believe a scenario with a “gain in function” virus combined with 5G area sweeps (plus targeting certain facilities like care homes and ICUs, judging from the Plandemic1.0 dry runs globally) would be easier to hide and propagandize to scare the public into chipping etc. control measures. Due to vax production schedules announced at plandemic’s onset, inoculations against “covid” would start in late autumn 2021 at the earliest. Preceeding “pandemic returns” would condition the surviving 🙂 masses to race for vax as soon as they are available at Walmart near you. Another possibility would be spiking the “Wuhan” older plandemic (MSM already talk about it) vaccines with the metals.
The technique you describe would make sense for Targeted Individuals AFTER “contact tracing”, medical confinement and forced vaccination.
Let’s not forget (do I sound like a maniac? 🙂 ) that torsion fields accompanying any sweeps or formed beams have their own laws of propagation and bio-effects, which, known intimately only to the perpetrators, would most likely be designed into the technologies, equipment and scenarios that might really unfold, incl. beaming from Musk’s satellites as only low power intensities would be required — if I understand, Dr. Diana?

Were the BLM chutzpas in USrael (and elsewhere?) to evolve into neo-marxist revolution and communist rule, then pre-emptive killing TIs would be a most likely strategy, with White Christians the most numerous victims according to experience from most revolutions:

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