Another pseudo-science claptrap on 5G relation to covid

Piotr Bein, 29.7.2020
Illustrated with cartoons that substitute for experimental evidence or realistic concept, a fresh piece of nonsense fell like manna from the sky to ignorant fanatics of anti-5G movement:

5G technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells

Retracted a few days after listing on PubMed database of refereed science publications, the rubbish is welcomed and passed on like a treasure. David Icke and Makia Freeman ( caught the hook, contributing to discreditation of the whole movement.
The hoax may have been pre-planned to deepen public confusion and  discourage people from taking interest in wireless technology relation to “covid” that the establishment themselves have admitted a decade ago in “SARS virus gain of function” research.
Diligent high school student would spot hallmarks of a fraud in the new publication:
  • Milimetre waves exceed the size of a cell by a couple orders of magnitude, even at their extreme end of the spectrum — 1 mm wavelength at 300 GHz. 5G would officially not exceed some 30 GHz, a wave about 4 times longer. So the authors self-debunk their crazy “hypothesis”.
  • The authors propagate the hoax of a pandemic, referring to a fraudulent article in Lancet. There is not even an epidemic anywhere in the world, as total number of deaths from all causes in 2020 consistently follows the pattern over the last 10 or 15 years.
  • The authors mix up the name of the alleged illness (Covid-19) with the name of the alleged virus (officially SARS CoV-2).
  • Absurdly, they recalculate the number of 5G-caused illnesses (estimated at present at 720) by mathematical operation of factorial  that results in an astronomic number with 1746 digits!
Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak commented in a small e-group (minor corrections by PB):
I see this attached publication as a joke. This is not an original publication but editorial text. It is hypothesis with a few large errors:
  • DNA is not a good conductor, the current vanishes over a few hundred base pairs,
  • DNA resonates only with a few microwave frequencies,
  • human cells are much smaller then 100 GHz wavelength,
  • DNA can’t be created from nothing,
  • coronaviruses do not not attack skin cells,
  • holes in liquid is something new…
  • and other errors…
Pictures of viruses are of course not as important as viral genes coding protein which attack our cells. The picture of virus may be completely different.  Scientific journals are not allowed to propagate connections of 5G and coronavirus, actually!
Probably this is an attempt to ridicule people who will cite this work.
Dr. Wojtkowiak is a valued and exceptional member of “Coalition Poland Free of 5G”. A sign of her work’s relevance to exposing Big Telcos’ threats to health, life and freedoms, her submission to a legislative process on 5G has been banned in Polish parliament:
She recently wrote a paper exposing the establishment’s research on enhancing viruses with radiowaves:
Would Biolife and Lancet publish it?

By piotrbein