[discussion] Is this Stop 5G International?

Excerpt from the newest email discussion thread on the subject, omitting secondary and repetitive exchanges. The purpose is to record discussants’ position on the issues around hijacking the Appeal Stop 5G on Earth and in Space and possible globalist infiltration through Stop 5G International group.
ATTENTION: Nicolya Christi mentioned in the thread below has been vindicated: Grassroots anti-5G under globalist assault
Piotr Bein, 22.8.2020



Nicolya Christi, 5.8.2020: The only response I can give to this latest round of defamation from Claire Edwards is the same as I have all along. Where is her irrefutable proof re the allegations she continues to make about me? – allegations that could not be further from the truth. 

Several times I have offered to speak directly with her to put her straight but she will not communicate other than slander me in emails and online. If she were really interested in the truth then surely she would wish to get her facts straight rather than putting two and two together and presenting six?

I agreed to her conditions to take my own initiative WorldShift.Earth offline, a platform which had nothing at all to do with the C of Budapest or any other Club as she continues to accuse and state as ‘fact’, and which I have never ever had anything to do with personally to the point of being known to be vehemently opposed to such. She stated that if I took WS.Earth offline and removed myself from the overall stop 5g movement she would leave me alone. I did so but still this incomprehensible vendetta against me continues. I took WS.Earth down because after her ongoing public slandering and wrongful association of it with the “Clubs” she refers to after realising that to continue on with it would invite ongoing attacks from her and thus it would never be free of her false allegations/associations. 

For the record again:

1) My only association with Ervin Laszlo is as a writer, one of several invited to contribute to three of his books. There was a co-written endeavour re a manuscript at his invitation, which amounted to nothing. He wrote a book some years ago titled ‘WorldShift 2012’, which I never read but was inspired by the title ‘WorldShift’ as this is what the world is going through now, an important and timely shift. In 2009, I was invited to join a group called ‘WS2012′ which consisted of just three people and never got off the ground. I broke away several months later and set up WorldShift Movement alone. It had absolutely no association or involvement whatsoever with any ‘Club’. I cannot emphasise enough that my involvement with “Clubs”/“Soros”/”eugenicist practices” etc is the same as any one of you randomly cc-d into Claire’s email attacks on me – in other words, like you, I have zero involvement/association. I had not even heard of the name “Soros” until she accused me of being funded by it/him. I did not even know what “eugenicist” meant and had to look it up.

2) I did not set up S5GI nor did or do I fund it. I cannot even fund my own life and so continue to live from hand to mouth. I did not agree to it being called Stop5G International and made that clear. The group consensus made its final decision. I can confirm that S5GI are a group of dedicated everyday people who care as deeply about the threat of 5g to humanity, Nature and the Earth as anyone copied into these emails.

3) I did put a call out last May (2019) to set up an ‘International Counter-5G Round Table’ and a person who wished to join the group invited some of her own contacts Claire being one. I had no prior knowledge of Claire before as the stop 5g movement was something I had never been part of. Claire “dropped out” (in her own words) before the first call and not for the grossly inaccurate reasons she cites but because she had come straight in wildly accusing another genuinely innocent participant of being an “infiltrator”, “agent for the dark agenda” and an “actor”, and had become obsessive and very vocal about that stating that either “he went or she would not join”. I made it clear he was no such thing and she then by her own choice “dropped out” and turned on me. I began to hear that she had been bad-mouthing me to potential new colleagues – and here we are today. Someone who knows her well stated that if you are on the right side of her you are safe but if you are on the wrong side she turns into a formidable enemy. The fact is I made a stand for an innocent party she was publicly falsely accusing and thus came under her radar by having done so and have since been the subject of her malignant obsession. People who know me well and know what I am having to deal with here state that the Claire Edwards they have looked at on the video interviews she has made where she slanders me, comes across as “elegant, eloquent,  intelligent, and believable” and they are astonished it is the same Claire Edwards writing the emails and online attacks. Most people will not see the bewildering extent of vicious language she uses to convey her fabrications about me, which is so extreme that the term ‘psychosis’ and ’split personality’ immediately spring to mind.

4) I am no longer part of the stop 5g movement having upheld my word and agreement to leave. I have nothing to do with it at all. In fact, the entire experience has been so distressing that I wish I had never ventured into that arena in the first place, which I did only out of deep concern re the impact of 5g on the health and wellbeing of all living beings; a concern I wrote about in March 2019 – https://nicolyachristi.love/5g-a-humanitarian-crisis-nicolya-christi/ – after which I put out a call to some internationally located ‘stop 5g’ spearheads for the purpose of joining forces for the greater good of combined worldwide efforts to stop 5g. 

5) I am none of what she accuses and if she would only get onto a call – along with everyone she copies into her attacks for the purpose of acting as some kind of jury backing her up – (only now I discover that these people never asked or gave permission for her to copy them in as I never gave permission for her to expose my email address to all and anyone she chooses) – I would answer every single question/accusation/allegation and you would all come to realise that Claire is grossly wrong on every count and that this is all a devastating misrepresentation (attack/personal vendetta) against myself. But she will refuse to do so as she has before because her accusations would transpire to benull and void and the reputation she is trying to build for herself on the back of my own would turn to dust. It is also clear that Claire feels a lot of anger towards S5GI and even though she knows I am no longer part of it still she attacks it – why?

6) The only thing I can agree with in all she cites is that I too have reservations about the Club of Rome – which I know nothing about but it is just a feeling I have. The Club of Budapest I have NEVER had anything to do with but my gut feeling backed up by observations is that it is a benign few pockets of inactive, isolated, and mostly retired individuals, who are followers of Ervin Laszlo’s Work. Were Claire to conduct proper, thorough and scrupulous research she would see that there is no linking of my name to that organisation at all, not even on the long list of member names cited. But she botches ill-fitting jigsaw pieces together to create a picture that is utterly false in regard to myself and her litany of accusations about me. She literally makes it up as she goes along to suit the agenda’d narrative in her head. Ervin Laszlo asked me to become involved with the Club of Budapest a few times and I blatantly refused to the point of offending him. I am a free spirit. I work alone. I have no interest in joining such groups. I am not funded and financially barely survive from one week to the next. The round table I initiated (no longer operative) was to be a think-tank type closed group to brainstorm about what could be done to stop 5g.
7)  If one can attack another on such a public scale because of a former association, then why is no one asking about her own eighteen-year ’top level’ association with the nefarious UN? Does that make her all that she accuses me of too? An organisation she vilifies on one hand yet, as it would appear, receives funds from with the other in the form of a pension. Is this not blood money and therefore a contradiction in terms?

8) I had/have nothing to do with any other WorldShift outside of the initial phone calls (never a single meeting) with WS2012 (2009), the set-up of my own WS.Movement (2010), and a brief foray into evolving that into something called WSInternational (2011), which came to nothing as pressure was applied to link it to the C of Budapest without my permission and in direct opposition to my emphatic stance. So I immediately dropped WSInternational within weeks of it being launched. The final straw re WS Movement/WS International was when after remaining unwavering about keeping the C of B away from it only to then hear that permission had been given for “132 world shift URL’s” to be made available to all and anyone including C of B members. My response was to immediately delete WSInternational. Eight years later after no other WS activities as far as I could tell, I decided to independently launch WS.Earth and did not inform EL as it was nothing to do with him. However within months Claire had jumped on it inaccurately associating it with “Clubs/Soros/eugenicists/Laszlo” etc and I realised I needed to finally let go of the vision I had held since 2010 of a movement for the people because it would be hounded by Claire and thus forever tainted by the wilful and calculated destruction she was out to cause.

9) With regard to her statement that Ervin Laszlo pulled his own site down to hide my name – this is simply not true. It just so happened that he was having a new site built at that time which I knew nothing about and only came to my attention when she pointed that out. I do not follow EL or his endeavours so it was news to me. Several months earlier before any of this had happened I told EL that I did not wish to be on his inactive ‘Faculty’ and to remove my name from his website. It is as simple as that. 

10) With regard to the S5GI video ‘We Do Not Consent’ –  I offered two photographs for it as they were struggling to find royalty free images and emailed people, including me, asking if any such could be donated. I had nothing to do with the making of that video nor the funding of it and was mortified to see my name had been placed in the credits without my permission, which I only saw when it had gone live. I immediately insisted it was removed. The person who took it upon herself to include it without asking me first emailed to say that she had done so because she thought it would ‘prove’ I was no longer part of S5GI, a line of thinking I still fail to grasp. So to reiterate: I have never donated a single penny to S5GI. I am no longer part of it. I have asked to be removed from all mailings and have no involvement at all with it or the stop 5g movement.
11) Claire takes her accusations to new heights now with the sudden allegation that I “stole her Appeal and 2.5 years of her work”. The Appeal she refers to is the Earth-Space Appeal, which I have read was the brainchild of at least four people but she claims it as her own. I do not know if it is “hers” or not. However, this latest accusation is yet another classic case of her making it up as she goes along to suit her agenda to further blacken my name. Let me make it clear: I HAVE NEVER HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE APPEAL OTHER THAN POSTING IT ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA, AS HAVE MANY THOUSANDS OF OTHERS WHO ARE INSPIRED BY IT. It is on hundreds of sites but she does not accuse each of those of “stealing it and 2.5 years of her work”. Up until recently that accusation was the misfortune of someone else. But now it suits her agenda to pin this allegation on myself. I would never ever steal anyone’s work, nor have I, nor would I ever. Again, rather than throwing further unfounded claims at me why not first present undeniable evidence? But she will only present words that support her fictional script. Her so-called evidence shows a screenshot of the Appeal in a slider on the WS.Earth website – what it does not go on to show is the handful of other worthy causes included in that slider – linking straight out to each respective website. It was in the slider because it merited being highly visible on the WS.Earth site along with the other humanitarian/world-saving causes featured alongside it such as Boyan Slat’s ‘Ocean Clean-Up Campaign’, and Polly Higgin’s ‘Make Ecocide a Crime’ and ‘Earth Protectors’ etc.

I wish that people would insist on seeing hard evidence and irrefutable proof of someone’s accusations about another person. Nobody seems to ask her for this but instead appear to blindly accept whatever she presents and even thank her for doing so. But what she presents in regards to myself is total fabrication. 
I am an open book and have nothing to hide but none of her audience seem to be interested in asking me for my side of the story and her interviewers do not insist on her presenting verifibiable facts, (and not her doctored versions). Nor are they contacting me to ask for my side of the story given the slander is about me and my Work. They are not acting from integrity or a professional neutral stance but siding with her and in that are also complicit in her attacks. One of the interviewers I personally contacted asking him why he would air such libellous allegations without presenting verifiable and coherent evidence or checking her story before filming. He would only state: “I personally know Claire and trust her everything she says.”.

I have tried all along to be understanding of Claire’s attempts to expose the ‘dark agenda’ operating in the world but her accusation that I am part of it is 100% incorrect
It seems she is now too far in re her ongoing smear-campaign to acknowledge she has made up these wild allegations to blacken my name, all of which are born out of a fanatical obsession with myself. Nor will she apologise for dragging my pristine name and reputation through the mud in the way that she has/is. 

Why does she refuse to talk with me and hear my side of the story – a necessary and instrumental action on the part of any investigative party who is genuinely and authentically concerned with exposing facts and not damaging innocent people along the way in the pursuit of that endeavour. 

Is anyone listed here interested in the actual truth in regards to all that she accuses re myself? 

The biggest lesson this has taught me is how easy it is to put random isolated pieces of information together (other than the C of Rome which I know nothing about but do not trust) and turn them into a work of fiction worthy of Hollywood. 

How do I even begin to extricate myself from this web of falsities and untruths when she is relentless, driven to the point of fanatical, in regard to the ruination of my name, reputation and Work.  

There is no accusation that Claire can levy at me that I could not stop in its tracks were I afforded the opportunity to put the record straight on each and every allegation/statement. But instead I am reduced to trying to do so in exhaustive and all too lengthy emails (as I have done several times over the past months) each of which are met with further attacks and hostile counter-accusations. She has no interest in listening to my responses to her allegations, the more I deny them the more preposterous and extreme the next round of allegations.

If anyone has any answers as to how I can prove that I am none of what I am being accused of I would really appreciate your advice?

I respect and support her compulsion to expose the ‘dark’ but to do so authentically one must be scrupulous in their research and presentation of facts. Otherwise, as I have stated before, the effect is that of an antibiotic flushing out good bacteria along with the ‘bad’. 

Please, before you take in all that she states about me do ask for irrefutable evidenceto back up her claims – none will be provided only juxtaposed jigsaw pieces botched together to embellish the fantasy she has in her head fuelled by her obsession – a point supported by mocking references in regard to the way I look, the sound of my voice, my reputation re my Work, etc. 

There is not a single shred of evidence to confirm that I am or have ever been part of any ‘Club’. All who are part of the C of B are publicly listed. I do not know where you would find that list but googling might lead you to it. If you do find it you will not see my name (even though other names she accuses will be on it) because I refused to be part of it and never wavered for a moment on that stance.
There are dozens of statements and claims she has made about me all set out in dozens of emails I have been copied into along with endless lists of people unknown to myself. One such statement which she has visited a few times, but now with increasing fervour, is that my name is on a “new Nuremburg Trials list for crimes against humanity” – this is just one fraction of what I have been dealing with since December 2019, when ‘Stop 5G International’ launched. As far as I am concerned, the only person splitting and dividing the stop 5g movement is Claire Edwards who peddles her script to anyone, world-wide, who will listen. And they do … and they believe … and my name is muddied at best. 
My final word on all of this is to implore anyone who reads or watches anything that Claire Edwards states about me to insist on viewing unadulterated, non-botched together ill-fitting puzzle-pieces that from her perspective enhance her inauthentic and personal agenda’d narrative and objective.
I hope my Work speaks for itself. PEACE, LOVE, LIGHT, TRUTH, KINDNESS and GOODNESS are my compass, and nothing or no one will ever throw me off course.


Tanja Katarina Rebel, 7 July 2020 14:55: What is excellent about lies? The only conclusion I can make is that the people spreading these lies want to do all to sow discourse in the Stop 5G movement. One can wonder why…. I also wonder where they find the time to bully and harass when I thought their main goal was to stop 5G. Then, it probably isn’t for if so they would focus on the task at hand. Instead, out of spite, jealousy, paranoia or perhaps because they are employed by the Smart industry/UN/whatever they continue their playground bullying.

There is no Global Power take by Stop 5G International

There is no Eugenicist Agenda in Stop 5G International

Nicolya is nothing of the things they make her out to be

She is an integral person, in contrast to those spreading the lies

I no longer belong to XR and even if I did that does not warrant bullying

I am not Jewish, I wonder where that come from…. Not that I mind as I am not an anti-semite either…. Nor a bully…. Nor a harasser…. Nor someone spreading lies and false rumours about others.

Now children, for the final time, stop the nonsense before you fall on your own sword. I have bcc’d some very important Stop 5G people into this so they can see your true colours.

Finally, you will now all be blocked from my SPAM folder as well. So no point in replying. Kindly start focusing on what is important in this life, such as being nice to others and perhaps trying to stop 5G for real. For you could have fooled me. One thing is for certain, you can try and fool others with your smoke and mirrors, but you cannot fool the Creator of us all who sees right through you.


On Friday, July 3, 2020, 06:39:27 PM PDT, Claire Edwards: Dear Piotr. Your “[draft] Grassroots anti-5G under globalist assault — What to do about it” is a good summary, but I would suggest a couple of corrections.

I am in agreement with you that the 5G Space Appeal has serious shortcomings, not the least of which is that it is an Appeal to entities – the UN, WHO, EU and world governments – that have shown by their actions that they are acting illegally and against the public interest and therefore forfeit the right to claim any authority.  Such an Appeal serves to grant them a legitimacy to which they are not entitled.  And you are right, the Appeal is myopic since it focuses on 5G, giving rise to a perception among the public that if we just stopped at 4G, all would be well, whereas in fact ALL wireless technology is a killer and all of it must go.  In addition, the main focus of the Appeal is the threat to health, wildlife, and the planet, whereas in fact the threat is even more sinister and amounts to the enslavement of the world population, the deletion of our humanity altogether through cyborgisation and the weaponisation of the entire planet.  Thus it gives only a very partial introduction to the real scale of the threat from 5G and is in effect misleading.  The fact that Arthur Firstenberg entered into collaboration with depopulationists makes signing the Appeal a hazardous step.  This is why I withdrew my signature and many others have followed suit.

Under the heading “Shortcomings of the Appeal”, you state that the Appeal pushes “fibreoptic cables (known to harm electrosensitives), or Li-Fi as scantly tested as everything in wireless”.  However, this is not the case.  Neither is mentioned in the Appeal and both are explicitly denounced by Arthur Firstenberg, the administrator of the Appeal.  He has also informed me that he withdrew his participation in stop5ginternational earlier this year, but that assertion could be accounted for by a desire to dissociate himself from an organisation that I successfully exposed as controlled opposition.

I object strenuously to mention of stop5ginternational being made under the same heading (“Shortcomings of the Appeal”) as the Appeal must not be allowed to be used to give the globalist organisation stop5ginternational any veneer of professionalism or legitimacy.  Nicolya Christi expunged her Worldshift website from the Internet in an attempt to hide from the public the globalist roots of her organisation.  Club of Rome/Budapest founder Ervin Laszlo also attempted to expunge from the Internet all evidence of his connection with Christi to give her cover while she infiltrated the stop 5G movement, but unfortunately for them, the Web crawlers and archived web pages still provide all the evidence of Christi’s true links to the depopulationists, as do her and his published books, which mimic and endorse each other, even down to having the same cover designs.  Christi was also a close friend of Barbara Marx Hubbard, member of Club of Budapest and sidekick of Ervin Laszlo, founder of CoB, until her death, and endorser of transhumanism and depopulation (The Demonic Roots of Globalism):






I was not aware of the Appeal’s shortcomings when I participated in its production as I was new to the topic of 5G at the time, but now we all have a more contextual view of what is really going on, which is a globalist takeover and introduction of technocracy and cyborgisation through so-called vaccines (which are nothing of the sort).  We now know that the scamdemic was manufactured to condition the public and create the economic conditions for the New World Order as it has been exposed recently by official figures released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC Confirms Extremely Low COVID-19 Death Rate), which show that there never was any pandemic: the overall infection fatality rate was a tiny 0.26%, and even that figure is distorted by the disproportionate number of deaths of old people in care homes, who were targeted for death by the complete withdrawal of health care services.

The scamdemic conspiracy has laid the groundwork for what has now been openly declared as the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”, the real aims of which I identified in February 2020 as having been spelled out in the Worldshift 20 Declaration (and reiterated here), which is in fact a Maoist Cultural Revolution.  “The Great Reset”, “Worldshift” and the “Evolutionary Leap” are all synonyms for the same conspiracy.  We now see this playing out in the Soros- and corporate-funded Black Lives Matter psyop principally, but not solely, in the US.

Worldshift is the international arm of the Club of Rome/Club of Budapest nominally delegated to be led by the globalist stooge Nicolya Christi, who has repeatedly lied about her blatant attempt to hijack the Stop 5G movement by inspiring the creation of  stop5ginternational.  The very name “stop5ginternational” is consistent with the international aims of Worldshift to engineer a worldwide “shift”, aka Maoist Cultural Revolution.  Christi lied to me that she had quit the group in February 2020, but she was still participating on 6 May 2020 when she was credited in a video published by stop5ginternational.  Since I drew attention to her continued participation in stop5ginternational, the entire credits were deleted from the end of the video, but I reproduce the original here:


Since Christi’s pretended withdrawal from the stop5ginternational, the publicly acknowledged leading member of the group is Tanja Rebel who, like Christi, simply denies all the concrete evidence I bring forward regarding their conspiracy to subvert the stop 5G movement.  They seem to naively believe that their denials of the evidence can simply magic it out of existence.  Tanja Rebel is an admitted former member of Extinction Rebellion, which has also been exposed as another Soros psyop and was explicitly endorsed in 2019, along with the Little Grater psyop, by the depopulationist Club of Rome.  This, of course, is not surprising as they are all Club of Rome projects, as is Worldshift itself.

I agree wholeheartedly with the person you quote as saying that “self-directed grassroots [must be] locally diversified and independent of each other.

“The only way to “train” for activism is to get out to a camp or event of your choosing and just DO IT. Remain completely autonomous in your actions and NEVER let anyone tell you what to believe or do.  Trust your gut feelings at all times.”

When we trust our intuition, we know what to do and who we should and should not trust.  We need to take individual responsibility for the mess that we have got ourselves into and find myriad ways to dig ourselves out.  Joining globalist-inspired controlled opposition such as Extinction Rebellion, the climate change psyop, Black Lives Matter, stop5ginternational or Worldshift makes you vulnerable to misinformation and misdirection.  Their aim is to run people’s energies and efforts into the sand with fruitless and aimless actions devoid of any sense or direction while they roll out their killer wireless technology, 100K 5G satellites to be used by the US military to weaponise space and the ionosphere, and run scamdemics to scare people into embracing Terminator “vaccines” to kill and cyborgise people as described by Club of Budapest and demonic channeller Barbara Marx Hubbard.

I hope that we can now lay the whole Worldshift scenario and Rebel’s and Christi’s denials of the evidence and claims of innocence to rest.  Christi is a prima facie tool of the depopulationists.  Rebel may just be an innocent stooge, but by collaborating with the depopulationist agenda – and notably never repudating that agenda, its authors or their psyops, or Christi’s association with it and with the demonic Hubbard – she tars herself with the same brush.  If Rebel were acting honestly, in the face of this evidence, she should repudiate and wind up stop5ginternational as terminally tainted by its having been inspired, founded by, and possibly funded by depopulationists.  Who and what is behind Brinker Capital, the firm that occupies the address where the stop5ginternational website is registered?


On Saturday, July 4, 2020 12:06 AM, Piotr Bein:

Dear Angel, Chief Idealist Claire,

Let’s not be deceptive like the propaganda we fight. “Rapidly cooling” are normal fluctuations, well within Sun’s cycles. Extreme events can be fabricated with weaponized tools of weather modification.  That has nothing to do with “anthropogernic”, but all to do with banksterogenic.

Dear Teacher Tanja, 
You can whip up gossip and smear till you drop. The evidence you have provided is clear. Now I can safely finish my post without fearing an indictment from Reza 🙂

I reiterate the conclusion: Stop5GInt’l is not capable of strategic direction to local groups, nor technical expertise necessary to understand the technology before it could be stopped. Whether they are useful idiots or globalist agents is immaterial. The bankster cabal is winning.

Despite her declarations, Tanja indirectly admits she works for the globalists. In the past, I asked her couple of times, never received as much detail as Susan did. Instead I got lots of “cease and desist” scares signed polit-correctly with what Tanja is not, forttified with “attorney” Reza’s threats in defense of Stop5GInt’l people.

All pollution is one, since the villain is one: the Jew bankster cabal in control of money, economy, technology. They shape and program our lives and lifestyles, commandeer us into scam-demic obedience, so why don’t they nudge us into truly environmentally friendly lifestyles, and reform their corporate and military practices — genocidal to Humanity and Biosphere. They can arrange zillions in own bailouts, but not even a mere call for remedies on Fukushimas they control by deceptive “dialectic”: Jew hydrocarbons (dirty) versus Jew nuclear energy (clean).

So fighting anything of the whole is futile without naming the culprit. You are out of luck, Tanja, this can’t be done withourt being “antisemitic”.

Telling people they are at fault covers up the globalists. So does belittling those who name things.  Here is five more counts of your working for them, Tanja…

Centralisations result in hijack by the cabal. Stop5GInt’l has not developed any effective strategy.  Sto5GIn’t struggles with scientific understanding of the issues, never mind global actions. It castrates the grassroots.

“Group think” is imposed by herding local outfits into “international”  Stop5G FB (another evil Jew’s tech, why are you using it, Tanja?). Junk&bunk gets publicity, instead of real info that would educate the public and shut up Big Telco’s smears. Activists Claire and Tanja have both refused public correction of the junk&bunk. To me it is indirect support of the globalist agenda (knowingly or not).

You can’t remain credible in the Public’s eye, Tanja. The cabal shapes public perceptions. Tiptoeing instead of telling how things really are  is irresponsible at best, complacency with the globalist agenda otherwise. If you are honest and believe that upkeeping globalist lies to win the public over and advance the cause, Stop5GInt’l may as well pack and go.

Dictating God-like… You dictate whatever you fancy. If you feel you have the right to do so, me too has a right to criticize and demand corrections. So don’t scream every time a legit criticism is put forward. If you can’t handle it like a grownup, return to your Isle Stop5G.

Notifying you about the need to correct misinformation hurting the grassroots is foresight, common sense and care for the common good and the movement’s reputation. But it certainly is stupidity/nastiness/evil when an activist, who put herself in Stop5GInt’l with a stated goal of embracing all grassroots, resists using anti-“antisemite” vocabulary. Shooting the messenger plays into the globalist agenda in this case, too, Tanja.


On Thursday, July 2, 2020, 04:36:05 AM PDT, Tanja Katarina Rebel: Following upon two more libelous emails: Here’s a “joke” for all to savour: A raving loonie anti-Semite, a smart industry employed person convicted of manslaughter (maiming a person for life) and a UN Stooge accuse someone of being a genocidal maniac.
Aahahahahahahaha! The bullies on this group – and you know who you are – have now all been blocked – for ever.

Without Prejudice
This is the last email I send to this group. Three of you have already been blocked and I will not hesitate to block anyone else who bothers me again.

The bullies who cry loudest know – for I told them many months ago – that I was part of XR Rebellion early on, but that I have since left. The picture taken was long ago when I was a steward at a local XR Rebellion march. I helped coordinate for I thought at the time that they would be awake to all pollution. They were not and still aren’t. I fought hard to get XR to ask Councils and Government to declare Environment – not one-eyed Climate – Emergency, but they would not. When I persisted I was subsequently blocked from their Facebook group (the local one) and I left, starting a separate Stop 5G group on the Isle of Wight.

However, I still believe in holistic action based on joined-up thinking which fights ALL pollution as one, i.e. Soil, Air, Water, Sound, Light and EMR. The latter two in particular have been woefully neglected, including by the Green Movement, and this is why I have put my campaigning on other essential environmental issues more or less aside for the last one to one and a half year to focus on 5G. Together with another lady I instigated Global 5G Protest and I am part of Stop 5G International, a grassroots based organisation trying to stop 5G across the World.

As I have explained to some on this group ad absurdum, Stop 5G International have nothing to do with Globalist organisations (one of which one person on this list has worked for during the course of 18 years) nor has it got connections with the “smart” industry (unlike some on this group) and with regards to Nicolya, she is a loving caring person who was been woefully attacked and bullied by people who seem to think it is more important to destroy others than to destroy 5G…..

I have no words for the bullying and harassment, the despicable rumours and sickening videos which have been shared across the world by people whom I initially thought truly cared about the cause. Perhaps they do, but it sure is a strange way of showing it when you do all to kill Stop 5G International and Global Protest. Some said that we should fight only locally, but that is of course completely stupid as the 5G industry is a coordinated global force. That is not to say that I don’t fight locally. The Isle of Wight has been one of the most active Stop 5G groups in the country and whilst we were holding a local Protest on the Isle of Wight during the first Global Protest Day in January some of the bullies went to London (not their base) to cause havoc there, bullying participants who did not toe their line, instead of instigating their own local Protest. Very peculiar indeed….

This, my dear Susan, makes me wonder again and again whether said bullies are as innocent as they claim or whether they are plants trying to destroy the Movement from within. The more as they spout all kinds of wild theories for which they do not provide any verifiable back-up, giving us all a bad name. Global Protest and Stop 5G International focus on Health and Environmental concerns, coupled to Surveillance issues, and rely on verifiable evidence. Not that there isn’t any truth in other so-called “conspiracy” theories. There may well be, but we choose to remain credible in the Public’s eye as that is the main way to retain and gain public support. As you well know, the general Public are so brain-washed that it is hard to get through to them at all and screaming way-out there claims at them won’t help. Neither will denying Climate Change, for – like it or not – Climate is the mantra of our time.

I don’t care whether Climate Change is human-made or not. I care about stopping all pollution. As stated ad absurdum and now ad infinitum, for this is the last time I waste my breath on this:

I believe in fighting ALL pollution as one – and that is my right

I am no longer in XR Rebellion – but it is none of your business

Since a year back I focus mainly on 5G in my campaigns

I am not funded or supported by anyone

Unlike others, I do not make money out of fighting 5G

Stop 5G International are grassroots based

They are not connected to the UN, Soros, Club of Rome/Budapest etc. etc. etc.

Nicolya left Stop 5G International due to incessant bullying and harassment

She is a lovely person who cares about the Earth as a whole

She has nothing to do with what has been claimed about her

In contrast to some, Nicolya does not bully, harass or shame others

Neither do other members of Stop 5G International as they are….

Good People. As simple as that.

I trust this list is exhaustive enough. That said, I am sure said bullies will conjure up other crazy claims, which – however many times you defend yourself and try to explain – they will persist in proclaiming to all and sundry. It is becoming somewhat predictable. Then, a bully never gives up until the other lies flat on the floor and then they keep kicking for good measure. All because they feel so small inside that they have to kick another to feel bigger again. And if the person bullied won’t have it they get very upset and resort to more and more outrageous claims. Well, I will not have it. I should never have had to defend myself – or others – against these outrageous claims. After six months of it I am sick to the core. Sick to the core to have to counter such stupidity/nastiness/evil – delete what is not applicable. Or perhaps it is all three….

What’s more, it should be up to me and anyone else to believe what they want to believe and do what they want to do. Don’t you think! Nobody in this group has the right to dictate to others or tell them they “must” do or not do this, “must” be part or not part of this. You are not God, none of you.

Now, dear children, leave me alone or I will block you all. As always, I suggest that you stop the bullying, harassment, lies and false rumours and start focusing on 5G for a change. Regardless of whether you think your rumours are true or not, people who keep being nasty and keep back-talking and black-listing others are generally not very nice people and in the long run it will come back to them, if not else through whisperings emerging from their own conscience. More and more people are already seeing through these silly and completely infantile games, I have been in touch with many who have been bullied and feel completely betrayed by some unnamed people on this list who should know better than to sow discord in this manner. Shame on you. They could start spreading lots of nasty rumours about you, which would be well founded (I have already mentioned the UN and the Smart industry) but that is not their style. For they choose to focus on the cause, not on attacking others.

So boys and girls, I kindly suggest you grow up and do something good: Focus wholeheartedly on the cause and why not for a change support others who do so as well, even if they don’t follow your stipulated path. As I am sure you are aware, whilst we are bickering, the Telco’s are having a Hay Day. I cannot imagine that that is what you want – or perhaps you do, for these are the results of your destructive behaviour which belong to nursery school. In actual fact, they don’t even belong there, they belong to a very dark dimension indeed. For God’s sake, step into the Light.


On Thursday, July 2, 2020, 01:59:30 PM PDT, Claire Edwards: Hear, hear, Mark!  But you really must remember that they had to change the name from “global warming” to “climate change” when they couldn’t any longer cover up the fact that the planet is actually rapidly cooling.  I keep forgetting myself as it’s such utter bollocks.

And don’t forget that an awful lot of people actually buy into depopulation.  I know it seems amazing, but I have had a series of conversations with people I thought were balanced and intelligent, and have found that they support depopulation.  To them, human beings being an evil cancer that pollutes the earth is axiomatic.  Even people with children have asserted this to me.  I believe that it is a Club of Rome meme propagated successfully over the last nearly 50 years and reinforced by the media mind control programming.  So anyone who believes that they should stop breathing (that is, that we need to have net zero carbon dioxide) or joins Extinction Rebellion, both of which scams originate with the Club of Rome perpetrators, forfeits credibility in claiming to want to stop 5G, which will achieve the depopulation aim rapidly and effectively.  That would obviously include Extinction Rebellion member Tanja Rebel.  This is the saddest aspect of all of this.  All these poor stooges who think they are saving the earth or protesting discrimination against people of colour, and all the while they are just robotic puppets, serving the aims of the perpetrators.


On Thursday, July 2, 2020 11:28 AM, Mark Steele: She won’t repudiate the CO2 agenda in regard Global warming.  A lot of the key people in the international stop 5G group are the same..  This is totally incompatible with stopping 5G LED kill grid as it’s the driver for the installation, she has been very robust on stating that 5G is not a weapon that can’t be just ignorance as the technical evidence on DEW is in the public domain. She has supporters that spread this same disinformation and now we have these groups rejecting the Prima Facie evidence that this is a GENOCIDE agenda linked with the contaminated Vaccines.

They are dangerous individuals who misinform either deliberately or in ignorance of the scientific facts and UN 21 resilient city agenda.

Susan Clarke, 1 July 2020 22:24: Tanja, I do not know you at all, so cannot judge. But I would like to know whether you are with or were with XR in the past.  If you left XR, why did you do so? XR is designed to bring human and almost-all-life extinction by means of its support for Geoengineering and its wireless infrastructural buildouts and transhumanist AI dominance. Perhaps you were fooled into participation in XR?In any case, if you indeed aim to stop 5G, you must have nothing to do with XR – the extinction machine itself. Thank you for your consideration.


On Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 5:07:58 PM EDT, Piotr Bein: Tanja, Like a useful idiot or cultured marxist ideologically fanatic agent, you have participated in neo-marxist Extinction Rebellion as a “community organizer”, a function you continue in Stop5GInt’l with your neo-marxist colleagues. 


It’s not Soros, but much worse — the Juicy Bankster’s NWO implementation. You better pay attention to what we say here about covid to wireless relation. Soros is but a third-level cog, totally subservient to the rothschilds and rockefellers, a level or two under Bnai Brith and Talmudic rabbinate of Chabad Lubavitch terror.


You have never explained your error (?), nor apologized to the public for XR, hence you command zero believability and respect.


You can stuff your internationalism, too. You have not asked the Earth’s nations if, after your show in XR, they want your involvement and activism on anything.   Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin also carried communism internationally without asking any nations. So did Hitler — national socialism of pro-Zionist Third Reich for the same Juicy Banksters. Who needs permission on a bankster mission…


Watch Juicy Bankster “revolutions” and see the useful role you are playing:

Freikorps 2020 Part I     Part II    Part III    Part IV

On Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 12:53:42 AM PDT, Tanja Katarina Rebel:

Without prejudice

Claire, Stop your lying. You were once a friend or so I thought. How dare you say such horrible untruths about me or others! I have seen through you, believe you me. The jury is still out whether you are ill or a (UN) plant, regardless, the results of your actions are the same.

I am not a Globalist and never have been. I have fought blind globalism for decades, the same decades that some of us were employed by the UN.  I am an internationalist, i.e. I believe in international cooperation – from the bottom up. That is what Stop 5G International are doing and any money (which is very little indeed) that is needed comes from grassroots activists, not Soros or anyone else that you want to conjure up. How dare you spread these false rumours around! As for Nicolya, you have already bullied her out of Stop 5G International and harmed her greatly, that should be enough to be ashamed of for the rest of your life. Have a good look at yourself and your twisted mind – and heart.

Now leave me alone. As in for ever. I have asked to be taken off this list and that should be respected. By all. My focus is on stopping 5G and so should yours be instead of attacking others in the movement and doing all to stop certain Stop 5G actions from being successful. Shame on you – ad infinitum.

From now on any more drivel from any of you which hits my inbox will be returned to sender. And any more false rumours that are being spread will only reflect back on you and your big black inner mirror, aka your soul.


On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 3:35 AM Claire Edwards: I’m not at all surprised to read Tanja saying that stop5ginternational doesn’t deal with Covid.  They wouldn’t as they are globalist stooges themselves.  But actually, being globalist stooges, they don’t actually “deal” with anything because their only aim is to run people’s goodwill and energy into the ground.  And all they know how to do is parasitise other people’s work.  I notice that the Club of Rome/Club of Budapest stooge Nicolya Christi is still fully funding them, probably with Soros money, and still on the list, despite having lied to me that she quit their organisation back in February.  But as a globalist stooge, she would be a liar, as they all are, wouldn’t she?


On Wednesday, July 1, 2020 2:15 AM, Piotr BeinDear Tanja. I will not take you off the list, you can re-direct to trash, ask kids how 🙂 In case you are after all interested, here is how this thread began:

Said junk & bunk is on alleged wireless relation to covid.  Stop5GInt’l no longer believes in bio-effects of radiowaves? Or you don’t like undigging the truth by Dr. Wojtkowiak, Tanja?


On Thursday, June 25, 2020, 9:43:55 AM PDT, Tanja Katarina Rebel: Stop 5G International do not deal with Covid, they deal with EMR – in particular 5G – and its detrimental effects on humans (including their immune system) and wildlife, as well as the Planet as a whole. As for anti-semitism, idem dito. Thank you for taking me off this list!


On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 2:07 PM, Piotr Bein: Hi Tanja. I started the thread with an appeal, addressed to Stop5GInt’l among the leading activists, in order to do something about misinfo peddled by some anti-5Gers in connection with the SARS CoV-2 Plan-demic. What is your fine int’l org going to do about it?

I agree with you LOL that nobody is to blame for wireless, bio-weapons etc. genocidal tech. A very bad bad Jew who killed the Jew in himself, is blaming the usual victims of White supremacist priviledged christians:

I will demand he cease and desist LOL


[Snipped earlier discussion with other participants.]

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