Joe Imbriano with sense? — Why we have plandemic lockdowns




PB: Joe’s hypothesis on faking plandemic and forcing lockdowns for wireless tech upgrades in high-occupancy places is VERY PLAUSIBLE. It’s verifiable by spying at your local school. Why don’t Joe and followers do it!? If it’s a country-wide assault, the whole nation should be up in arms.

Everyone tested everything, except radiation at both schools.  They even took school ventilation system and carpets apart.
School board did not want to cause panic by their bot-produced mailouts LOL
WHO “expert” in chemical pollution focused on her narrow, Bankster Cabal system designed specialty, but nobody from ICNIRP dared to fry in the school air.
Hopeless investigative standards by emergency responders, public health officials, and media — all lackeys of the Jewsy Cabal. The public must really be sheeple if such baloney exists in America. Instead of resorting to lanterns — calm down, Tanja — to illuminate the brains of the SOBs, ignorant parents cap-in-hand beg the lackeys of Jewsy System to “do something”. In India, parents killed with own hands the bureaucrats who murdered and maimedf their children with Jew Gates-sent vax.
Thank God, Imbriano was not called in as an expert. Because he is one of our movement, Joe’s video should be better than the carefully scripted official drivel, but it is not. Is Makia going to publish Imbriano because the video fits our agenda? Where are those simple folk, terrified parents and teachers to turn for hope and help, facing Matrix Reptilians in human skin? Even if Imbriano tried better, our image and trustworthiness are finished — who wants to listen to guys in tinfoil hats who screwed up the “very real covid” as well?
Joe’s mantra on a 60 GHz installed in schools and elsewhere is bonkers without evidence. A 60 GHz Wi-Gig beam “explosion” might reduce oxygen temporarily in a tightly closed gym, but air equalises its content throughout a given space and resists 60 GHz wave propagation to the point of no signal a mile away. So it’s plausible that in closed rooms everybody, incl. the school master would get the symptoms. The school’s ventilation system, however, excludes this possibility. But where is the beef that the wifi is 60 GHz, Mr. Imbiano and your fans?
A FlatEarther guru of all trades, Joe does not believe in satellites, consistently with his worldview; no Musk scam in space, 60 GHz waves must come from airplanes, cruise ships (marine comm) and school 60 GHz Wi-Gig he has no evidence for. This graduate in sciences from one of legion US trash universities turned me off  when he “proved” to his paying fans that seafood is safe after Fuku, since his geiger did not click LOL Polish tradesman hi-school in my times taught how to detect and measure nuclear contamination in food. Today, hasbara Deception Machine has a hay day in my old country, too…
60 GHz is not needed to cause the symptoms, as the villains have the following options:
  • Pathogen structure INFORMATION transfer via torsion field (internet, sound modulation, picture…)  to cause bio-response as if it was real pathogen (Luc Montagnier’s Nobel prize). Too bad for Arthur and others who disrespect real science under Juicy Bankster tight control.
  • Virus excitation with radiowaves well below 60 GHz and 6 GHz bands, or via sound modulation (Dr. Diana’s uncovery of establishment’s research)
  • Selected “symptoms” by selected frequency beaming regardless of power density and G version of wireless — area-wide or individually targeted (see any mega analysis of honest literature).
  • Uping transmitter power output beyond the “safe” limit  (ibid) — common in Poland even before raising the norm a 100-fold recently, ostensibly for telco competitive advantage, but maybe DARPA research/testing contract.
I will be broken record again: We are losing the info-war. WE MUST ACT TO TURN THE TABLES. Stop 5G Internatiopnal people: a simple message, put politely by Tanja and expertly by Reza to Stop 5G fb network could do wonders to start with.

By piotrbein