Discussion with Reza Ganjavi and others in Jan. – Feb. 2020

Excerpts from email discussions, omitting some secondary and repetitive exchanges. The purpose is to record Reza Ganjavi’s position on the issue of hijacking the Appeal Stop 5G on Earth and in Space and suspected globalist infiltration through Stop 5G International group. Entries from the conflict’s early stage are also included (towards the bottom).
ATTENTION: Nicolya Christi mentioned in the thread below has been vindicated: Grassroots anti-5G under globalist assault
Piotr Bein, 22.8.2020


On Feb 18, 2020, Reza Ganjavi: Claire, you’re making things up — you are LYING. I didn’t call you to defend anyone. I called to find out the facts. I told you I had not looked at your references about her, and I have not read any details of her arguments. I have no time and no interest. I was interested in finding out from you directly, what your problem was, to try to mediate the situation. That proved impossible.
Maybe you’re the kind of person who would call to pressure people. I didn’t. I called to explore, to understand you, as a step to help bring an end to this mega drama, but of course it’s been impossible. But I protected myself against your further drama by recording my own voice, in case you lie, as you are now. My exact words serve as my defense, and you’ll have the burden of proof to substantiate your lies.

Sounds like another neurotic statement — just like you saying Arthur is “pro-death”.
But I defend my rights. You’re warned again, which does not mean I
already don’t have enough goods to take action against you. In principle  I’d rather not, but don’t push your luck.


Claire Edwards: Arthur Firstenberg had no business giving you my telephone number and I have instructed him to delete all my data and not to share it with any other parties.

An unsolicited call to defend someone whose interests you are serving is intimidation – nothing more, nothing less.  As I said, you were circumspect, but the mere making of that call was de facto intimidation.  And I asked you if you were recording the call and you said no. What kind of person calls someone to put pressure on them, asks very specific questions, sprinkled into the conversation as casually as possible, and lies about recording the call?  Any reputation you claim for yourself is well and truly exploded, Reza.
Don’t contact me again.  I could not be more sick of hearing all this bullshit from all of you children.  You have all acted like bullies in a children’s playground.  You thought you could just gang up on one person who did not go along with your arrogant parasitising of her work.  Well, grow up and take the consequences. I will not respond to you again.  You are deliberately and calculatedly wasting my time.
Reza Ganjavi: Stop the nonsense Claire. I have my side of the call recorded (my own voice) and there’s ZERO intimidation in it. ZILCH. You can make up all kinds of stories about others if you want but I will not tolerate your nonsense or attempts to tarnish my reputation. As  a reminder, defamation is a criminal offense in Austria, and I do not believe you have litigation immunity any more since you’re not working for the UN. So choose your words carefully. I’m not Nicolya or Arthur. Now on to addressing the rest of your drama that is addressed to me directly: “You see, Reza, I’ve sussed the game of the controlled opposition.”
I’ve read statements that X and Y and Z (I won’t mention any names, but fill in the blanks), are controlled opposition — and these are people on the gossip channel side (none of whom seem smart enough to be “hired” by the imaginary “controller”) — and not the people you’re attacking. And you think everyone on the team your friend is a part of is controlled opposition. That is just as false.
If I had to believe controlled opposition exists, I would say it’s those who are stuck in some fanatic insane belief and attack others with false accusations.
“You got Arthur to give you my telephone number” — I just asked if he had it and he said yes. I didn’t twist his arm or otherwise “got” him.
Given how clueless you are about respecting rights of others, I can see how clueless you are about mixing “standing for one’s rights” with “intimidation”, and your claims about me are false and unfounded. See my note above. You cross the line of my freedom, and you’ll have legal liability. This is a warning.
Claire Edwards: In case you hadn’t noticed, Reza, I “rolled up my sleeves and directly fought the real enemy” with my full capacity for 21 months and then Arthur Firstenberg and Nicolya Christi destroyed all my work and misappropriated it on behalf of globalists to actually support the death of millions of people.
I am one of the “genuine people fighting the critical cause” and have been for coming up two years.  You lot are a bunch of misguided, hijacking kindergartners and parasites, who laughably can’t take the heat when you voluntarily and arrogantly strode into the kitchen and tried to take full control.
You see, Reza, I’ve sussed the game of the controlled opposition.  They set up controlled opposition with a documentary, a book, a video – some sort of celebrity to give them credibility, and then they attract people to support them and misdirect them.  Or it could be translating a letter on behalf of a well-known scientist.  Credibility.
I have provided mountains of evidence of what has gone on, what the connections are and how the whole conspiracy is played out and you all just sit there and say I never provided it.
You, in particular, Reza, are to be judged by your actions.  You got Arthur to give you my telephone number – quite outrageously – and phoned me up to intimidate me.  Doesn’t matter how circumspect you were speaking to me.  That is intimidation.  You have tried intimidating and threatening me and many others around the Internet in order to protect stop5ginterational and Nicolya Christi.  You are a bully boy on behalf of the globalists.
We know who you are.  Just as you suggest, we judge people by their actions.  Your email address is already blocked from my account so don’t bother replying.


Reza Ganjavi: Piotr, I have demanded that you stop making defamatory statements about me and to remove the libelous statements you’ve posted. You have failed to do so. Your latest rant totally contradicts your traced electronic footsteps.


Piotr Bein: We all seem to be like-minded on 5G. Many call to put differences aside and unite against common adversary — to do what? These calls are ususal in serious campaigns; from my experience in two such campaigns, it’s the moment the movement is infiltrated/captured. So please don’t be offended by the extra caution. Past year has shown:

– Govts don’t give a toot about public protests, expert submissions to hearings etc.
– School and medical boards could not care less that students, patients, and staff fry in Wi-Fi radiation, as long as their assess are covered by federal/state emission standards.
– Seemingly non-globalist states like Russian Federation show their true colours, by declaring support for 5G roll-out and AI implementation. Despite national opposition, Putin has by presidential decree declared green light for 5G.
When someone insists on uniting, kindly give also ideas on what and how to do our actions more effectively. Meantime the issues at hand here:
– The Appeal has been appropriated and is being administered and disposed of by Arthur Firstenberg w/o consent from its co-author.
– Some signatories don’t wish to remain on the Appeal because of that and of distrust in Stop5GInt’l.
– Some Stop5GInt’l and related activists have other explaining to do for the comfort of the public and gaining its acceptance (see below).
As is, the Appeal itself is not suitable in its campaign/education functions intended by Stop5Gint’l as it,
  • Reflects only the admin/contributors’ mindset.
  • Is not being updated, e.g. it talks about 20k satellites while officially the number more than doubled.
  • Contains inaccurate and incomplete technical info about wireless and even about its bio-effects. It would be copied and propgated by less expert groups in full or in part.
  • Misses the other aspects of 5G and later generations: mass control, mass and selective target weapon, transhumanism.
  • Presumes for itself more importance and usefullness to national/local groups than it can offer. Some groups, for example  (1) hold more advanced expertise within and/or (2) need it for submissions to govt etc.
More useful would be a structured platform for sharing key texts, approaches that work, done technical submissions to hearings and legislators. Users could peruse the material according to their needs.
FB Stop5g platform doesn’t fit that, because: (1) it attracts everything, incl. disinfo and trolls, (2) not everyone wants to be under Zuckerberg’s mass surveillance and data harvesting, (3) moderators may mow down or purge whom they choose to, (4) moderators may not have expertise to assess posted material. A website/blog posting links submitted by local org sources (assumed to be guarded against the above) to their own material seems a better solution.
As is, the Appeal could be mental trap for inexpert users, e.g. Big Telecom could show off an “effort” to soften the technology for less bio-impact, but  retaining full capability in the other aspects. This is already plain, e.g. pushing fibreoptic cables (known to harm electrosensitives), or Li-Fi as scantly tested as everything in wireless.
Focus on 5G rather than on all wireless contributors to the “soup” plays into Big Telecom’s hands, too. It skews public attention onto the lobby’s “safe” limits that we know are not safe at any level from 1G thru to 5G.  This problem is augmented by addiciton to wireless gadgets, possibly due to direct emission from the gadgets (smartphones contain a couple dozen micro-antennas, each for different frequency band).
And so on… We need to start thinking strategically. Arthur Firstenberg nor the Stop5GInt’l activists have yet measured up to such thinking. Also, the first (?) anti-5G org of int’l character has a potential of a globalist hijack via useful ignorant intermediaries, or a capture has already occured and is “asleep”. So a question arises: Why would grassroots need a central org? The org’s people are not capable of strategic direction to local groups, nor technical expertise necessary to understand the technology before it could be stopped. 
They have filled their credentials with 5G etc. stuff and look believable, but some in the 5G movement don’t perceive them this way. Also, the Stop5GInt’l org and the quality of some of its people open the door to infiltration and capture.
Arthur is dogmatic, dishonest, dictatorial and not open to science crucial for understanding wireless tech and self-help remedial measures. Having been indoctrinated with establishment science, he does not acknowledge torsion field science and tech. He also believes in anthropogenic climate change hoax. Most important for the movement, he shrugs at his theft of half of the Appeal which is Claire’s intellectual property, ignores signatories requests to remove them from the Appeal and keeps using their email addresses for God knows what.
Tanja has a useful ignorant’s history in XR  (that she prefers not to recollect and renounce), and confirms in e-discussions her ideological confusion: sick, polit-correct elements of neomarxism,  climate change idiocy, Zionist Holocaust belying, and mindless sensing of “antisemitism”.
Reza proved to be a dictator on FB, delusional about other people’s “delusions” which he fabricates on the go with verbal abuse. He shoots “legal” threats from the hip, but has recently given up the threats (sigh of relief…).Until he provides copies of alleged libels by Bruce Cane, he remains in the black books of some of us.
Claire has shown that Nicloya is either schisophrenic, cognitively impaired or a trained infiltrator. Nicolya has not effectively undermined Claire’s charges so far.
Regardless, I will never agree that Stop5GInt’l use stolen intellectual property and dispose of e-addresses and signatures without the consent of the Appeal’s signatories.
Each personal trait alone is sufficient (for me) to reject each person, their org and initiatives, however fine they might appear to be. Unless they markedly improve, they are redundant, superfluous and don’t add value to the grassroots. When a decisive monumental course of collective action is needed to arrest the 5G roll-out, some of them obstructively argue, as they didn’t know that 5G is a weapon, Greta is a conscious fake and plant, climate change narrative is a manipulation and anthropogenic climate change is a hoax.
In comparable campaigns, it means big problems eventually. The worst scenario is the movement hijack. Until they publically explain/renounce their previous behaviour, I will continue to expose them and will insist on sticking to resilient, dispersed structure: higly educated, self-directed grassroots locally diversified and independent of each other. This is the model our Polish Coalition has adopted from the beginning (replicated at individual member level) from historic national and recent activism experience.


Reza Ganjavi: Claire, “they” are not a legal entity. “They” are a group of individuals who’ve come together as volunteers with the purpose of fighting the wicked immoral criminal wireless industry. THEY are being attacked by the most ridiculous kinds of lines and lies which distracts them from the goal that thousands of others share (including you I suppose), vs. billions of others who are duped and brainwashed by the wicked industry to believe this extremely unsafe tech to be safe.

I don’t know you much except for one long talk, and but have respect for you for taking on the Useless Nations’ SG. But your idea of categorizing that group of individuals — most of whom I know including the key people who are falsely accused — as being FOR – PRO depopulation and other such wicked agendas is ridiculous.

I asked you about this and your own excuse for holding such belief was that Nicolya had allegedly had rouge ties and anybody in that group must be doomed forever, according to your belief, even if Nicolya quits. I haven’t looked into those allegations but even if they are true, this does NOT make Arthur “pro-death” (which he absolutely is not) and Kate, Lisa, Olivier and other fine people in that group “pro-depopulation” (which they’re not).

That idea is just as ridiculous as the allegations made about you and x and y for whatever nonsense that I don’t even want to repeat.

So I’m tired of getting unsolicited notes in my inbox which make such outrageous, ridiculous, and libelous false accusations against good people I personally know like Arthur, Lisa and Kate as examples.

Let me help you understand it this way: Let’s say a group of people come together to make cookies to raise money for a charity event. One of those people was accused of being a Maoist in the past (which in this example the person even denies). Even if he was, that does NOT make the rest of those people Maoist. Your reasoning does NOT hold water. Sorry but that idea is SO outrageous that it defies all logic and reason.

I explained this before.

  • If all the members of that group were all pro-death, pro-depopulation, as you’ve alleged, they would be working on plans to kill, to depopulate.
  • If all the members of that group were FOR 5G, they would be working on promoting 5G.

Before we go to the shocking facts, review of a simple concept:

You cannot refer to a collection as having an attribute unless all members of the collection have that attribute. You can not have a red green green green blue in a box and call it red or green or red or blue.

Likewise, you cannot refer to that group as being “pro death” unless you can show that they ALL are pro death. You have clearly stated in writing and to me on the phone when I asked you about this, that your associating that group with those wicked attributes is because of one person’s alleged rouge past associations. That is an irrational conclusion. Unless you can clearly show that that person has actually influenced EVERY member of that group to adopt her alleged beliefs (which she adamantly denies of even having), which is NOT the case.


  • These people are NOT working on plans to kill. They’re working on plans to SAVE people, nature, the world, from the wicked acts of a wicked wireless industry.
  • These people are NOT FOR 5G. If they were FOR 5G they would be engaged in PROMOTING 5G and not OPPOSING it. Unless you can rationally demonstrate a number of things that are impossible to rationalize, like why would someone who is for something work around the clock against it, and so on and so on. And you’ll need to show how their actions would be helping the pro-5G movement.

I tuned into one video shortly and heard a rant about “global” vs. “local” action and the false accusation that the group you’re attacking is allegedly aiming to replace local action and take control over local groups (FALSE) — and wrote a comment containing facts that your friend couldn’t handle so he deleted it.

The group you’re attacking are HELPING local groups like us in Switzerland, they’re not replacing us — they’ve never had any claim of replacing local action with the so called global action. That entire argument I heard is pure malarkey.

The ridiculous attacks on them is what is helping the pro-5G industry because it distracts them, and it distracts others like me, who have to take time to write this email about the most outrageous false insulting defamatory remarks made about some of my personal friends who are members of that group, working very hard AGAINST 5G, and whom I know 100% to be genuine.

In fact, I think what they’re doing with bringing groups from around the world together on one portal, as part of one movement is absolutely good and positive — it helps local groups get more motivated, and it helps them, like they helped us in Switzerland with simple things like a flyer, etc. I see absolutely Nothing wrong with what they’re doing and you have failed to show ANY concrete action of that group which is destructive or otherwise helpful to the wicked wireless industry, or whichever club of x or y or z.

I attended a couple of their calls in the past when they asked me to help them with a music video. I listened in out of interest to the rest of the call. There was NOTHING — ZILCH — said that was remotely rouge. They 100% talked about OPPOSING 5G. If this group is, as you falsely allege them to be, “pro depopulation” etc., they should have talked about that. Unless this ridiculous belief gives rise to more ridiculous beliefs — that they were talking in code (LoL) — that “everything they said had a reverse meaning” or other such neurotic speculations.

They were and are 100% genuinely about FIGHTING 5G. That’s what that group exists. I do not believe for a moment that they’re there to carry out a hidden agenda or some rouge club. That would 100% contradict EVERYTHING they’ve done and said as a group, and individually as I heard them on those couple of long calls, and from those whom I personally know and have talked to extensively one on one.


Claire Edwards: Assurances of your certainty are futile when they have actually said and/or taken actions that prove that they are.  Before your unwarranted certainty leads you astray, I suggest that you actually ask them.  You might be very surprised.  But please don’t involve me because i know what stop5ginternational is and what its aims are and want nothing further to do with any of you.

Any insanity and/or lies are entirely on your side, but that – ironically – would of course be precisely why none of you is able to acknowledge or admit it.  As Sir Walter Scott so aptly expressed it, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!”.
And Shakespeare observed so rightly that “Truth will out!”, which in this case it certainly has, leaving – mercifully – no need whatsoever for any further correspondence between us.


Piotr Bein: Reza, Yes, they are working for the globalists… like useful ignorants do. So are you. I click fb link in your signature block, and get this nonsense:

reza klima
Am I unaware of a connection between climate and 5G? I’m just writing Tanja she has a peculiar mishmash in her head.


Reza Ganjavi: I am not part of that group [Stop 5G International] but have several friends who are and I am 100% sure NONE of them “are actually working for the success of this depopulation and totalitarian agenda.”  This is an insane lie. 

Best Regards, Réza Ganjavi, MBA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUMxPxZdUfY [email protected] Call/Text/voice-mail: +1 213 207 6535 Whatsapp (I use cell phone connected to wired internet): +41 79 727 2221 Address: Postlagernd, 8030, Zurich, Switzerland www.rezamusic.com www.facebook.com/rganjavi www.emfcrisis.com Swiss Stop-5G: https://www.facebook.com/groups/358542968210641/ Global Stop-5G: https://www.facebook.com/groups/stop5g/ Art of Wondering: https://www.facebook.com/groups/philosophy.psychology.mysticism/ * Sent from my WIRED Internet connection


Claire Edwards: Dear Piotr, Thank you for your comments. But please don’t share my communications with people associated with stop5ginternational because they are actually working for the success of this depopulation and totalitarian agenda.  I would have liked to believe that they were doing so unknowingly but I have had to conclude from all the correspondence and their actions since I first raised the alert over the hijack of the Appeal that they are immune to facts and therefore willing co-conspirators.
I don’t want to have anything to do with people who believe in any form of depopulation.  Nor people who are so gullible as to believe in the fake anthropogenic climate change narrative led by a death cult and autistic Pied Piper puppet, both of which were set up and funded by the same people who are behind the imposition of 5G, and are intended to persuade people that the best solution to the non-existent problem of the imminent demise of planet Earth is to kill the human population.
It beggars belief that anyone can be so stupid as to believe any of this rubbish and I have no interest in wasting any more of my time on arguing with them about it.  Useful idiots facilitate mass murder.  Witness Germany under the Third Reich.  What we need are fresh Nuremberg trials where we can expose their complicity in the proposed genocide and prosecute them for plotting a crime against humanity.
Thank you for your email.  I have severed my relationship with the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space and withdrawn my signature because it is now controlled by people who support depopulation.
On Friday, February 14, 2020 3:38 AM, Piotr Bein:
It’s still far to the end of endgame: 1 billion or less surviving, ca. 50 slaves per Jew. TruNews: Christianity Vs. Evangelical Zionism — Steve and Jana Ben-Nun
I believe endgame will be transhumanism, after 5G etc. technologies are in place, Artificial Intelligence matures as intended, and neuro-electronics integrates into our bodies to globalists specifications. Dr. Ewa Pawela talks about coincidence of nCoV, compulsory vax and nano-neuro mesh injections[pl, en, fr] Dr Ewa Pawela: Coronavirus in email or smartphone
Compulsory vax became known or mandated by WHO during the 2009 “swine flu” pandemic scare. Over-riding national laws, the WHO edict obliged all UN member states. Have all of them consented? Poland has, but India for example was from the beginning against the conspiracy, although its leadership has changed since.
The present epidemic converging to a pandemic, I believe, it is used to test full scale: technical aspects impossible to test in the lab, large-scale political, economic, social… possibly for inputing the observation data into globalist simulation models. 
Even at its worst fatality rate, nCoV is not capable of the population reduction mentioned. DARPA & Co. are working on (or already have them?) worse bio-weapons capable of anihillating billions of people fast, as a “sleeper” element spread into the bodies of the whole Humanity and triggered by a universal external factor under control, e.g. radio waves. 
For full control, the globalists need to transform more in the realm of governance — see recent manipulations around North American union agreement.
What to do? Education and stimulating awareness won’t hurt. But the globalists prevail,  capturing attention of the masses and brainwashing them. The rift in anti-5G movement is to the globalists’ advantage and must be mended asap, so I copy a wider circle, in good faith to solve the constipation. May I suggest some process of “talking” between the conflicted parties, perhaps starting with a list of issues and common points from both sides. What do you people think?
Claire Edwards:If we are at the end game now in terms of this depopulation agenda, what are we going to do about it?  I’d appreciate comments.
On Thursday, February 13, 2020 4:24 PM, Claire Edwards:
OK, so what are we going to do about this?  We’re getting towards the end game here and we have been very late in picking up on what is really going on.  The French-Canadian researcher I gave the link to is saying that every country has a law in place to force people to have vaccinations if WHO declares a pandemic.  Do you know if that is true?  I know it’s true of the US.
So are we going to allow this to happen?  Or are we going to fight back?  If so, how?  A series of videos all made and published simultaneously all with the same message exposing what is really going on??  A worldwide alert?


On Jan 31, 2020, Mark Steele: Reza, What is really starting to show here is an ignorance of the law and how it works.  Your efforts and threats should be focused at those deploying the 5G LED weapon surely and not at those who have rumbled the hidden hand of control and disempowerment.

Can we firstly agree that 5G is a weapons system.  For those that have difficulty with that, then your ignorance will not help the 5G movement going forward.

Secondly can we also agree that C02 and the UN – EU push for dangerous uninsurable untested technologies harmful to the environment to mitigate the fake C02 agenda that include 5G weaponry are deployed as a covert plan to commit genocide on the people.

For those that can’t agree to the technicalities and published uncontested science that supports the above please leave the Anti 5G movement to those that understand it and the evil plan to deploy it.

Its pretty obvious that the law has been broken with the illegal unlawful deployment. for those who obfuscate over this a true crime is committed as everyone and every Judge does know. Ignorance is no defence in law.



Piotr, as I have reminded you already, you cannot put yourself on trial on your blog, or on an email chain, and try to acquit yourself (and in the process dig yourself in deeper). Your unlawful actions do not change by the extra, totally irrelevant noise you make. Judges, who are often very smart, see right through the noise. They’re used to classic diversion techniques — to divert from the main issue by making noise. Some people have a case, some make noise. Yours is the latter.

“You are bound to fork out a couple of bucks to a lawyer to compose the letter.” — The letter has already been composed and sent to you via email — multiple emails. I’m pro-se at the moment until I decide to bring in a lawyer, which you WILL pay for. And in that case s/he won’t be writing you any love letters. Next thing you receive is a summons & complaint. Big bad loudmouth bullies who throw darts at others while hiding behind their screen often turn into mice looking for a hole to crawl in, once put in the hands of law.
“Gee, I thought you could do it amiably, albeit less expertly on your first contact.” — I even offered you to call me to discuss so I can enlighten you in case you’re ignorant of your unlawful actions. But seems you’re too arrogant for that and all your unlawful acts are intentional. Even if they’re negligent they will still be punished.
“As to address for serving — ask your lawyer, should not cost extra.” — I am pro-se. I have all the information I need to find you. I’ve already put your ISP on notice and am in correspondence with them, so will be the police as soon as I file a criminal complaint since you’ve violated Swiss criminal law and Swiss Federal Police works with their counterparts.
I don’t know what’s so funny about that. I told you I’m open to talk / resolve this matter peacefully until the moment I file. Then it’s over. The ball is rolling that direction so don’t wait forever.
On January 31, 2020, Piotr Bein: Right 🙂 I’ve experienced first-hand, Reza, your quest for peace and harmony on your first, soooo civilized contact re. yr friend’s complaint about a publication in my tabloid. In case you deleted from your scheissphone: :))) Pleased to e-meet you, Reza Ganjavi
You are bound to fork out a couple of bucks to a lawyer to compose the letter. Gee, I thought you could do it amiably, albeit less expertly on your first contact. As to address for serving — ask your lawyer, should not cost extra. Would you consider phoning or skyping? LOL

safe from behind a comp in a very secret rathole — pb


On January 30, 2020, 12:14:32 AM PST, Réza Ganjavi to PB:
Those were not “scares” — it seems you don’t understand the importance peace and of trying to avoid further conflict, and of trying to find a peaceful resolution which civilized people should do BEFORE resorting to litigation — it’s an attempt to AVERT litigation because I believe that should be the absolute last resort.

But your lack of understanding of that fits your reckless and careless behavior: throwing “firecrackers” at others [meaning in this context, in case you don’t get it, your unlawful actions] and expect to get away with it. If you live in a land of law, you’re subject to those laws and are obliged to act lawfully in such civil society.


On January 30, 2020, 1:14 AM, Reza Ganjavi: By the way Mark, you replied to the wrong thread unless your comments apply to Claire’s message. For the record: Mark’s reply to Piotr was in response to Piotr’s “bring it on” message in response to putting Claire on notice for first time, and Piotr again.

There’s no “globalist agenda” discussion here that pertains to me. All I can say to the petty fights among anti-5G groups, and tribal mentality that dominates it in some circles, is, pity!

Unless Mark, you interpreted Claire’s “these people” remark as not just about Nicolya or whomever but also about me. Fact is I have NOTHING to do with that topic.

I asked specifically for Claire to be more clear about who she is talking about but she has not done that. I see that at least one person, you, has (mis)understood her statement to also be about me. Probably others did too. That was my concern, and it seems it was correct. I also assume since Claire did not make the requested clarification, she meant what she said, by bundling me as subject of her highly defamatory, damaging allegations.


On January 30, 2020, 12:58:33 AM PST, Réza Ganjavi:
Mark, if by the dog, you mean Piotr “They forget the dog that barks is not the one to be concerned about”, that dog did more than barking. A dog can bark all it wants, but when it starts biting pedestrians, it will be punished. 

If you have followed this thread (you wrote to me today that you haven’t read Piotr’s original statements), you’d know that I have gone out of my way to avert litigation — and trust me, Piotr would be the last person on Earth I’d want to spend any time on, but he’s left me with no choice but to litigate.

In terms of action against 5G I see you shouting in the streets. Good job. I don’t know what Piotr doing beside hiding behind his computer and throwing “firecrackers” at others [see my last mail on what I mean by firecrackers].

On that note, it is also very sad to see some gossip mediums with utterly foolish, illogical, cunning, small-minded, tabloid mindset attacking the very people who are fighting against 5G and RF pollution. Maybe they should end up in the “Nuremberg type trial” too because they are hurting the very fighters against 5G 🙂


On 1/30/20 9:44 AM, Mark Steele:

Thanks Piotr, For clearing this one up. They forget the dog that barks is not the one to be concerned about.  The ones that don’t are the ones that they should be terrified of. 5G is a crime against humanity and the Nuremberg type trials that will follow should make all of those who are in breach and supporting the Globalist agenda to kill all biological life worry.  The battle line is drawn between the Creators work and those that want to destroy it. Ignorance will be no defence for those that continue their deception will become the target as the truth comes to light. www.saveusnow.org.uk


On 1/30/20 8:12 AM, Piotr Bein: Reza, I will get a tantrum :))) and a heart attack from your scares. Then will sue you for causing it LOL Just indicit me — and be done with your rubbish — notice number which? I have lawyers, as many as I want, don’t worry. Thanks for caring :)) 

On January 29, 2020, 5:16:36 AM PST, Réza Ganjavi:
Re: Claire’s email dated: Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2020 11:56:53 +0000 Message-ID

Claire: In your latest email you attributed highly damaging and defamatory allegations to “these people” in reply to an email thread which contains my name. I asked that you clarify who you mean by “these people” as it can be implicitly refer to me — and those allegations are 100% false. I will have to seek legal advice on your statement which at the very least seems borderline, but more likely, defamatory. Defamation is a criminal offense in Austria. I will defend my rights fiercely.  I hereby formally ask again, that you clarify who do you mean exactly by “these people” or at least clarify that you are not talking about me.

Piotr: A well established law-101 topic which you’re ignorant about or are intentionally ignoring: reprinting a defamatory statement is defamatory.


On Jan 31, Piotr Bein: Reza, Please spare yourself ad hominem, if you really intend to resolve your conflict with Bruce. 

Me, too, could say, but with evidence provided by yourself: you do exhibit paranoid narcissist psychopathy. It’s fine with me, just like your alleged Bruce’s addiction to hemp would be. Mud does not add weight to your repetitive mails. Neither does diverting attention to “UN agent”. You have a number of laudable talents, but have proven your darker side. Why is this UN thing so nagging to you? I could not care less for whom you worked; I discern by the fruits. You have given me deplorable fruits on a tray:

I do know well if and what substances I abuse and what my “toilette-grade tabloids” contain. Your blabbing is utter rubbish, and so is flapping webpages of material from your very sophisticated scientific 🙂 blog. I have on my blogs more on Wireless and other threats to Humanity, both my own and others’. How would this prove what kind of Human I am in relating to Reza? What do your fruits tell about vice versa?
Others discover similar about you, but for Truth’s sake I still want to fairly assess your conflict with Bruce. It’s your choice to talk like goebbels, just be aware it might confirm your psychic state.  Bruce has discovered you have purged him from a Stop5G fb group. Pending additional info from both of you, this would be the damning discovery, not the UN decoy you push. 
If you have clear conscience, and Bruce misrepresented (what exactly?), it would encoumber him, so be cool, Reza. Bruce quoted superlatives from your CV, he nowhere states that you’re a globalist agent just because you’ve worked for UN — this is 100% your own paranoia about his “delusions”.  As a publicist, I report what transpires, you are welcome to sue me for that till you drop. I am not afraid to apologize in large print in my tabloid and to the same email groups. What is your fear, if you publicized Bruces posts?
It’s peculiar that Reza, a joy and healing to most any group — be it a band or IT professionals at a bank or pharma co. — is so intolerate of a guy whom Reza castigates for dope-taking. I can’t find on any Bruce’s video a trace of being drugged up, while his writing is collected — compared to your role-reversal bunk and pseudo-legalistic blackmail and threats.  I can see that “attorney” Reza has a history of using it to get what he wants, and has infected some colleagues 🙂 So do you have a proof for Bruce’s doping, Reza?
Once you provide documentation on Bruce’s alleged libels, I will have more questions to you. Tanja and her XR will not be among them, as you have amptly shown lack of discernment of good from evill in the preceding mails.
On Jan 30, 2020, Réza Ganjavi: Piotr, Funny you call Bruce Cain’s discoveries as serious. I find some of this so called “discoveries” 100% delusional — I have not seen ANY other so called “discovery” that borderlines seriousness. ZILCH. That’s probably related to smoking pot for 50 years, which he boasts about. Typical side effects of long term marijuana use: delusions, paranoia, mental distortion. 

Do yo mean the discovery that I must be an agent of UN (LMAO) FOR 5G, because I worked on a temporary contract at WIPO in Intellectual Property Information Technology some 20 years ago ?!? Wow, what an intelligent discovery (NOT). Back then even 1G didn’t exist let alone 5G (DUH!). And if I were FOR 5G, why would I spend so much time and energy fighting this topic? (DUH). You have any idea the kind of effort that’s gone into this site www.emfcrisis.com and still lot of updates are pending.  WHY would someone who’s a purported spy of the UN (LMAO) would be fighting AGAINST a cause that he’s supposedly FOR (are you f’in out of your mind?). And if one wants to follow that 100% BOGUS, CRAZY logic, why would Claire Edwards who’s a long term staff member of UN not be an agent of the pro-5G “agenda” whoever they are ? (LMAO).

This is how ridiculous this realm of tabloid gossip is — and I see some people are capitalizing on it — by fabricating more bullshit theories. To each his/her own — some people may not care about being libeled. I do. I stand for my rights, and have every mean of doing so.

Regarding Extinction Rebellion — unfortunately I glanced at a toilette-grade tabloid medium that accused a serious hardworking ANTI-5G activist that the person was seen at a XR rally, therefore they must be an agent of the PRO-5G.

Let me tell you, in my Swiss FB group, we have members of XR who are VERY MUCH AGAINST 5G. I believe large majority of XR people have NO IDEA what the agenda of their founders is (I have read that one of the founders was or is in bed with the wireless cockroaches), and they’re sincere about their concern for the planet. I have a fundamental problem wit XR because it has excluded RF pollution in their rants. But you can’t start trash talking a serious hardworker ANTI-5G activist for being pro-death or whatever b/c she was present at an XR rally.

You get my point? Let’s rise out of the gutter. It’s a distraction. And these mediums, including Piotr’s blog which I consider as garbage, are doing nothing but to WASTE TIME and DISTRACT with their bullshit so called discoveries which are mostly garbage tabloid gossip and VERY FAR from reality.  The level of hypocrisy in some of these channels is also mind-blowing — the very person who criticizes something does it himself — and applies extremely low-level of intelligence. But then again, who ever thought a tabloid should be very intelligent?!

Am I denying that some entities want to derail 5G fight? Of course not. I fight with them all the time.  Here are some samples. In summary, if any of the gossip-brained distractor are reading this: GIVE IT A BREAK. Find your hobby or money-making scheme by attacking our common real enemies instead of other activists. If you don’t have the wisdom to tell the difference between a real activist and a spy, stop wasting bandwidth and keep your delusions to yourself.




On 1/30/20 8:25 AM, Piotr Bein: Hello Eduard and Jan

Parties on your list should request removal by sending from their own address. There is no way to control the spread, if someone has already forwarded just one email. Grownups know how to block unwanted mails.
Yes, Claire Edwards’ and Bruce Cane’s (also others before) discoveries are serious and the “dispute” is draining. Even though some of the alleged infiltrators and agenrt provocateurs point the other way, I doubt anybody is involved just for fun and time waste. On either side, the persons declare honest motives and intent for the common good (which ECI espouses). It’s logically impossible — someone is lying thru the teeth. If the charges are right. the topic becomes significant for grassroots’ self-image, effectiveness and future. ECI is not above those being abused in series of intimidation and libels: delusional dope addicts, toilette-grade tabloid delusionist bloggers, brawlers and half-brained crazies :)))  If you are against 5G and don’t wish to know about this “dispute”, then are you really against 5G? Millions did not care about Greta’s background and handlers, as long as she gave them a nice warm “feeling” of sitting for a “better world”.
Clarification is necessary, if you value a healthy, uncorrupted anti-5G movement. Among your addresses is Poland, where I’m in Coalition Poland Free of 5G, who requested members to send Jan. 25th pics …to the globalist-controlled opposition, subject of this conflict — Stop5GInternational at [email protected] (You are not concerned that they publish e-adresses of activists on their website?)
Yesterday, I looked at Stop5G FB group where they post the photos and mssges received. My impression was: safety valve for venting energy against 5G, no strategic focus, just cheering by “leaders” Tanja Rebel, Reza Ganjavi and possibly others. Since then, Reza’s posts disappeared, so did pics from my group in Canada. As proof, yesterday I recorded my observations on my Polish blog: “Handlers” Tanja Rebel, Reza Ganjavi… actions 25.1.2020 without strategy nor demands to concrete institutions, mindless embrangling of fraudulent “climate change”  — watering the movement down
PB: “Handlers” Tanja and Reza don’t direct strategically onto effective goals and actions against 5G. Instead they shallowly and cosmetically play with the group, commenting on trivia. Tanja’s controlled opposition, Extinction Rebellion (EX) in action: Zurich — climate change fraud’s klutzy connection with 5G; Sweden — contrary to Tanja’s opinion, EX protest interfered with 5G action [media focused on EX, ignored 5G]. Have a look, search „rebel” on that FB page.
I looked in vain for strategy and direction in Stop5GInternational press release, but instead found proof of hi-jack and Claire’s intellectual property theft, signed by truly here yours:

Kate Kheel, USA, [email protected]

Tanja Katarina Rebel, UK, [email protected]
Pernille Schriver, Denmark [email protected]
I sincerely hope that Claire will find a lawyer way better than “attorney” Reza.
Clarification that Eduard and Jan try to shield their contacts from, would exonerate those who might have been accused undeservedly. Then sceptics and investigators would have to apologize publically and return honour to the accused. I do not know in the history of blogging that blackmail and intimidation have any effect whatsoever; where is a court order or ruling?  Reza can test it for free, by complaining to WordPress, instead of searching the globe for a fitting jurisdiction.
Just because one side of the conflict  screams “Catch the thief!” pointing to the other, means nothing as long as rebuttalof charges is missing, for example:
  • Arthur Firstenberg show a copy of an agreement with Claire Edwards to transfer to him her intellectual property and lodge the Appeal No 5G on Earth and in Space with a group without Claire’s consent.
  • Arthur Firstenberg prove that all signatories have consented for him to do the above, and also demonstrate that he serves requests to remove signatory names.
  • Nicolya Christi present documents to the effect that her mental abilities such as cognition and memory are impaired.
  • Reza Ganjavi substantiate his abusive libels against Bruce Cane, by making copies of relevant libellous correspondence and posts available for public review.
Tanja Rebel does not need to prove or disprove anything — she has been exposed by multiple investigators and it takes useful idiots dumbed down in the radio-wave soup to believe her climate change crap. Why is Pernille in that company, I still wonder. Kate Kheel I do not know and don’t want to, enough with the rest of them.
On Jan 29, 2020, 3:18:53 PM PST, “Attention 5G”: Hello everyone, as promoters of the European Citizens’ Initiative “Attention 5G”, we primarily asked for connection and support in the run-up to the Global Protest Day against 5G – not being aware of the already existing conflict between some of you and the formation of the Protest Day. It was definitely not our intention to get involved in this or to place our contacts as witnesses for this controversy. Therefore, we ask you to stop using the following mail addresses without the expressed consent of their owners. Please delete them from your list or ask those concerned if they agree to be further involved in your debates: [list omitted]
Others, who participated in the discussion, may decide for themselves, whether they want to continue following this controversy or not. Please be aware of the data you’re using and understand that we care about our contacts.

Furthermore, we hope for you to find together again. The situation is serious. Please don’t waste resources in fighting against each other. Better spend some support. You know how to contact us or other activists that need help.

Take care, — Eduard Meßmer & Jan Altnickel, ECI “Attention 5G”




On Jan 29, 2020, 2:19 AM, Reza Ganjavi:

Piotr, I just read more of your tabloid drivel and unlawful attack on
others. I SERIOUSLY advise you to IMMEDIATELY GET LEGAL HELP (my offer
to give you some tips stands if you wanna call — but it’s better you
talk to a lawyer). It will be the best few hundred bucks you ever spent
should you decide to talk to a lawyer, and trust me, it will save you a
ton of money and legal trouble down the road.
It may be too late with others you’ve attacked with your stupid attacks,
but the case I have against you, I am willing to back out until I file.
Once I go through that trouble, I will let you pay the full price of
your actions. The ball is rolling direction of filing. I have a lot of
time under Statute of Limitations and I have the money and know the
Being a coward cyber bully doesn’t pay. You will not hide behind your
screen forever.
On Jan 29, 2020, at 1:13 AM, Reza Ganjavi:
Piotr: Given how obviously ignorant you are of the law — and your intentional
malicious and unlawful actions — and apparently your arrogance or
whatever it is that’s preventing you from seeking legal advice — I’m
willing to offer you free education about some key concepts of law, that
you’ve violated.
My motive for offering this is the hope that you might have a trace of
decency, intelligence, goodness in you, to not continue a conflict that
you started by violating my rights — and not contribute to conflict —
and have the intelligence to understand the legal concepts that you’ve
violated — and end this fire before it gets out of hand. Our world does
not need another conflict. You can’t sit there hiding behind your
computer screen, violate others rights, and expect to get away with it.
You will not.
I’m also hoping that in the process you get to realize the consequences
of your actions. You can’t put yourself on trial on your toilette-grade
tabloid blog and acquit yourself.
I will find you whether you’re in Poland, Canada, or hiding behind a
rock. You can’t get away from law unless you emigrate to a lawless
society. I have every means to go after you and make sure justice is
served. History is full of cases of big bad loudmouth bullies hiding
behind their computer screen, who turn into a little mice looking for a
hole to crawl into once the spotlight of law shines on them.
Civil societies have specific laws that address the exact conduct you’ve
engaged in, and penalize it.
If you want a session of free advice from me you can reach me on +1 213
207 6535. I don’t have a law degree but grew up around it as my father
was a big judge, and my grandfather was a great lawyer and many of their
friends were judges, lawyers and prosecutors — and I studied law as
well (my degrees are in other things) — and I know this area of law
very well, know the exact process, strategy, and means to execute it. I
have already started the legal ball rolling. I assure you, it will NOT
be pretty for you.
On 1/29/20 7:16 AM, Réza Ganjavi:
Piotr, I seriously, again, recommend you get legal advice because your
statements give me the opinion that not just how foolish, twisted, delusional and evil your ideas are, but how ignorant you are about law. But you’ve been warned plenty of times and you can never say you didn’t know.
I told you, I will drag you into the hands of law. Count on it. It’ll hit you when you least expect it.


On Jan 20, 2020 10:57 PM, Claire Edwards:
My apologies to everyone for writing yet again, but both Kate Kheel and Arthur Firstenberg insist on hiding their emails from me and choose to attack me so I must answer again.
Dear Arthur, In response to this defamation …
As far as we can tell, Claire Edwards is working with Mark Steele and John Kitson to divide and conquer, as you put it. Claire in particular is increasing her defamation, lies, and abuse in the days leading up to January 25. Why, I do not know. But she is only bringing discredit upon herself and cannot stop the momentum. So far there are more than 200 events in opposition to 5G planned in more than 190 cities throughout the world in the days leading up to January 25.
… I would once again ask why you and the others in stop5ginternational do not respond to legitimate criticism and concrete evidence of sinister associations and of censorship by stop5ginternational.  And you prove your illegitimacy by going behind my back to make these ad hominem attacks on me instead of answering people’s legitimate concerns.
You may be interested to know, Arthur, that many campaigners have not yet gone public, but they see this hijack for exactly what it is.  I say to you what I said to Kate: Truth will out.
Claire Edwards
UN Editor and Trainer (Retired)
Stop 5G Campaigner

Untroubled, scornful, outrageous – that is how wisdom wants us to be: she is a woman and never loves anyone but a warrior ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
On Monday, January 20, 2020 10:39 PM, Claire Edwards:
Dear Kate, I have the right of reply since you went behind my back to say this, hoping that I would not find out:
P.S. I have taken the liberty of deleting Claire Edwards from this thread as she has no interest in collaboration and unfortunately has been openly and aggressively attacking us. Although Claire was the one who originated the idea of a global protest day by suggesting it to two hardworking 5g activists, sadly, she has now turned on these two women and the entire Stop 5G International team. She suspects us of evil intent…which, needless to say, is the farthest thing from the truth. 
So now we have the full proof that this is a hijack.  Those with eyes to see will know who here is truthful and who is not.  Unlike you, I do not go behind people’s backs but I write directly to the people whose actions and associations I am criticising.  And I do not criticise people, but their actions.  I do not engage in ad hominem attacks on people, and nor do I censor people.  And nor do i ever set out to manipulate anyone.  That is what you and your cronies do.
I was not at the origin of this global protest day.  This suggestion came from Dorotea in Croatia.  I merely put her in touch with Tanja Rebel.  It was only two months later that I found out that Nicolya Christi, Worldshift and Club of Rome were involved and at that stage, I started asking questions, which you and Tanja Rebel refused to answer.  Instead, you chose to attack me and embraced eugenicists.
Truth will out, Kate.  Your actions and evil associations will be exposed.
Claire Edwards
UN Editor and Trainer (Retired)
Stop 5G Campaigner


On Jan 4, 2020 3:54 PM, Claire Edwards:
Dear David, Differences must not be put aside.  Differences must be declared to the world. There is a fundamental divide here.  The Club of Rome, Club of Budapest, UN sustainable development agenda, Agendas 21 and 2030 are all part of the same thing.  They see the world as overpopulated and plan to reduce the population through ruthless “family planning”, abortion promotion, enforced sterility, vaccinations, top-down secretive and conspiratorial planning, and rationalisation of resources, of course preserving the status quo that favours the elite (who became 25% richer in 2019).  They are eugenicists.
Little Greta is an autistic child with Soros-funded handlers and an eidetic memory, who is a perfect vehicle for coaching to deliver pre-designed, manipulative speeches.  They even coach her on how to express emotions like normal people, which otherwise she does not know how to do because she lacks empathy, of course because she is autistic.  Little Greta is a calculated creation of a Pied Piper designed to set generation against generation.  There is no more illustrative example of this than last week’s revolting scandal about German children being taught to sing on national television about “granny being a disgusting old sow for not doing anything to save the planet”, which caused outrage in German-speaking circles.  Extinction Rebellion is a Soros-funded death cult.  They parade in costumes designed to shock and disorientate, carrying skeletons and skulls and spraying blood on the streets.  These are turkeys voting for Christmas.
The genuine people in the stop 5G movement are not fear- but love-based.  They have no business having any dealings with climate change activists.  I, too, want to protect the planet, but not by starting carbon trading and making billions for Goldman Sachs, or by taxing people and making them feel guilt and self-loathing.  And not by creating a new version of economics that exploits nature for profit, called “naturocracy”.
I say, you change the system – it is in this system that you have consumerism and over-consumption and pollution etc. that may contribute to climate change.  And of course you stop polluting the planet with geoengineering and you stop HAARP weather modification and fake natural-disaster creation.  You change the system by providing the information and facts that prove how this whole system is a manipulation intended to disempower people, and by allowing them to make up their own minds.  You empower them to realise their individual strengths, courage and creativity.  You do not collectivise and corral them into structures and organisations — such as stop5ginternational or any other — that lay them open to manipulation and hijack.  You do not regard them as “sheep that need wise guidance”; you give them the respect — and compassion — that they are entitled to and deserve.
5G is a depopulation agenda.  It is a global agenda promoted by all the same people and institutions that are part of Club of Rome, Club of Budapest, sustainable development, UN agendas, etc.  Therefore anyone who supports the eugenics-based fake climate change agenda while pretending to support the stop 5G movement is a fraud and must be exposed as such.  They can only be infiltrators.
There can be no melding of the two.  They are on opposite sides of the divide.  People who believe in freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of action, self-determination, creativity, compassion, love, humanity and connection — and, importantly, procreation of our species — should shun and expose anyone supporting the fake-climate-change-agenda death cult.
Claire Edwards
Le roi est mort!  Vive le roi!

Untroubled, scornful, outrageous – that is how wisdom wants us to be: she is a woman and never loves anyone but a warrior ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

On Jan 4, 2020 1:03 PM, David (UK Family Law Reform): Things will change when enough people put aside their differences and they deal with one issue at a time.



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